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    Possible Titanium M-8800 Charger Problem

    There is no problem as its just the voltages of some electronics prefer or only run on alkys and lithys. So this means that its voltages are looking for 1.9v-1.4v. 1.37 indicates a low battery. this stinks as you cannot rely on typical nimh or nicd as the voltages are just too low. They charge...
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    Tenergy not charging 100%

    if they are the orange and white cells that are their first product into the LSD market. They work alright but I think they discontinued them for a reason. I had measured them in a maha c9000 charger and the results were in the 1700-1800 range which is low and they definitely have low self...
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    Watts, Amps, Volts and Solar AA Chargers

    Thanks for the kind comments and I also appreciate you taking in my advice. With alternative energy, you have to make do with what it can perform. Glad you like both the solar setups as I love my goal zero stuff. It does take some work to get them to perform good but then again its like your...
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    Watts, Amps, Volts and Solar AA Chargers

    The brunton as far as I know use poly crystalline panels and this is to cut corners on budget. This is a good indicator that the panel is not going to adequate at putting out more than 500mA(if even 400mA). I would say that its best suited for charging and ipod shuffle and any other small...
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    Watts, Amps, Volts and Solar AA Chargers

    A thick window like yours is definitely going to cut down on performance a lot. Then again if you have the goal zero panel in moderate light it will do great. If you can get it outside somehow and not behind anything i promise that the goal zero will do better. Its not as much work as it...
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    Watts, Amps, Volts and Solar AA Chargers

    Powerfilm is copper induim gallium selenide, which is a thin film that is best rated for low level light conditions. Its going to absorb lower light levels better since it is thin film. If you have overcast then a amorphous or CIGS panel will do best(only%10-%14 efficient). Its doing a better...
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    Beautiful Solar Panel

    AC systems are strictly for large scale grid based infrastructure. DC is naturally occurring and is for self sufficient non grid tied systems. Its all about preference as I do not like being tied to a plug. AC systems just got the push and DC got the boot. Just like caffeine vs cocaine...
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    Beautiful Solar Panel

    I have the nomad 7 kit and the mobile kit from goal zero and love them. I have been able to pull 13.41W from my nomad 7 panel. This is from the 12v port. Also if you are looking the absolute best dollar/watt/quality, then you should check out the instapark 10watt on amazon as they have it for...
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    AA-powered battery pack with USB port for output?

    You should check out the goal zero guide 10 adventure kit. It is 90 bucks but comes with a solar panel that will charge your phone in 1-2 hours, especially in az. Then the guide 10 mobile charger has an option to charge 4aa/aaa in as little as 2 hours via the sun using the pv panel. Also...
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    Solar Charger

    The goal zero adventure kit is a great option and a great way to charge. The battery charger can charge aa's and aaa's with an insert. Then it gives you the ability to charge any usb device off this using any rechargeables. It has a 12v port and a usb port off the panel itself and has a...
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    Tenergy- Ultrafire = reputation?

    I have eneloops new and old and the tenergy lsd's and regular nimhs are great and love them. I have the maha 9000 and the tenergy lsd's test higher than the eneloops. You can find them for cheap via ebay as they sell them on there directly from tenergy as they call themselves
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    Best AA rechargeables?

    The tenergy aa non lsd's have the same capacity as the new eneloops and their tenergy 2300mah lsd cells. The tenergy aa 2600mah and 2700mah cells are great for higher current discharges as they are among the best as big chelis and wquiles use these in their high output rigs. If you are...
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    Best Budget AA LSD?

    The tenergy lsd's are great and I had finally pulled the trigger on a maha 9000 and have bought a bunch of aa and aaa lsd cells as they were at an awesome price. I had just gor doing a break in cycle, which takes forever and have to compare with just a basic charge as most cells get an adequate...
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    Recommendation for portable Solar Panel

    The reason I had stated the amorphous/cis panel are their duty time. They are usable in 8-10+ hours of the day and will stay within 90% of their specs in all lighting conditions. They are also a lot smaller than carrying a 40watt mono or poly as its going to be at least going to be 3ft sq and...
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    Explain voltage to me

    Very good simple explanation +1:thumbsup: Then to add, the same would apply to air as well!:party:
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    Recommendation for portable Solar Panel

    Try and look at a CiGs or CiS panel as these have an efficiency of 15% and they are a thin film and come in flexible arrays. Not everybody needs a big v8 to do the job as thin films have gone along ways and are under rated. Take a look around and you'll be suprised. Manufacturer is the key here...
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    Recommendation for portable Solar Panel

    Do not be discouraged as with anything it takes time and proper exposure. In the class room they make it very foggy as they have a hard time understanding it themselves. This is my opinion makes is very unpleasing to get into, then seeing real world applications and doing small projects, you...
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    Recommendation for portable Solar Panel

    You can only have one of the two when it comes to today's panels. 1)absorb a major part of the light spectrum. Amorphous hence the current as its absorbing more photons to displace electron holes with electrons. These are generally the most rugged as well as their lattice structure is not as...
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    Recommendation for portable Solar Panel

    The reason you got the readings you did with the past flexible panels are because they are the poly crystalline and are a thick film panel and not very flexible and require direct sunlight to get moderate power. These were not amorphous and these are the thinnest ones and usually cheaper due to...
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    1500x eneloops at Amazon!

    Couldnt have said it better as gas sucks and memberships/contracts super stink!!! I wish they would go down to 30 and free super saver shipping but that is a more of a miracle, as i cant have my cake and eat it too. Darn...:devil: