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  1. madecov

    Old Style Pila GL3 HOLA Problems

    I have the same issue with my GL3 I cut one of the removable outer springs to 1 coil. I bent it a bit so it isn't flat and I adjust it until I get good contact. Now it works and is very bright. I also stretched the inner spring a tiny bit.
  2. madecov

    Lumens Factory & Battery Junction

    My duty light is a PILA GL3R. I've been running a Lumen Factory EO-9 also. Killer bright. I'm considering the 9V D36 EO9L (450 lumens) for this with my Old GL4R using PILA batteries as my in the car back up light.
  3. madecov

    Is my Plia GL4 sick? (Pix)

    Re: Is my Plia GL4 sick? Run it on 4x CR123's and scortch stuff
  4. madecov

    Wolf Eyes Rattlesnake 13V Rechargeable

    sent message through the web site, no answer yet. Please check your messages.
  5. madecov

    Wolf Eyes Rattlesnake 13V Rechargeable

    Hey Mark, E mail sent through your web site. I'm a big PILA fan and have several of the lights. I hope to order by the end of next week.
  6. madecov

    Pila gl4 550lm bulb - arrived review and now BEAMSHOTS.

    Re: Pila gl4 550lm bulb - arrived review and beamshot within 1 week. I love the amount of light it puts out. Really fun to lite up a few "suspects with 550 lumens and watch em squirm
  7. madecov

    PILA GL4 + rechargeables

    Pila uses a type II black anodizing. The NEW GL series are really nice lights.
  8. madecov

    Any hands-on with the Night Ops Falcata 9v vs. the Surefire 9P/C3/Z3/M3 etc?

    I wonder if the 9v Falcata will accept PILA cells? That would make it a recharegable and a great duty style light
  9. madecov

    is the pila gl3 really 200lumens?

    First generation PILA lights were the same as Wolf-Eyes. So where the lamps. The latest generation is 100% different. The new lamps use a machined Aluminum reflector rather than the Cintered metal/ceramic reflector. The new PILA lamps will be a bit more durable The PILA's are now anti roll...
  10. madecov

    is the pila gl3 really 200lumens?

    My new version of the GL3 has way better throw than my Z3 The standard lamp is around 35%-40% brighter than a P90. PILA says it has been tested in an integrating sphere. PILA's US distributor now also stocks LEATHER holsters for duty belts made by Gould and Goodrich in the three popular...
  11. madecov

    Pila GL4

    I also have the GL4 with 500 lumen lamp. It is a bit dimmer and yellower using the 600p cells. Pop in 4 CR123's and be amazed.
  12. madecov

    Pila GL4 - Need Charging Info Please

    It is the same as the older version, but the new charger is so much nicer. It analyzez the battery before charging.
  13. madecov

    PILA's new 550 lumen lamp (Long)

    Mods, I placed this review here for the most exposure, being a new product. If needed move to the reviews forum. This is a review of the lamp assembly only. At this time I am not prepared to do a complete review of the new GL4 system. NOTE:: Pila does not reccomend use of this lamp in the...
  14. madecov

    Teaser..........Review coming of PILA 550 lumen 12v lamp

    writing the review now. I'm not electrical in any way. Just a street cop. My impressions and review will be based on observation not science.
  15. madecov

    Teaser..........Review coming of PILA 550 lumen 12v lamp

    Numerous issues have prevented me from doing a review. I'll try tonight. I don't have a digicam. the offer is open to anyone in Houston with a camera to get together for some shots.
  16. madecov

    Teaser..........Review coming of PILA 550 lumen 12v lamp

    Sorry guys, been very busy. Some family issues and work hours have me frazzled. I'll try to get a review up this coming week. If there are any CPF'rs in the Houston area who would like to take photo's and post them I'm up for that.
  17. madecov

    tactical lamps... why a new reflector with each one?

    The integrated lamp/reflector design does have an advantage over the bi pin design. It is a bit more stable/robust. I have had Streamlights and on several occasions the bulb has come loose from inertia. I have had some bi pins that get bent. The integrated lamp/reflector design has none of...
  18. madecov

    Anyone bought night ops Falcatas xenon?

    Falcata is HAIII Digilight is HAII Falcata is made in the USA and Digilight is made in China, not a bad thing but I'll bet the Falcata is a much more robust unit
  19. madecov

    J.S Burley please post photo of pila GL4pb xenon

    review coming soon. no digicam so no shots
  20. madecov

    Anyone bought night ops Falcatas xenon?

    I'm waiting for the 9v Then I can get each