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    Where did all the oldtimers go.

    Wow it says i joined in 2003 11 years ago Makes me feel old :D
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    Where did all the oldtimers go.

    Thank you Wow my first post in years moved Either a good sign or a bad one
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    Where did all the oldtimers go.

    i am back i bet no one remembers me hello am i considered a old timer ? i am looking forward to reading and learning a lot about the current state of the art lights i used to post a little in the hid forum hopefully i will not bug anyone too much mark d.
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    Kroll switch spare boot availability?

    has the kroll switch been dis continiued ?
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    r/c cars

    I would love to have a revo electric is fun and fast but there is something about nitro I would love to have a car with brakes on all 4 wheels ya that ferari model is pretty insane - did he build it 15 years ago ? I thought it took 15 years to build.
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    r/c cars

    My bandit seems pretty tough butI have never jumped it 30 feet. Pretty amazing videos My bandit does go over 70 mph - probably does 80. So far Ihave not hit anything at top speed. If I ever do the whole car will turn into plasma - the 4th state of matter and disapear
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    Titanium Fire Piston Reviews and Information

    what if you do not have anything to grease it up with - or the o ring fails ?
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    preinstalled Vista prob

    yes I have sp2 I have never used windows 7 but I keep my computer updated - bios -viddriver windows update - etc -etc never have any pronlems with it itis much nicer than the pos I am using right now xp actually the keyboard on this thing sucks - not xp's fault wireless pos
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    r/c cars

    I have a modded traxxas bandit brusless with a 11.1v lipo - very fast has a High speed steering servo and gyro from a helicopter to assist with steering. still it is a very cheap toy compared to this ferrari bought it from him
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    preinstalled Vista prob

    vista works great for me 2 years and no problems
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    Top Gear is Back: Season 15

    Wow cpf has changed a lot. This is my first post in quite a while. Topgear is one of my favorite shows. To bad I have to watch it on youtube.
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    "The Most Powerful Weapon In The World" (AA-12)

    This is The Most Powerful Weapon In The World. A hand held version of the Davy Crockett.
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    My Racoon Family

    Very cute. Your pictures are very nice.
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    What type of bulb for HID Thor mod?

    I would use a phillips mpxl dl35 bulb (exspensive) 3600 lumens at 35 watts vs 3200 for a phillips 85122 or most other 35watt 4100/4300k bulbs. a dl35 at 50 watts works great - about 5400 lumens. I have a dl35 25/50w modded thor and a dl35 25/50w modded vector 2mcp sport spot I have 2 dl50s...
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    YouTube And Other Interesting Video Finds

    Originall entitled Head Copter - Empath I have not posted in a while so at least I found something interesting I want one
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: MiniMiniHID + FM3V-2

    Re: FS: MiniMiniHID + FM3V-2 I am interested in this light - if it is still available. Mark D.
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: Mac's Mini-HID

    Re: FS: Mac's Mini-HID this is sold - right ?
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    The trouble with elephants (PICS)

    wow - too kool great pictures -
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    Happy Birthday Sasha!

    Best wishes to you on your birthday Sasha. Mark D.
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    35 watt HID at Sams Club!

    why does it come with a 6000k bulb how many lumens ?