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  1. bigcozy

    Almost "said goodbye" to my SureFire

    If you look at this pick of my EDC, I have an Arc AAA and a Leatherman P4 attatched with a lanyard. Each end has a metal quick release clip on it. Works well and keeps me form losing them.
  2. bigcozy

    Streamlight Twin-Task™ line

    Re: Streamlight Twin-Task? line Quickbeam, you crack me up!
  3. bigcozy


    Hey Doug, glad to see you over here. The E2e basically has the anti roll bezel, pyrex rather than lexan lens, and lock out tail cap. The clip is attatched in a different way. SF's LED head are made to fit the E1e and E2e. That is about it. I prefer both the E2 and E1 with lock out's...
  4. bigcozy

    4AA E2

    Thanks a lot for showing that Danny, now I HAVE to have one.....that CMG on one end is slick. May use the Ultra I bought from you for that. And I was pretty happy with the lights I had...........
  5. bigcozy

    Does Cabela's Beat Surefire to the A2 punch?

    Re: Does Cabela\'s Beat Surefire to the A2 punch? Wonder if you could put one of those SL heads on an E2 body?
  6. bigcozy

    HI ALL

    Welcome aboard. Can you feel your wallet starting to shrink yet? Just wait.
  7. bigcozy

    Does Cabela's Beat Surefire to the A2 punch?

    Re: Additional Links How in the #$%#%#&!!! have I missed this light? I just picked up my Cabela'a catalog and it is in there. After reading thelightsite's review I ordered a couple of them.
  8. bigcozy

    Z2 combat light or E2e SG???

    I am looking for a E2eSG, but I haven't seen any since sold theirs. Anybody know where these are? E2e is hard to beat for carry size and options.
  9. bigcozy

    Pocket Clips on lights

    I couldn't agree more and have made this point hundreds of time. Why in the world doesn't Pelican/Streamlight/Arc/etc. make something along the lines of the E1/E2? I actually resent SF's pricing now and if ANYBODY made something comparable I would be all over it. SF's E- series made me get...
  10. bigcozy

    Can you buy E2 bodies from Surefire?

    Thanks for the help gents, looks like it may be hard to get a body only. The UBH does have promise but I can get almost a complete light for those prices. Not much of an exciting project, I am coming in late to the world of mods.
  11. bigcozy

    Can you buy E2 bodies from Surefire?

    Or any bodies? Will the E2e and E2 bezel and tailcap mate up? Secret project.
  12. bigcozy

    what will the offical price of A2 if comes out?

    $149+shipping at
  13. bigcozy

    Wierd E2 problem...

    This weekend I took a long ride on my Harley up through the mountains. Usually I clip on the E2 or throw a PT Attitude in my fanny pack with all my other gear, this time I took the E2. The E2 was clipped in over 8 hours to my jeans in the pocket. After dark I was looking to see if one of my...
  14. bigcozy

    Brinkmann Legend LX again at Wal-Mart !

    Conway and Little Rock, Arkansas has them. Picked one up and was very impressed, lot of bang for the buck, just have to cut the rubber off the handle. Took my brother a full two days to steal it from me. Guess he needed something to go with my former E1 and Scorpion.
  15. bigcozy

    New S & W 123 Flashlight

    If it is, it isn't a good price, has the SL Scorp for $37.65: SL Scorpion can be had much cheaper than that, $30 at tanners. It wouldn't suprise me, Browning puts there name...
  16. bigcozy

    Mini Mag vs. Rage? Need help picking a new light.

    You might also consider a Streamlight Scorpion. Very, very small, as strong as just about any 2 cell 123, and tanners has them for about $30. Or a Surefire G2, small, plastic and about $40-45. As for bears just yelling has worked so far, and there is no way I am going to carry a 6 pound...
  17. bigcozy

    Mini Mag vs. Rage? Need help picking a new light.

    I just read the part about the bears. In my experience with about 6 black bears, you seldom "freeze" them with a light. They just don't care. Sometimes they run, sometimes they come over and investigate. We talked about this before on here somewhere at the forums. but here is what I carry...
  18. bigcozy

    Mini Mag vs. Rage? Need help picking a new light.

    Here is a thought. Buy a PT Attitude, which is a LED light with over 100 hours run time. Then buy a Rage lamp assembly, and you have a small light that can go either way and you will probably have less than $15 in the whole thing.
  19. bigcozy

    Poor man's "HID" maxabeam($45)

    Re: Poor man\'s "HID" maxabeam($45) Is this it?
  20. bigcozy

    Legend LX at Walmart

    Thats only a couple of hours from Wally World HQ and two big Distirbution Centers. Maybe these are going to start shipping again.