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    15,000 lumen exterior area light flashing in cold temps

    Just installed a 15,000 lumen dusk to dawn LED area light in Michigan and it flashes off and on when the temp drops below 40 degrees. If I bring it in the house for a while it works just fine. Any idea which component is the culprit? The output is amazing but it's useless right now. Was...
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    Maratac AAA pocket clip (need stronger)

    Has anyone ever found a nice strong pocket clip for the Maratac AAA lights? I like to clip mine to a ball cap for headlight duty and the stock clip ain't happening.
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    Best budget 18650 charger

    I've been using a cheap DX 18650 charger for the last 6 years and have been fine with it but it just started charging on one side only. It's been a long time since I've looked at chargers so I figured I'd post to get some quick ideas of the latest budget ones out there that are decent.
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    Black & Decker 18v single source battery

    I've got a bunch of yard tools that take these batteries (string trimmer, hedge trimmer and a little blower). Anyone been rebuilding these or using the Harbor Freight battery pack swap? Was thinking about just purchasing new Lithium Ion tools but it would be a heck of a lot cheaper to rebuild...
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    Maratac SS not functioning properly

    Got an older Maratac SS aaa that keeps getting stuck on. Seems like a contact issue. Any thoughts?
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    Need expert wiring advice

    I'm thinking some of you expert modders may be able to help me. They make a led module for automotive turn signals called a Switchback. It consists of about 30 white and 30 amber leds. The module has 4 separate wires that make contact in the socket. Here's how it works: When the parking or...
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    High zoom compact camera (the best one)

    Been looking into picking up a really nice high zoom compact Point-n-shoot. From all the research I've done so far it looks like the Sony HX9V is the best. I take a lot of video while deer hunting. Anyone use this Sony or any other high end models that could give me some observations. I've...
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    No more big leaps in single led tech?

    Seems like it's been a long time since I felt the need to upgrade my lights. Has tech slowed down when it comes to LED's or is there just no where else to go in regards to single LED output. Don't tell me my Manafont XML dropin is the end of the road!
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    Solarforce L2R (still in production?)

    Does Solarforce still make the L2R? Was looking to pick up a couple gunmetals and noticed the ITC Shop does not have them anymore. Did I miss something?
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    Projector HIR2 to HID (Edge)

    Been thinking of trying out a HID kit for my 2011 Edge projectors. Pretty much read everything I can find about this swap. I know there are a lot of advocates against HID swaps and I know the reasons. The projectors on my 2011 Edge use a flap to switch between low and high beams. A single...
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    Maratac AAA (Need stronger clip)

    I use my Maratacs everyday as headlamps clipped to a ballcap. I did shrinktube the clips to the bodys but after a year the metal is starting to get weak and doesn't hold well. Anyone know of stronger clip that would work? Seems I remember some talk about a certain pen clip that works well.
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    New? Rayovac Industrial series lights (Home Depot)

    Was in Home Depot just now and saw some Rayovacs that I've never seen before. They had a 140 lumen 3C, 100 lumen 2AA and a 100 lumen AAA headlamp. They are black and have rubber sleeves on the head and tail. The headlamp looks kinda like the EOS design. Just wondering about these cuz my old...
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    Potected 18650 circuit question

    Been using the Trustfire Flames for about 2 years now. I had not used one of them for a while so I checked the voltage and it read zero. I was about to pitch it when I realized the over discharge circuit may have been tripped. Just to be safe I charged it in the middle of the garage floor and...
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    The amazing Photon Micro II

    Was changing out a few keys on my ring the other day and realized that I've had the same black Micro II on my key ring for about 8 years. It still looks and functions perfect!!!! These are not talked about on here very much these days but I wonder how many still carry them.
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    Flashlights for headlamps

    Well, it's official, I now prefer very small clipped flashlights over headlamps. Been using a little aaa Maratac to get in and out of the deer woods for the last 15 days. The high level on the Maratac is a little brighter then the high on a 25 lumen EOS but has a much smoother beam. No...
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    Maratac cracked lens?

    Got a cracked lens on one of my SS Maratac aaa's. Anyone ever get the pill out?
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    Finally had one leak!

    Went to change modes on my Maratac AAA yesterday and it was really hard to turn. Kinda freaked me out when I heard the POP from the pressure being released. This was a brand new Energizer. No damage done but this was the 1st time I ever had a leaky battery.
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    Moved it
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    Malkoff vs others (Output)

    I've got a bunch of Solarforce and DX R2 drops that I've been running in a few different 1-18650 hosts. I love the beam pattern and output of these and they have never failed me. I've been reading fantastic things about Malkoff drops on here for a long time. My questions are: BESIDES...
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    Best emitter for Lifegear 3aaa/18650

    Picked up a 3aaa Lifegear. The Cree with SMOOTH reflector has a terrible beam. This light runs great with a 18650 and the Cree sits on a huge aluminum heatsink. I like the form factor of this flashlight so I'm looking to change the led. Any ideas? MCE or P7? Gonna order from DX.