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    Custom Brass light, Almost Done, then OOPS

    Don't feel bad, it could happen to anyone. I've had that happen to me. That's one of the reasons why I use collets whenever I can. Peu, I've done that once myself. Knurling after boring doesn't work with 6061, although I haven't had any problems doing it with aluminum bronze.
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    Which small reflector to use for max throw...

    I haven't messed with any of the 45's, but I did fit a McR38 into an M3 head. I think the Mag head is larger than the M3. I don't know why the 38 wouldn't fit into the mag head. I might have to get one and try this out with a 5W luxeon.
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    Help me mod my E2d to LED

    If you want something that doesn't generate as much heat as the KL4, and gives you more runtime and about as much light; you can convert the E2D head to accept an Aleph light engine. What I did was bore the head out to accommodate an IMS 17mm reflector. This little reflector puts out a nice...
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    1500mA Buck Drivers?

    Built many with a Downboy. It's the way to go.
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    How to solder/unsolder?

    Yeah, whenever you're working with electronics, you pretty much want to get in and out fast. I use a 1.5mm bent chisel tip at 700F for most of my soldering. Desoldering from the pads doesn't require anything too fine. Not like soldering to vias or anything.
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    Change converter board for QIII?

    You don't actually HAVE to use the conversion housing. A little ingenuity can get you a long way. Well, that and the copious use of epoxy. I do have to admit though; I made a sammie conversion module for my QIII maybe a year ago, and it's definitely the way to go. I understand that someone...
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    A smidgeon of help needed - Want to replace KL1 (Gen4) TIR optic with reflector...

    Re: A smidgeon of help needed - Want to replace KL1 (Gen4) TIR optic with reflector... The reflector that you'll want to use is a McR20. You'll also want to replace the stock domed lens with another 22.8mm lens of an appropriate thickness. A flat Surefire lens works well. 1. Put the forward...
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    Best drop-in reflector for SF L1?

    If you are talking about one of the newer L1s (with the Tiros), the McR20 will work nicely if you change the lens. In the older L1s, the least painful mod was done with an IMS 17mm reflector. You can get one here...PhotonFanatic
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    choosing a nice white BIN for a LuxIII

    Check out Fred's thread. Fred's Thread
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    choosing a nice white BIN for a LuxIII

    Running an L Vf bin in a single cell light could put a real dent in your runtime, depending on how hard you push it. If, for example, you are going to run the Lux III at 500mA, with a K Vf you could expect about 1.5 hours of runtime. With the L Vf, you might get 20 minutes less. Of course...
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    Aluminum Bronze 123 light

    Marc, I'm glad that you like it. Live with it a bit and see what you think. After all, you waited long enough. BTW, I use Flitz to polish my aluminum bronze lights.
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    Aluminum Bronze 123 light

    glire, I don't have any experience with the Unimat. All I can tell you is that you don't want one of those really small modeling lathes. On my little 7X12, I can turn everything from wood to titanium and do it fairly easily. It will do all sorts of threading and will accommodate a 5" three...
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    Which Epoxy i have to use???

    What you should use with the glow powder depends on what you want to do with it. I usually use devcon epoxy, but on occassion I've casting resin.
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    Aluminum Bronze 123 light

    Fringe, I like this material too. It's pretty hard. A lot harder than aluminum, but does a better job of conducting heat than titanium. I'm not saying that it's harder than titanium, because it isn't, but it does survive drops and such a lot better than aluminum. In my own tests dropping...
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    Swapping emitter or swapping stars?

    How did you heat it?
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    Swapping emitter or swapping stars?

    Just about all of the epoxy that I've seen used in flashlights gets a lot softer with heat. If you can, preheat an oven (I use a toaster oven) to 170 degrees F and bake the light (or module) for about 15 minutes. Just be sure to preheat the oven. Oven usually spike the temp to broiling before...
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    Aluminum Bronze 123 light

    Ken, For the price difference, I'd go for the Micro Mark 7X14. It has true inch threads, a stronger motor, and a longer bedway. You can check out the differences among the mini lathes available at I have a Homier 7X12, which I got for $350, shipped but they are no longer...
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    Glass lens for solitaire?

    You could just order a plain mineral glass lens. It's what I use in most of my lights. All of my stuff invariably gets scratched (or broken) and when that happens, it's no big deal to replace a cheap lens.
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    Glass lens for solitaire?

    I was talking to someone about getting some AR coated lenses. They told me that the initial setup would be $400 and then $4 per lens after that.
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    Strion to LED mod?

    I've never tried it, but I don't think that the strion is in anyway regulated. I'd actually have to look at one, but off hand, I'd think that it would be a prime candidate for either a direct drive mod, or something with a Wiz2 converter.