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    new light on the horizon?

    i noticed on the Prometheus FB page that Jason has been working on a new 18350 light. is there any info about this? what LED, reflector or optic, icarus driver? it looks like there might be multiple body styles in the works.
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    Sold/Expired oveready sale

    hey gang. looking to thin the heard and make some cash.... paypal and CONUS only. all lights will ship via USPS priority mail. up first are some OR lights SOLD1- OR natural HA complete wasp light. if your OCD about oveready's natural HA finishes not matching then this might be the light for...
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    APOLLO penlight on kickstarter

    looks like the apollo pen light that has been discussed for the past couple months in the "custom builders" sub forum is now up on kickstarter i think it looks like a nice little general purpose single mode light and have...
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    6 volt 3S converter on high

    hey guys, sorry if there is a concrete answer out there but right now my head is spinning. does anyone know what the drive current is on the 6v converter on high? I thought it was 1amp, but the several makai threads have me thinking it could also be 1.2 amps or 1.4 amps. or does it depend on the...
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    MC-E dynamic white for flashlight?

    ive searched not just on CPF but the web in general and i cant find any instance of the MC-E dynamic white being used in a flashlight. i understand that the purpose of having the two warm/two cool dice is to be able to adjust color temprature. but is there anything to gain by have all 4 lit up...
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    anyone making their own booze?

    for the past 6 months or so ive been making my own hard apple cider. i did a practice gallon run at first simple with brown sugar and apple cider. next i made a 3 gallon batch starting in November and finally bottled it a couple weeks ago. it was cider, brown sugar, maple syrup and light toast...
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    The New Ti Light

    man, who else is stoked about the upcoming Ti light? the hard part is going to be trying to get one since its only batches of 5; that and deciding what led to go with!
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    MMA on CPF

    just wondering if there are any other MMA fans on CPF along with me. Or maybe you vehemently dislike it. Either way, speak up! I personally have been watching the sport since around 2007 or so (mainly UFC). what suprised me at first was how it wasnt nearly as violent as people make it out to be...
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    FREE NICK DIAZ!!! above is a link to an online petition for UFC fighter Nick Diaz. he was recently banned for 5 years for testing positive for marijuana metabolites for a fight in January against Anderson Silva. Nick was required to...
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    Custom LED's on an Alpha Custom

    im going to send mine in for a LED upgrade once the LED arrives. going to try out a 5000k XP-L HI and see how it does in the boom reflector. might be awesome, might be a dud.
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    WIP: bold new territory

    for reasons I cant properly explain I have allways loved TIR optics. there is just a uniqueness to them that I cant put into words. one day I was browsing around ledil's website and came across this,, a 47mm diameter optic suited for XP-E's and XP-G's. I would love...
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    anyone take an alpha for a dip?

    hey guys, I know that Jason has tested his lights to be water resistant to something crazy like 300 feet. but I was wondering if anyone has taken their flashlight for a swim and tested out its water resistance first hand.
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    anyone else intrested in a 18500 body

    hey guys jason told me itd be okay to put up a feeler thread to see if anyone else would be interested in a 18500 body. itd make the overall lenght of the light shorter while still maintaining a longer runtime than the 18350's. my guess would be maybe 21 or so minutes with the 1100ma AW IMR's...
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    battery junction closed?

    ive noticed over the last few days that the battery junction website is down, or at least i think. every time i click on a BJ link, or type in the adress i get a "internet explorer cannot display page" message. i tried checking around to see if matt has made any posts about his site being down...
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    Surefire M6LT on the way!

    hopefully i will have a surefire M6LT in my hands this time tomorrow. i preodered it as a birthday present to myself, i just got to make sure i get the package before the wife does since my birthday isnt until the 12th of this month. i still dont know if the output and runtime are still 800...
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    thoughts on olight SR50

    well i decided to go ahead and get a SR50 despite the lack of reviews on it. so i figured id go ahead and post my thoughts on it. output and throw- the output seems pretty good. im sure its not anywhere near the 800 lumens claimed. but my initial reaction is to say it puts out noticably more...
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    where are the SR50's?

    this light has been out for a month now, i was just wondering if anyone has gotten one. ive searched the internet and can find only one review. and its a video review at a dealers website. is it because of the bad timing of releasing the M31 with its multiple battery configurations at the same...
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    a few HID noob questions

    hey, ive been lurking around in the HID section here for a week or so. i basically own only LED lights so i usually jut stick to those forums. i do have a few questions about HID's 1- why is HID technology so slow moving. in the world of LEDs the technology is constantly changing with the...