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    I would like to introduce my new friend

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    how does a voltage regulation circuit work?

    I just bought a string of battery led Christmas lights that are unregulated and don't run long on a set of batteries. I want to use them for energy efficient area lighting. How does a regulation circuit work if i want to try to get more out of them for a shorter time? They run off 4.5v from 3...
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    thoughts on donut holes in smooth reflector lights

    I have the Fenix TK35 and am over all pretty pleased with it. My biggest complaint is the very slight darker area in the center of the beam. It seems like a very slightly darker center with a very fine outer ring of brighter light. The dreaded doughnut hole.... not a big void, but a slightly...
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    corporate give away flash lights

    I am considering buying a quantity of Deal Extreme lights for giving away to customers. The: UltraFire C3 Cree 1xAA 1x14500 Flashlight (with Holster) These lights look plenty simple and have a stippled reflector which is absolutely required for the type of work they are needed for. They also...
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    Beam shots from the Malestrom X7?

    I am surprised that I could not come up with any beam shots from the X7. I am considering it because I like the UI. Can anyone help me?
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    Quality USB AA charger?

    I would really like to find a decent quality AA USB charger to use with my Brunton Explorer solar panel. I keep finding very low cost versions, but I really want something small and that I can trust. Thanks in advance.
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    Is there one thread that shows all the various discount codes?

    I can't seem to find them in one spot.
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    CR2 light with a clicky?

    Does one exist? Now that 4sevens has $2 CR2 batteries, I would be game for a tiny clicky light. I would love to see one from Quark.
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    My single cell collection as of today

    I just received my first Jetbeam. The E3S. Its a beauty! I am terrible at randomly expanding on the virtues of one specific light, but I would be happy to answer questions about any of them. left to right: Jetbeam E3S River Rock AA from target Streamlight Microstream Maratac Muyshondt Quark...
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    I figured out how to make my Quark malfunction!

    With all the Quark malfunction threads, I figured I would get in on the fun. I decided to figure out how to make my warm Quark 2AA tactical malfunction. Not just so I would have a reason to send a light back, but so I could figure out what may be some of the issues that people have been...
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    Soft clicks on the Quark Preon

    I have never seen it mentioned, but the Quark Preon still retains the ability to soft click to change modes. This was a feature I really liked in the Quark and Fenix lights, but thought I was giving it up on the Preon. I just bought the Titanium/aluminum version and received it yesterday. I...
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    Eagletac M2C4 questions before I buy

    I have read several of the reviews of the M2C4. I have checked out this light at a local gun show and am thinking about buying it, but I have a couple questions about the newer batches of these lights. In the reviews, the M2C4 does not seem to be any brighter than the Fenix TK40. Is the rating...
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    Little project for my Nitecore EZ series lights

    I was inspired by a thread in another part of this forum to try to build a flexible magnetic mount for my Nitecore EZ 123 and CR2 lights. I travel for a living so I rarely get time to make little trinkets like this when I am not at home for a vacation. This design is not perfect. The magnet...
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    Quark AA2 vs. Fenix LD20

    Just thought I would post some thoughts on these two lights. I am terrible at posting beam shots so I just won't bother trying, but some descriptions of the differences might be helpful to folks looking at both lights. Both the Quark AA2 and the Fenix LD10 are multi mode 2AA lights. Both...
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    Spare battery carrier for my Fenix TK40

    I am trying to find an 8 battery holder to keep my spares for my TK40. Lighthound has a nice 12 battery holder. I might have to order it and just cut it down to 8 with my dremel. Might have to buy two and put one in my back pack I use for a briefcase since I travel with AA lights and like to...
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    Nitecore D10 and EX10 pocket clips (with pics of fix)

    Suck. Its not the clip that sucks, but the screws are stupid. Extremely poor quality and the holes in the retaining bracket seem to be over sized. Tomorrow I am going to drill and tap the retainer bracket to 4-40 and use a grade 8 hex button head screw if I have some at the shop. If not I...
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    jetbeam RRT-0 fixed?

    I sent an email to Jetbeam and would like independent confirmation that what they say is correct. Its easy to say the circuit has been upgraded. I just want to be sure before I order next month. Dear Batmanacw, Thank you for your interest and the comment on RRT-0. Glad to...
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    Energizer lithium vs eneloops for long run time?

    Which one would be better for long run time with a low drain LED? I travel for a living. I never leave much of anything to chance so I tend to be pretty well prepared just about anywhere I go. Having several lights are part of that equation. All the lights I carry have pretty low level modes...
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    Annoyed with my Fenix LD20+

    I sold my old L2D to a friend who needed a light. I figured it was a good reason to upgrade to the new LD20+ to see what all the fuss was about. I like the pocket clip and wanted a long running light for my travel kit. Since this light will not get used a heck of a lot, I planned on leaving...
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    Storing Lithium primaries in a vehicle though winter

    What are the ramifications of storing lithium primaries (Energizer AA, AAA, and Surefire 123's) in my truck for emergency use in my EDC lights? I am aware that they might not run right when they are sub freezing, but I could put them in my pocket to warm them up while I am using a secondary EDC...