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  1. Cosmo7809

    "First Light" review of the Veleno Designs Quantum DD flashlight.

    Egrep, Im sure I speak for many when I say thank you very much for your time and contribution to the review of the Quantum DD. Your keeping me at the edge of my seat and hounding the mailman seeing if I have a package from Illumination Supply. I look forward to your follow up videos. ~Chris
  2. Cosmo7809

    4Sevens Quark Mini123 broke?

    So all twistys are disposable at one time or another? I have had twistys(and still do) for a LONG time and all are working just fine. This light is at best 6 months old that rides on keys which are only used a few hours a night. Never dropped, gotten wet and anything in between.
  3. Cosmo7809

    4Sevens Quark Mini123 broke?

    Just tired, nothing... Sent them a email as their PM box is full. Thanks
  4. Cosmo7809

    4Sevens Quark Mini123 broke?

    Hey fellas, havent been around for while due to my other obsession(knives). Anywho I am still a flashaholic and carry a few lights on me at a time. Any way, I keep a Quark Mini 123 on my keys. Comes in handy all the time. So the other day I went to use it and it did not turn on... Hmm strange...
  5. Cosmo7809

    SureFire E1B/EWP01 30th Anniversary Gift Set (LIMITED EDITION)

    Re: 110 Lumen E1B is here!! :dedhorse:
  6. Cosmo7809

    Show us your wallpaper

    Before reading through down the thread I am sitting here like a jerk looking for a small turtle! :ohgeez:
  7. Cosmo7809

    April 2010 Flashlights you bought this month..

    Picked up a Fenix T1(tank!) and a Surefire LX2 that kicks major anus.
  8. Cosmo7809

    Fenix TK 40 came in handy last night

    :crackup: We live near a park that has a about a few miles of just weeds. Usually some no so bright kids set fire to it. Well the back of our house faces this park and when it sets on fire and we are sitting outside the house it usually looks like the fire is right on top of us. Like...
  9. Cosmo7809

    Positive thoughts for Craig's father

    Prays for him and the family.
  10. Cosmo7809

    Sold/Expired Milky Creemator...MINT!!!

    Still for sale Karl?
  11. Cosmo7809

    What light do you keep in your car?

    One beater streamlight in the glovebox and one in the trunk. I always have a light on me as well.
  12. Cosmo7809

    Bedside flashlight - how do u access it without fumbling?

    Same here, I usually keep my E1B in the waistband of sweats, even gym shorts. Have been doing it for a while now with no problems.
  13. Cosmo7809

    Flashlight for exploring..

    First off hello and welcome to the forum. Second, when in those types of environments you want a light that you can almost bet your life on. You dont know whats around the next corner. All you need is to drop a cheap light and be there in the dark. Also, you would want a like with good...
  14. Cosmo7809

    Sold/Expired Milky Creemator...MINT!!!

  15. Cosmo7809

    Sold/Expired Milky Creemator...MINT!!!

    PM sent.
  16. Cosmo7809

    Aside from metal bezel and P60L module, any difference between G2 and G2L?

    Nope... Thats it...
  17. Cosmo7809

    $30 Ra clicky. ;)

    When talking about flashlights with people I usually discuss prices with someone who shares a similar hobby such as knives, guns edc "stuff", gadgets, etc. That way, he knows spending 100$ on a knife/light/keychain tool, is not alot. Take for instance my boss. When I first got my Surefire M3...
  18. Cosmo7809

    Northeast crazy weather

    Here is Staten Island, New York we got hit pretty hard. Had a blackout for about 20 minutes yesterday around 4 in the evening but has been on since. Ugh, I was all ready too! We live right off a major blvd of Staten Island called Hylan Blvd. Well a tree feel and took some lines down one...
  19. Cosmo7809

    Microsoft Bulletin - Don't Press your F1 key

    For years my brother told me "once you go mac, you will never go back" well years later and a 21inch iMac he was right!
  20. Cosmo7809

    EDC forum down?

    Had a problem logging in. Sent Jon an email. Literally in 5 mins I had a response and problem fixed! Thanks Jon O yah, Jon...... GET SOME SLEEP!