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  1. 5S8Zh5

    auto headlights blinking - pwm?

    While cycling, through my take-a-look mirror, saw a brighter than normal headlight coming up alongside and noticed the daytime headlights were blinking rapidly. Is that pwm?
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    Sold/Expired sold - NIB Malkoff M61LL (lowest output)

    $old shipped U.S. 50 Malkoff M61LL dropin for Surefire 6P and / or G2. New in box - never used. Lumens: 065 - stock P60 Surefire 6P incandescent bulb 100 - M61LL dropin From Malkoff website: The output is approximately 100 measured out the front lumens. The current draw is only 150ma at 6...
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    Sold/Expired WTB Surefire Z41 tailcaps - G2 (any color) or 6P

    Wanted to buy: WTB Surefire Z41 tailcaps - G2 (any color) or 6P.
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    Fivemega is GTG - Cheers!

    Smooth transaction with Fivemega. Got an 18650 bored out 6P body and moved one of my LLLL drop ins with an EVVA 3500mAh 18650. Very satisfied with this purchase!
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    Cheers to dotCPF / Malkoff M61N LLLL SST-20 95 CRI Group Buy, round 2

    Cheers to dotCPF for the round 2 Malkoff M61N LLLL group buy round 2! Also, cheers for round 1 (the other Malkoff LLLL I got) while I'm at it. Smooth as silk - a flawless transaction. Great comms, a well run group buy thread with quick shipping / delivery. Thanks! :)
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    two side by side 175 lumen emitters - call it 350 lumens?

    These two lights are LED bicycle tail lights. A newer model, the Hypershot 350, has two 175 lumen emitters side by side (over under) and they call it 350 lumens. Is that correct? Isn't that like taping two 500 lumen flashlights together and calling it 1000 lumens?
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    Sold/Expired Sony SRF-59

    $30.00 | $40.00 shipped U.S. 50. These go for $50 (used) to $199 (new) on Amazon. Here's a dxer review. - payment: paypal goods or service, I will pay fees and tracked shipping - not looking for any trades - original buyer, I don't have the plastic shell package or manual - it's available...
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    how do you do a google review?

    I only have the website, no link to do a google review. How do I go about this?
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    URLs gone wild, or, what are all those extraneous characters added on?

    Here's one example of my question. I was saving the URL of a used book I just bought on Abebooks. When I was saving it, this is what showed: ^ had to take a screen shot as when I post it the forum truncates the true URL What I've found, is a large percentage of junk is added on / tacked on...
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    general LED light bulb replacement question(s)

    Greetings. Not really in the know with LED light bulb replacement (kitchen lighting). I know we have a half dozen or 7 overhead individual outlets, and we only really need 3 going. Just used up our last from a box of LED bulbs and thew out the box, so I just pulled the last one and it was a: GE...
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    Here’s a better way to convert dog years to human years

    Here’s a better way to convert dog years to human years, scientists say 11-15-19
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    Sold/Expired ** Sold NIB black Surefire G2 Nitrolon with incandescent P60 bulb

    ** Sold NIB Surefire G2 Nitrolon with incandescent P60 bulb - $33 shipped U.S. 50 - Second owner. Just purchased from original owner who did not use it. - Payment: paypal goods and services - I will pay fees - pics taken 11-23-19
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    PM incoming and sent box spring cleaning

    A good way to free up your PMs is to select all (hit the very top box and it selects all of that page), then do the same with every page. Then at the bottom, download to text file (what I like to do) and name it. I do this for incoming and sent and it frees up space. The bonus is you now have...
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    Sold/Expired DaveSa Copper EDC Whistle ** price drop

    DaveSa Copper EDC Whistle - $85.00 < $90.00 < $118.00 shipped U.S. 50 - Original owner, purchased directly from DaveSa April 2016 - note: natural discoloring in pic #3 and pic #5 (in pic shown and high res link at the bottom) - Trit still glows, never carried, ring came attached and has not...
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    battery routine question - primary and li-ion

    Do you have a battery routine? lol or should I saw what is your routine. i.e. Only fully charged li-ions go in lights that are to be used. Used batteries get charge up to near 50 percent, then stored. Or you can use the same battery. ^ does that make sense? Check primary batteries every now...
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    EMT & high CRI post

    I was surfing around CPF and came upon a post from, iirc, an EMT who's colleague (if I have this right - memory, age lol) did not see blue lips so she (he?) used her (his?) high CRI light and sure enough - blue lips. Does anyone know what thread that was?
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    18350 to fit an older Quark Tactical QTA CR123 body

    So I got a Keeppower IMR18350 and it is too thick to fit into an older Quark Tactical QTA CR123 body. Any recommendations on one that may fit?
  18. 5S8Zh5

    Cheers to yazkaz

    Got a Z44 bezel (HAIII hard clear/OD natural) from yazkaz and it replaced a dented 6P bezel. Very nice product. Great comms, secure packaging, fast shipping. Deal with confidence! :)
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    Efest Purple IMR 18350 - high discharge?

    mtnelectronics listing says: This is Efest's new 18350 cell which they say is capable of a 10.5A continuous discharge. Is this a high discharge battery?
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    Sold/Expired FOUND: WTB Surefire G2 Nitrolon

    edit: Found one WTB Surefire G2 Nitrolon. Prefer new, but will look at what you have. Just missed a bunch of NIB that were sold here. Timing is everything lol. :)