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    I lost my RRT-01

    I got home today at around 10:20pm & walked the dog and i remember using it while walking the dog but after that i can't remember were it went. I can retrace my steps in my head to were i last used it outside walking my dog.i have torn apart my house and found nothing. I am so pissed at...
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    Armytek Viking S Glitch

    I got an Amrytek Viking S on Friday and one thing i noticed is that when i am using an 18650 on Max when i turn on the light it dims a little bit like about 5-10 lumens. It doesn't do this on Cr123's just on 18650's and i have cleaned the contacts and tried Aw & Redilast cells. Now it doesn't do...
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    Klarus XT11

    Just found out Klarus has a new light coming out in January. Looks about the same as a XT10 just brighter. Klarus XT11
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    Dont use Aw Flat tops or Redilast 18650 Cells in Peak lights

    I normally have used button top cells like the AW 2200mah or in the past used ultrafire's and have had no problems. But recently i used Aw 2900's and found that the top was crushed in, not by much, but i didn't think it would happen. I also tried one Redilast 2600 and it crushed the head in...
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    Lupine Betty TL

    Was on MTBR and saw this the other day Available in 3 beam angles: 16° and 2050 Lumen: Long range optimized 22° and 2300 Lumen: Balanced 26° and 2600 Lumen: Lots of side illumination, slightly less range Price i think is around 869.00
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    Sold/Expired FS: SOLD TNC OSTAR HyperLux

    Up for sale is my Ostar Hyperlux This light is in mint condition i have kept it in a pelican case since i got it. It comes with a spare reflector for a floody beam. the specs i have below are from the original sales thread that i got it from TnC's HyperLux Limited Edition (#8 of 10) is a...
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    Pelican donates lights to Japan

    Came across this as i was visiting Pelican's website
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    Can i use 2 AW 18500 cells in my Jetbeam M1XL

    Been trying to find out if i can use two 18500 cells in my Jetbeam M1XL, sure i know i can use two 18650 but prefer the short size and the use of rechargeables. If i was going to use the light on High for long periods of time i would use CR123. Alex
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    Sold/Expired SOLD Gatlight V3 Titanium

    Up for sale is my only TI light, my Gatlight V3 Titanium SN:183 It has spent it's whole life in the box but even so it has a few blemishes/scratches on the rods. I believe its from the edges on the inside of the box. From taking it in and out. Selling it because i never use it and need to pay...
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    SR450 Indoor shots & 'added outdoor shot'

    I got the SR450A last week and its great. While it is meant to be a thrower it has a good amount of side spill i have use it while walking my dog and was still able to see up close. I have a few photos mostly indoor at this time. Will try to do an outdoor one soon. I haven't had a chance yet how...
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    Petzl Core battery

    Found this on gearbuyersguide on youtube. Gives you the ability using your computer to change the brightness & runtime of your Petzl using this new rechargeable battery & software, also can make the light regulate the output. ( I am not affiliated...
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    Gave my brother a Surefire E1B for his birthday

    Last year for my brothers 49th birthday i gave him a surefire E1B silver for his birthday. At the time he didn't seem all that interested in. This year for his 50th he came up to me when i got to the house the first thing he says to me is how much he loves the E1B and uses it all the time and...
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    FR1200A comparison with indoor shots only

    I just got this today and took a quick comparison between my FR600A & FR400A. And i also got the new filters which i will show below on the FR600A. Distance is 30ft (Sorry if the pics suck). First FR400A Probably my favorite Peak light the beam on it is great and is not as narrow as you...
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    Pelican 9410 LED Lantern

    I was just roaming around on Pelican's website when i saw a new led lantern called the 9410. They have a video of it and can't tell if its using 4 XP-E emitters or 4 XP-G. Overall it looks pretty sweet.
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    New knife to replace and old one

    Today i got my second Benchmade Griptillian, my first was a satin finish 440c model i got about five years ago and used to the point to where it was dull. I have sharped it up, but wanted to get another. The new one 154CM 550SBKHG Both together old 440c on top new 154Cm on bottom
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    My First HID

    I have finally gone and done it, i order my first HID an AE 25W. I chose it mainly due to size and looking forward to it being my brightest light.
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    Winter gloves for use with lights

    Can anyone recommend some winter gloves for use in the winter while I'm using my lights. I have bought several but none keep my fingers warm at all. Main use is while walking the dog some mobility is good but want fingers warm and able to grip & click on my light.
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    Another New Tiablo Light

    Just went to 4sevens and came across another new tiablo called the Tiablo TL-1... looks cool.
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    Need Advice on gift for my mom fro Christmas

    I am think about getting my mom a bewtter light for christmas. I am looking at the Coast P7 or the Eagle Tac P10A2. Mainly has to be a AAA or AA light with a simple UI. Curently she just has an old Led lenser &the original T4. Any ideas??
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    K2 Light charges by direct 12v plug in

    Came across this light in this catalog in the mail today was wondering what people think. If Its any good i would try it as a gift or check there online catalog listed at the top and go to page 18/19 top right to see a better image.