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    Searching: 2 stage (high/low), AA battery, forward click.

    Look at Olight i5T AA, i3T AAA. High/low clicky in tail cap selects H/L.
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    In need of an alternative to Lead acid batter

    Look at Goal Zero Yeti 400 it has multiple charging options. Also you can not leave a lead acid battery sit for a year it will be dead.
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    Aladdin "Corinthian" c1935

    Nice find I have several modern reproductions. Biggest problem is finding fuel that does not smell up the house. And do not light the lamp and then fall asleep! Once warmed up they run until the fuel is gone.
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    Good LED rechargeable lantern for outages, camping...

    I bought the Goal Zero. Yes you can run, charge the light and use the usb output to charge a cell phone at the same time. My config [30 watt solar panel] -> [12v solar in - Yeti 150 - usb out] -> [usb in - Light House 250 (all lights work while charging) - usb out] -> [usb in - cell phone...
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    ego BA2240 56V 4Amp battery pack.

    Well I know this is a bit off topic but there are Cree LEDs used as a head light. What I'm really curious about is the battery management that is built into the pack./ Pack: Manual...
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    Tesla Motors growth limit by 18650 production capacity

    I found this video interesting;
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    Sunwayman D40A - Another 4AA compact thrower

    Marconelly, Glad to hear you foud your problem.
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    higher the CRI, higher the red region?

    Here is a long and interesting thread on "CRI of White LEDs". Some where else I read that High CRI means, take % black body radiator at 3000K of the emitted spectrum. So a High CRI of 82 for 3000K...
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    Sunwayman D40A - Another 4AA compact thrower

    Marconelly, OK I started on turbo mode and bumped back up to turbo three times for about 9 minutes. Suspect that if I started at 550lm it would have made 90min, I'll try that tomorrow. *** Update *** OK my results from HI 93 min's to Med step down missed the Med to Low step an additional 36...
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    Sunwayman D40A - Another 4AA compact thrower

    Marconelly, Get some real eneloops and a charger to go with'em. I have D40A neutral and after an hour the light is still running on high mode it still will step into turbo mode with no low battery warning, it ran 70 minutes before switching off. Either you have a bad cell or the flashlight is...
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    New Sunwayman triple M60C due out soon.

    Is any one planning a review? I find it interesting the light has almost no comments, no reviews, etc. Not just here on CPF but on internet search also. I have the T60CS and I really do not care for the push button that much. Checking the prices it's a bit steep just wondering it its worth...
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    Sunwayman V11R Mirage (limited edition)

    Snareman, thank you for the video. I have to think about this one again. Try a flat medium gray back ground the white table top seems to be messing with your camera. =D~~ Kilted
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    How to take pics of a polished SS light

    Hi, Try using a diffused light source, like a ceiling bounce light to give flatter illumination. =D~~Kited
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    Surefire U2 generations

    I still have my old 'Digital U2 Ultra' it takes the 18650 very nicely and I've learned to re-appreciate the warmer tint doughnut hole and all. Truthfully the doughnut hole only shows up during white wall hunting never in actual use. And to many lumen s can be blinding. It has been replace by...
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    Car battery VS deep cycle battery.

    OK, with that load your 102A battery should have provided about 5 hours of run time. Sounds like bad battery, bad charger. Get a charger that remains permanently attached that means one that is 3-stage with automatic float. I use a BatteryMinder Model 12248 2/4/8 Amp with De-Sulfator. Go to...
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    Car battery VS deep cycle battery.

    I've done a few battery systems from a solar powered grid tied 24KWH/5KW house systems to camping systems. You said you killed a 102AMPH battery. OK lets see of that 102 amp hour you have a usable 50% that's 51amp x 12v = 612watt hours. Whats your load? You mentioned a TV but did not say...
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    LED Lenser P7 and lithium batteries

    Can you reference the old thread? I do not see using lithium rechargeable in this light I suspect the thread may have been refering to one of LEDLensers rechargeable M7R or P5R both use LiIon cells. As for the P7 you should be able to use Enelop AAA cells with out a problem. =D~~ KIlted
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    Goal Zero Solar Charging of Eneloops

    Check out this LiFePO4 12v 12A battery; Powerizer LiFePO4 Battery: 12V 12Ah (144Wh, 30A rate) with PCM - Replace SLA with 5 times longer life Dig around their site any they have LiFePO4 solar...
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    Best battery for Home Inverter system

    Concorde AGM ( ) driving a Prosine 2000w or 3000w inverter. These have charger and transfer switch built in, good peak power and lot's of battery protection built in. See; for an...
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    Portable solar charging setup I just built...

    Yerr right otherwise the BMS would not work. An FYI parts to assemble your own battery; =D~~ Kilted