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    There are two new dual fuel combat lights on Surefire’s website. Both are 1500 lumen and one has the intellibeam feature. Also noticed the EDCL’s have new tail caps.
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    Streamlight Scorpion - Never too late to learn something new

    This is a fun trip down memory lane. The Streamlight TL3 also had that spare bulb storage. I still have one of those rattling around in the second glove box of my work truck. It replaced a Surefire C3 with an SRTH that I really couldn’t afford at the time.
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    SureFire EDC1-DFT and EDC2-DFT

    This is par for the course for Surefire. They may be having supply issues or the lights failed testing or QC in some way. It’s been like this since at least 2002 or 3 when I first started paying attention to this forum and Surefire’s catalogs. I hope they’re introduced but wouldn’t hold my breath.
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    The official PKDL thread

    I was using mine outside tonight and thinking of how I like it. Go on CPF and see the thread notifications, funny how that works. It looks similar to your old one. I think it’s one of PK’s best designs.
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    SureFire EDC1-DFT and EDC2-DFT

    I look forward to trying them both out. Surefire has always had some of the throwers that still had spill out of any brand I’ve owned. Today I stuck an EDCL-1t in my vest pocket when going duck hunting as my spotlight for things my flood ZL headlamp couldn’t quite reach.
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    Anyone edc a surefire?

    I carry a Stiletto daily as well as a Titan plus on my keychain. The Stiletto has been great and while I don’t love it’s proprietary battery it’s features outweigh the drawback. At night I sometimes switch the Stiletto for a Stiletto pro or an EDCL-2T.
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    Question about different ZL models

    I have the H600w MK II and the H600wf MK III. If I’m on the water where it’s misty I use the MK II but for most other applications I use the MK III. The flood models have decent throw at high outputs and if I need to see further I typically carry a flashlight with decent throw.
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    Single Cell CR123A Lights: What do you use?

    I carry one as a backup often. Often it’s Fenix E16 or PK PR-1. Other days they are a primary light and it’s a Surefire EDCL-1t or E1B MV. I keep several others in bags and kits. They range from the following Olight S1 Foursevens Quark Mini mark II Surefire EB1-C PK PR-1 (I really like...
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    Looking for the brightest 18650 90 to 120 deg flood headlamp. Need help

    I think you’re probably looking for the H600F MKIV. It’s pretty similar to the H2r in output and flood profile. I have both as well as the Perun 2. I use the Zebralight for hunting/ camping where it might get soaked in a jacket pocket. I don’t trust the magnetic charging ports on the Olights for...
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    The official PKDL thread

    Bykfixer, I had a short reply typed out to your long post above. Not sure where it went. Didn’t just mean to quote you. I meant to say that PK really got it right with this light, especially if you want to run it on high. It just seems to go and go when other brands dim quickly on their highest...
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    The official PKDL thread

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    Worlds greatest cop light

    Don’t forgot the Surefire Backup series. The very first E1b circa 2008 at 80 lumens for an hour with a two way clip was probably pretty handy for certain officers. If it were me today I’d probably use a Streamlight rechargeable as a primary. Either Stinger or Ultrastinger. Belt light would...
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    SureFire to Announce New Lights at SHOT Show 2019

    That's cool to finally know what they were made for. I always wondered the why on the DSS. I never considered a government agency.
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    Surefire E1B MaxVision discussion

    Sounds like you’re describing the PKDL PR-1. It’s three modes and runs longer on high than the E1b while having a similar output. I think I asked about the difference between the E1b and it in this same thread. I have both and while the PR-1 isn’t as floody it’s close. I just wish it had...
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    SureFire to Announce New Lights at SHOT Show 2019

    I'm always eager to see what they bring out. Like many of you I wish for new and innovative plus durable and reliable like they've made in the past. I hate that the line of rotary level selection lights like the U2 have been discontinued. I think that was one of the best UI's ever made and had...
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    Surefire Stiletto Pro

    I don't think they thought it was "perfect" at all. It's a niche light that satisfies certain types of users. It's got a nice format but I don't see it replacing more traditional tube style lights yet. For one thing lack of ability to change batteries when going into a potentially hazardous...
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    Has anyone ever FOUND a flashlight?

    Found a silver 4d Mag led while kayak fishing an overflow canal near Harris lake. It was muddy but in good condition. I gave it to a friend. That's the only one I remember.
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    Which lights shine for you during a long power outage?

    Our most common outages are caused by hurricanes. The last for Florence was about 7.5 days. I have several generators but don't usually run them during the actual storm for a variety of reasons. I have a pair of D cell Streamlight Siege models that I put in our living room and kitchen...
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    What happened to everyone?

    I'm here as well. I've never posted much but I read the forums fairly often. At least once as week. I think that it was mentioned in a previous thread similar to this that the whole dynamic has changed. 15 years ago led's were cutting edge and there was a lot of innovation at the hobbyist...
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    Whats your Summer EDC?

    Daytime is a Pelican 1910 in my pocket, Fenix E01 on my keys and Surefire Titan-a on a neck lanyard. At night I add a Surefire EDCL_1T to it all. Cold weather is a different story for nighttime carry.