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    WTB: Surefire EB2

    Looking for a new or slightly used Surefire EB2 in black. I really just want the body and tailcap but if you want to sell the whole light too, I’ll consider it. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Surefire/Malkoff Bodyguard V2 head & HDS clicky bodies

    Thought I would like the bodyguard heads with the change of output after 8 sec but it does not work for me. 1) Good condition Malkoff V2 Bodyguard head. There is a small scratch on the head but everything else looks great. $105 shipped USA 2) HDS executive clicky tube with Prometheus clip and...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Malkoff Bodyguard V2 Head

    Looking to buy a great condition Malkoff bodyguard head. Either the MDC V1 or V2 or both if you are willing to part with it. Thanks!
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    For Sale WTS: Large Sebenza 21 insingo blade and micarta inlay handles

    Large Sebenza 21 Insingo blade and micarta inlays. Lightly used and the pocket clip got bent from my seatbelt. Light marks on the handles but blade is great. Asking $400 shipped USA
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    Sold/Expired *Price Drop* WTS: 2 HDS Rotary lights and parts

    Selling HDS tactical rotary and 2 Complete HDS compartments for CR123 battery. Great products for those that need extra parts in this time of crisis. These are both the up to date bodies with ACME threads. 1) CR123 clicky battery compartment with raised tailcap $105–$80 shipped. USA.Excellent...
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    Sold/Expired *SOLD*WTS: Oveready Black BOSS 35/70 combo

    Selling for a friend. It’s a Satin Black BOSS 35/70 combo. It is a XPL 4500K (neutral) amber secondary. There is a pretty noticeable mark on the bezel but the body looks like it’s in great shape. Also has the Oveready thread protector/cover. Asking $430 shipped USA
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    Sold/Expired *SOLD*WTS:Oveready E-head with 18650/18350 body

    Selling a used Oveready E-series head. It’s the XPL 4500K (neutral) head with red secondary. Also comes with an 18650 and 18350 battery tube, and one tailcap with a deep carry pocket clip. There is a scratch on the head and tailcap but still works great. Asking $300 shipped USA as a package...
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    Sold/Expired *Price Drop*WTS: Elzetta Alpha

    Looking to sell an great condition Elzetta Alpha 415 lumens, crenellated bezel, standard lens, & high/low tailcap. I’ll include the speed clip by Elzetta. This was just a spare one that I have but there is a little nick on the bezel. “Alfonso” is laser engraved on one side. I placed black...
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    Sold/Expired *ALL SOLD*WTS: Elzetta Charlie& Surefire 500 Lumen head

    Selling an excellent condition Surefire KEH1 500 lumen single output LED head. Runs on 1 CR123 battery and fits E-series/scout light Very slight marks on the bezel but overall it is in excellent condition. Asking $165–$155–$145 shipped USA Elzetta Charlie with Malkoff M91B (1000 lumens)...
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    Sold/Expired *SOLD*WTS: Oveready V5/E-series head

    Like new condition E-series V5 head 219C 4000k head red secondary. Literally purchased last week before they came out with a few more e-series head options. So went with a different option. Been carried but still in excellent/like new condition. Will ship first class but if you want priority...
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    Sold/Expired *SOLD*WTS: HDS 200 LE HiCri

    Selling a used HDS 200 lumen LE model Clicky light. This is the HiCri model that HDS offered couple years ago before they got discontinued. Comes with a flush and raised tailcap. This light is def a user but the tint is amazing and still works like its brand new. Asking $200 shipped USA. PM...
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    Sold/Expired WTS: HDS parts

    Looking to upgrade my HDS LE into a Tactical Rotary so I no longer need this. I ship first class usps and will provide buyer with tracking info. 1) CR123 body with flat tail cap. This was my most common carry set up so there is a lot of marks on the flat tailcap switch. Asking $105 shipped...
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    Sold/Expired *SOLD*WTS: Surefire E2D w/ Tana drop in

    Looking to sell a used Surefire E2D with a Tana Single drop in. The drop in has 2 outputs high & low but not sure what the lumen output is. Can use 16650 batteries. Has 2 way pocket clip. Asking $115 shipped USA. Will be shipping first class USPS and will provide buyer with tracking info. PM...
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    Sold/Expired WTS:*Price Drop* Oveready E35/70 body with DPC clip tailcap

    1) Selling a E35 body with a DPC tailcap and black tailcap. Excellent condition. Asking $120–$110-$100shipped USA 2) Also selling an E70 body with a DPC tailcap and black tailcap. There is a scratch on the tailcap. Asking $130—120—$110 shipped USA. Ill be shipping usps first class and ill...
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    Sold/Expired *SOLD*WTS: Black AL BOSS 35/70 combo

    Up for sale is a slightly used BOSS 35/70 combo in Black aluminum. Head is an XPL 4000k Neutral tint. There are some scratch marks on the 70 tailcap, minor marks on the pocket clip for the 70 body, and a scratch or blemish/scorch mark on the removable part of the bezel. 35 body though looks...
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    Sold/Expired *SOLD*WTS: Oveready E series Optic

    Selling a used condition Oveready E-Series DIP optic (throw model) with a 219. I have it set right now as High Only but is programmable. There are some marks on the bezel. Asking $110 shipped USA. Please PM with any questions or concerns. Thanks.
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Oveready V5/E series Triple Head

    Looking to get a V5/E series triple head in black in good condition. Had one a while ago but couldn’t find a body that i liked with it, until Ovready came out with their new E35 body/ P series tailcap. So if you are looking for one to let get please let me know. I do have one of their new...
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    Sold/Expired *SOLD*WTS: Elzetta AVS head

    Up for sale is a LNIB Elzetta AVS head. Put it on to try and took it off. since then it’s been sitting around. Puts out 650 lumens in the 2cell light and 900 lumens in the 3cell. Has the standard focused lens and standard bezel. Asking $85 shipped to USA Feel free to PM with questions. Thanks.
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    Sold/Expired *ALL SOLD*WTS: HDS and Malkoff parts

    1) *SOLD*Stainless HDS bezel with reflector. There are a few scratches on the bezel but only noticeable when you look close. I believe the reflector is an orange peel but I could be wrong. Got both straight from HDS. Asking$25 shipped USA 2) *SOLD*HDS universal Pocket clip. Used a few times and...
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    Sold/Expired WTS/WTT: Emerson Mini Commander

    WTT/WTS: Emerson Mini Commander for Mini CQC7 I bought this beauty about 2 months ago, along with a CQC7. Carried the mini commander a few times and cut very very few things with it. Mainly just opening mail or cutting tape on boxes, when I first got it. so lockup and movement is still a little...