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  1. Mr_Light

    Near identical TK40 clone at Kai

    Is there nothing that Fenix can do about such an obvious copy? CREE MC-E 3-Mode Flashlight (8*AA) SKU: S008916
  2. Mr_Light

    Inexpensive SMD based 12V MR11 and MR16 Bulbs at Kai

    I haven't seen inexpensive versions of these SMD based LED bulbs before so I ordered 2 of each of these and will report back. These are obviously all flood. Looks like Nichia SMD of some sort. S008730 12V MR11-6SMD Whitelight Lamp $6.91...
  3. Mr_Light

    Do resistors used for dimming extend run time?

    Sorry for this fairly basic question, but do resistors used for dimming extend run time or just dissipate current as heat?
  4. Mr_Light

    Webcast: Essentials for Designing LED Luminaires

    FYI, some interesting info on designing Fixed LED Lighting. Here is the Link: Use this ID created for this login to bypass the annoying information gathering. Here is an ID created just for this purpose. [email protected] Webcast...
  5. Mr_Light

    Discovered a flashaholic dog in the family!

    Last year I gave various family members modded Mag lights for Christmas including my niece who lives a couple hours away from me. A few months later she mentioned that one of her two dogs really liked carrying around the flashlight I had given her, which seemed a little strange since a 4D Mag is...
  6. Mr_Light

    Anyone know anything about this 3D Cree light from DX?

    I have done some searching and this appears to be a brand new light. DX has no information other than dimensions. Wondering if this is multilevel? Ugsby D3 Cree P4 LED Flashlight with Glass Lens Aluminum Reflector $45.75
  7. Mr_Light

    Looking for source for Aluminum Disks for Mag Heatsinks

    I am looking for 20-50 flat Aluminum Disks for Mag Heatsinks 1.352" Diameter by .25" thick . At one time Electrolumens offered these. Are there any machine shops around that do small batches? These could either be cut out of sheet aluminum or cut off of round bar stock.
  8. Mr_Light

    River Rock K2 LED Lantern

    Just spotted this at flashlightnews. Seems a little late to the game using a K2 LED, but might be nice if emitter can easily be swapped. River Rock K2 LED Lantern The efficiency and brightness of the newest generation of light emitting diodes...
  9. Mr_Light

    Which side of driver board to stick to heatsink?

    Hopefully this is a simple question. From a thermal transfer point of view, which side of driver board to stick to heatsink? The two choices are component side or PCB. I plan on using Arctic Alumina epoxy (no turning back!). The specific boards in question are the new 5-mode driver boards at DX.
  10. Mr_Light

    Anyone ever heard of this? CREE / SSC / Lumens Emittor Isolator Sheet

    I always get nervous putting in a link to Kai or DX, but this is something I have never seen before. Wonder what it's thermal properties are?
  11. Mr_Light

    Dealextreme now has Q2 CREEs

    I'm not really sure where this should be posted? I also know of at least one moderator that doesn't like any postings of new items on DX. In any event DX just started offering Q2 bin CREE Stars.
  12. Mr_Light

    Anyone making their own lenses?

    I have been updating a bunch of vintage flashlights and have been replacing the lenses with Acrylic cut out of sheets using a hole saw. The basic process is: 1. Choose a hole saw about 4mm bigger than the lens, use it to cut a hole through a piece of 1" thick wood. 2. Clamp a piece of acrylic...
  13. Mr_Light

    Cree update for some Vintage Chrome lights (warning lots of pictures!)

    Over the last couple years I have been collecting a variety of Vintage flashlights. One thing that has bothered me about this growing collection is that most of these lights work perfectly, but just can’t compete with today’s lights in terms of light output. I had updated many of them with...
  14. Mr_Light

    Anyone using the Triple Cree XR-E (on MCPDB)

    Anyone using the Triple Cree XR-E (on MCPDB)for portable lighting? Not sure if the 50mm Triple optics are appropriate for our purposes. These seem a little pricey (even with the CPF discount), but not having to worry about mounting or alignment would be pretty handy. Here is a link for the...
  15. Mr_Light

    Amazon has TL-3 for $49.99 and Stinger rechargeable $74.99 today (Friday Sale)

    Amazon has TL-3 for $49.99 and Stinger rechargeable $74.99 today (Friday Sale) **EDITED due to use of hotlinks, which isn't allowed on CPF.
  16. Mr_Light

    NexxTech lights even cheaper at CircuitCity

    Cheap and seemingly durable lights for loaning/modding etc. I just bought four of the Waterproof 2D Krypton lights to use as hosts for PR-SMJLEDs. The following is copied from DealNews. offers the NexxTech Xenon Rubber Flashlight (pictured), model no. 611-9014, for $1.49...
  17. Mr_Light

    Deal on FifthUnit LED Keychain lights - 10 for $4.99 delivered

    This is a pretty good deal on FifthUnit's LED keychain lights. You can order 10 for $4.99 delivered. These appear as bright as any I have found and the clear case adds to the sidespill and visibility. In small quantities I think this is as cheap as you can get. I had bought 20 of them in the...
  18. Mr_Light

    Cheapest place to get Maglites, including parts/bulbs?

    The following web site has by far the lowest prices on all things MAG that I have found. I bought 5 MagLed drop-ins for around $15.80 delivered.
  19. Mr_Light

    Interesting Strobe/Flashlight $7 at EB Outlet

    Just ran across this waterproof Strobe/Flashlight at Eddie Bauer Outlet for $7 (30% the $9.99 price). Emergency Light Online Exclusive. Take an extra 30% off this price! Discount will be applied when you Add to Cart. This is an Emergency Light you can depend on when it's most needed. The...
  20. Mr_Light

    New Ultrafire Spotted: 6W with 2AA and CR2 bodies included

    While looking around for other sources for the AAA Ultrafire I ran across this: Ultrafire 6 watt LUXEON LED Long/Short Flashlight Torch Price £6.99 Shipping Worldwide (from HongKong) £8.00 Total $27.7496 USD (delivered to USA) Water Resistant Shock...