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    ego BA2240 56V 4Amp battery pack.

    Well I know this is a bit off topic but there are Cree LEDs used as a head light. What I'm really curious about is the battery management that is built into the pack./ Pack: Manual...
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    Tesla Motors growth limit by 18650 production capacity

    I found this video interesting;
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    Spectral Extravaganza: The Ultimate Light

    Spectral Extravaganza: The Ultimate Light ... " What do you get when you cross an astronomically-inclined physicist with concerns over energy efficiency in lighting? Spectra. Lots and lots of spectra. In this post, we’ll become familiar with spectral...
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    XML-U2 bin hidden value.

    So as I was headed out the door this morning I dropped the my new SWM Ti2 XML-U2 bin flashlight into my pocket. I ended up at Macy's buying shirts and the lights over one rack were low and seemed off color. The U2 bin is a nice day light bin and when I turned it on I had no trouble seeing what...
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    Sunwayman V10A reverse polarity protection.

    After reading this and having a SWM-V10A on order I thought I had a simple answer; Just put a spacer in the head to give a mechanical reverse polarity protection. I was...
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    Light-a-Life lantern

    I just picked up from REI. It was an impulse buy but it seemed like a good idea. I had to do a BBQ tonight so I had a chance to try it out. I was surprise at how well it work. It does not have any batteries, it will run off a 12v battery. I have...
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    Sunwayman V60C Solar Charger

    As soon as I saw the 12V DC cord I knew there was one thing I had to try -- Solar Charging the V60C. I already had the 5w solar panel and the 12V 12A battery all I needed to do was plug them in. The solar panel can be any one of your choice just do a web search. IF this is going to be a...
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    UK AquaSun eLED

    Does any one here own one of these lights? I have done a number of searchs both on CandlePower and on the general internet and have found very few reviews. Mostly one short paragraph saying 1) I like it, 2) I like it, to heavy, 3) It needs a cable. Nothing really about underwater performance...
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    Digital Sundial

    Just thought it is pretty neat. =D~~ Kilted PS No battery required.
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    Hot wire proposal

    Has anyone thought about using the new Milwaukee Tools V28 LiIon battery pack in a hot wire project. Just to get some ideas going. Here is the work light: Milwaukee 49-24-0185...
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    So when I pulled out my U2 ...

    ... he said WOW that's bright! I said that's the dim mode, I then turned it up to bright. I was in Sunnyvale Fry's electronics, with a sales guy trying to read a TV manual in a semi-darkened corner. The sales man had been all through Fry's collection of flashlights and ask what was it...
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    Dorcy 3w LED 6v lantern

    Has anyone else seen the Dorcy 3w 6v lantern? I was at OSH yesterday and spotted it. It is not on their web site yet. It's the 6v lantern with a 3w side emitter star. Easy to see since it's very prominate in the middle of a three inch reflector. Cost was ~ $35, no indications if it's...
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    MH-C777Plus-II 12/24VDC adapter.

    I have a Maha C777-II it is nice that a universial AC power supply and a 12 power adapter came with it. BUT I could not charge a string of 8-NiMH off of 12VDC inout. Left over from my traveling days is a Targus car/airplane adapter. It has 12-24VDC input and 3-24VDC output depending on the...
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    I need an opinion

    I have found two lights that look good. This light from Cabelas, Li-Ion 3-watter, compact, rechargable, Li-Ion looks like an 18650 similar arrangement as the Inova T4. Charger etc. included. Does anyone here have any experence with this light? Cabela's XPG Rechargable LED 3-watt flashlight...
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    Light & Motion LED Bicycle light

    I found another LED bicycle light that's looks interesting: Light & Motion LED head lamp Vega. They also produce some HID lights. Back to the LED head lamp: "Finally! The promise fulfilled, a super bright LED light that doesn’t just let you be seen, it lets you see. Light & Motion...
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    Cateye LED bicycle light

    Has anyone here had experence with the Cateye Triple Shot bicycle light? URL Triple Shot "The Triple Shot is the latest rechargeable light from CatEye, the leader in bicycle lighting. We were the first to introduce Halogen, HID, and LED lighting to bicycles, and the new Triple Shot...
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    XO3 and Sharper Image

    OK complaints about the price of lights from Sharper Image. Well my XO3 cost me about $35. Huh how come? Well this morning I changed battries in my XO3 hmmm no light, dumped the batteries out put another pair in dim light, real dim light like a blown regulator. Reversed batteries? Suppose...
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    Surefire L6 Lumamax & Pila 150S

    So I was under the impression that 2 x Pila 150S would fit in SureFire L6 Lumamax. It turns out the Pila's are 3.5-4mm to long and the tail cap assembly bottoms out without making all the required electrical contacts. Is there another clickie tail cap out there that will replace the standard...
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    Arco X990 spare parts

    I've been thinking about buying a X990. Just wondering about second source for spare parts. Batteries and bulbs. Can standard D2S bulbs be used? Is the battery pack rebuildable? Is there another source? Thank you =D~~ Kilted
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    Crocodile or The Beast

    Any one done a comparsion between "The Beast" and "Crocodile? =D~~ Kilted