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    Modding a D1S with the White Flat 2mm^2

    We start off with the light opened and the wires already unsoldered but no changes yet Old LED on the star removed and the replacement still in its packaging Now we need to heat it up and remove the old LED and replace with the new Close up Post reflow testing Problem...
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    6 Emitter triple channel Convoy S2+ build

    Started with a blank PCB. This is a triple channel driver of the FET+1 family. The design is by pilotdog68. Solder all of the components. Both sides! Some testing to make sure it works, here is the driver side view of it assembled and wired together. Here is a view outside with the full...
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    Convoy quad Optisolis build

    Convoy S2+ Optisolis 3200k Rfc00 on XM board AK-47A 1x7135 flashed with Crescendo (with almost everything removed except for batt check, goodnight(which seems not to work), and turbo, and no memory LEDiL Boom White Carved out for the wire, it does sit perfectly flush when compressed...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD McGizmos

    BOTH: includes basic shipping to US. Insurance and signature confirmation not included in price. US only please. SOLD Sapphire GS. Not carried. $130 Lunasol LS20. Will take RCR. This has been carried so not perfect condition. SOLD Asking $600 $550
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    Sold/Expired SOLD Overready Boss 35 RED XPL Redome Satin Black

    First "i'll take it gets it" This is cross posted, so timestamps count please. I will try my best to keep this up to date. Asking price is $380 ->$370 -> $360 -> $340 shipping included. Insurance/signature is extra. US only Please not imperfection near clip, which can be seen in the first pic...
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    XHP70.2 announced Looks like the dies are closer together
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    Sold/Expired WTB Spy 005

    Interested in the older one but am only looking if it has the newer STFu driver.
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    CPF builds my next P60 Dropin

    So I have one P60 quad dropin blank here. And I am not sure what to do with it. It takes a 20mm triple or quad board. It is made for 24mm quad carclo 106xx optics (20mm triple optics might look a tad funny) and a 17mm driver. My last build was a quad XPG2 warm white high CRI mule. I want to see...