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  1. f22shift

    Sold/Expired WTB: Trit switch for Sunwayman V10r Ti/Ti+

    are you still looking for this ?
  2. f22shift

    Super Reliable Headlamp for backpacking?

    anymore information on the backpacking? rain? cold? i would bring two lights using the same battery format. another way to look at it is to ask what battery format your friends will carry. that way you are each other's backups. do you mean light on the head or light overall? to be honest, one...
  3. f22shift

    Cheers to

    Big Cheers for Just Conquer Actually I'm not surprised to see already a cheer for following my recent experience with them. I guess it makes sense that others have experience since they ship worldwide(initially i thought just locally at Singapore). Anyway, I asks A...
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    Market Promotion PartII

    "C23C Lucky Draw" "T25C Lucky Draw" "T26C Lucky Draw"
  5. f22shift

    Olight S1 Baton Review

    is there a way to take apart this light to swap the led?
  6. f22shift

    Faulty defective Sunwayman lights.

    funny to see this. i've been waiting for a month now with multiple emails to them asking if i can purchase the driver for the v10r ti+. it lost the full output and i would like to replace it myself. no reply at all. i remember a few years ago they were very very good with CS and now it's the...
  7. f22shift

    Sunwayman Service, a thank you

    hey sunwayman, can you please respond to your emails? i sent messages to your service email as well as use your website contact form. i have a v10r ti+ flashlight that has a driver that cannot achieve the full output anymore. i'm willing to install myself if i can purchase the circuit. i've been...
  8. f22shift

    The Lounge 2016

    Re: HELP!! I need a business name! alaskan light is available lol , make sure to check your domain names. good luck in your new business adventure.
  9. f22shift

    MBI #3 - Codename: HF

    haha, the day starts in Guam... my mbi has been there too.
  10. f22shift

    SUNWAYMAN M25C Ti- Limited Edition Collection Light

    i guess different strokes. i feel that they are not much throwers even with the xpl hi because the reflectors are small. when they had the xpg in the v10, i think no one would call it a thrower. i see the xml and xpl better for headlamps where a flood pattern is beneficial. xml with a handheld...
  11. f22shift

    SUNWAYMAN M25C Ti- Limited Edition Collection Light

    i'm not sure if i want infinite adjustability. you'll lose the efficiency but i would want more levels. maybe 8 levels.(copy hds, i played around with one, it's awesome) but i whole heartily agree with the led. every brand should be using a xpl hi as the led now. the 5k version is a good all...
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    Market Promotion PartII

    M25C Ti Lucky Draw Thanks!!!
  13. f22shift

    Banggood Giveaway--2 flashlights to give away, courtesy of Banggood

    aspheric lens flashlight attracts me. i haven't had one in the longest time.
  14. f22shift

    What Headlamp Has More Lumens Than Nitecore HC90?

    maybe you want something with a smaller emitter to seem brighter with more lux
  15. f22shift


    1.pd35 2.all around performer
  16. f22shift

    So I'm hiking with a friend late one evening ... (Irony and red light)

    i can imagine they rely on the other senses more like smell.
  17. f22shift

    Why buy a Surefire headlamp when you can get a Dorcy Pro Series 200 Lumen Headlamp?

    originally, i thought the OP was being sarcastic to be funny but maybe not.. anywho, the ratings of outdoor gear lab i can sort of understand. they are really considering price and don't think plastic is a problem "If you are subjecting your head and headlamp to forces that damage a plastic...
  18. f22shift

    Acebeam H10 1x18650 headlamp with MT-G2

    so it does rotate for the 4 mode selection. two stage button. hold gentle for on/off. hard press any time for max 2000, release for off. lowest mode is 30 lumens, hmm i would have squeezed in one more single lumen mode. curious if there is a kick down from any level if it gets too hot. i would...
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    Market Promotion PartII

    P02A Lucky Draw thanks again!
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    Market Promotion PartII

    G20C Lucky Draw Thanks!:naughty: