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  1. greenLED

    Surefire Aviator...Which One??

    Nephron, check out this thread of mine from years ago: Short answer... it depends! Y/G is my favorite color because it provides the best color rendition (excluding...
  2. greenLED

    Wayne had surgery so some orders will be delayed

    Hi, Cindy. Hope he recovers swiftly!!
  3. greenLED

    Lights you "can't" sell anymore

    I have an Inova X5 HA from CountyComm that I've pretty much never used and I think many people haven't even heard of. I don't know whether that would have a market. The HA and its extreme ability to drain cells almost to zero make it very appealing, though.
  4. greenLED

    Please Consider Being a Part of the Fenix "TK16 Global Testing Campaign"

    Re: Please Consider Being a Part of the Fenix "TK16 Global Testing Campaign" Awesome! just signed up
  5. greenLED

    Gerber Infinity Ultra, anyone still EDC this?

    That sounds about right. I remember the regular Gerber Infity Ultra going for $15.
  6. greenLED

    how many lights do you carry?

    Up to 5 - 2 on my person, one in my bag, plus 2 in the car
  7. greenLED

    GITD sticker paper ?

    There's two kinds: the cheap one that'll glow for 5 minutes and then there's the industrial one. Search through my ooooold threads. I once did a test to compare just that, with pics and stuff. I still have the samples, but I lost the notebook where I kept all my notes so can't tell you where I...
  8. greenLED

    CPF 15th Anniversary Get-Together

    Dang! I knew I should've gone this year.
  9. greenLED

    Light for the Peruvian rainforest

    Hey, Seanbirder, where in Peru are you headed to? That will determine your access to replacement batteries, or not, or if you need to bring along your own solar panel and recharge batts. If you're going to Cocha Cashu (I spent some time there), you'll have access to solar power but no stores...
  10. greenLED

    AA MiniMag Collection - Part 4

    Awesome layout!! Mine are still in storage boxes since the move. :(
  11. greenLED

    LABYRINTH OF LIGHTS. Where did you end up?

    Yes, I do have other lights, and headlamps, and my minimag collection, and few exquisite customs (including a the custom Larry/tvodrd light on my office keychain), but the ONE I use always is the McGizmo PD-S clipped to my pocket, which the man himself gifted me a while back. It's been...
  12. greenLED

    DEFT-X OMG Strikes Back!!!

    Special CPF Discount added to the CPF Specials thread:
  13. greenLED

    AA MiniMag Collection - Part 4

    Nice to see people are still collecting these.
  14. greenLED

    Sold/Expired WTB:ARC AAA brass version

    Re: WTB:ARC AAA copper version I don't remember Arc ever making copper AAAs.
  15. greenLED

    Sold/Expired WTB: McLux I

    Bump with thread title change (I hope).
  16. greenLED

    Sold/Expired WTB: McLux I

    Re: WTB: McLux I (original Skunk Works light) Right you are.
  17. greenLED

    Sold/Expired WTB: McLux I

    Re: WTB: McLux... Thanks, all! Carpe, I'll let you know - :thanks: Acourvil, I'd prefer a full light so I don't have to go hunting for a spare body. Just to clarify, this is the early "McLux" light I'm talking about here, not the McGizmo PD-S or later iterations. So, lemme know...!
  18. greenLED

    Sold/Expired WTB: McLux I

    Yeah, I'm that crazy. I joined CPF when the last wave of McLuxes were gone, and didn't have enough modding skills to build my own at the time. So... anybody got a spare McLux, in any condition?