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    Anyone have a BLF Q8?

    Does anyone else have the newly released BLF Q8? I have two and it is a fun light. With 5,000-6,000 lumen and the Narsil ramping UI, what's not to love.
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    Sold/Expired Jetbeam T6, Mint Condition

    Jetbeam T6 in Mint Condition $125.00, Postage w/tracking in CONUS paid. The T6 has a few hours of careful use, but not a scratch on it. I liked this light so much that I bought a customized version. First "I'll Take It" gets the light, pending payment on PayPal. Send PM with any questions...
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    Why choose Sony VTC5 over VTC6 for flashlight use?

    The Sony VTC5 is a great high current cell, but will it actually perform any better than the Sony VTC6 in even the most supercharged flashlight? I really want to think that the VTC5 will make my harder driven lights really pop, but I am not sure it will. Can anyone convince me?
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    New thrower from Manker!

    Does anyone know any details about the new thrower due out from Manker any day now? I know that they are working on an update to the U21, but all I know about the MK35 ​is that it will be a multi-cell thrower?
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    First flashlight using the new 20700 cell?

    I have been reading about the 20700 cell replacing the venerable 18650 for a while now. Now that the 20700 cell is out, who will be the first to offer a flashlight using this new battery?
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    Best cell for Jetbeam T6?

    What cell do you recommend for my new JetBeam T6? My unprotected GA's are too short so I need to buy something new. Any suggestions???
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    Charging a 10180 Li Cell

    What is the best charging method for the very small 10180 cell? I just started using my new Jetbeam Mini and I want to well by that tiny little battery.
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    UltraTac K18 charger module.

    Has anyone tested the charger module that you can get as part of a bundle with the UltraTac K18 aaa flashlight? I used an in-line USB divice to determine (I think) that the charger output was 0.29mA that reduced to 0.05mA after an hour. I only plan on using this as a travel charger, but I would...
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    Stinger and UltraStinger Upgrade

    I have an old Poly Stinger and Ultra Stinger that I want to upgrade to LED's. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am a recently inducted CPF addict and I am always amazed at how knowledgeable everyone here is.
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    18650 recommendations for Nitecore EC4S

    After a lot of reading CPF I have decided on purchasing a Nitecore EC4S and a Xtar VP2 charger. There seems to be very large price differences between the many protected 18650 cells out there and I was wondering if the higher priced cells were worth the money.