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  1. greenLED

    Sold/Expired WTB: McLux I

    Yeah, I'm that crazy. I joined CPF when the last wave of McLuxes were gone, and didn't have enough modding skills to build my own at the time. So... anybody got a spare McLux, in any condition?
  2. greenLED

    Non-rebranded equivalent of the "Guide Gear" 900 lumen tactical light?

    A friend is eyeing this light: 900 Lumens BRILLIANT! Make the switch, Guide Gear® Tactical Light, from the Sportsman's Guide. Link removed please read the banner at the top of the page - Norm He wants a *really* bright light with decent throw (his back yard is rather large) and he thinks that...
  3. greenLED

    Sightseeing in NCY? Any flashaholics in the area?

    I'll be there for a meeting in 2 weeks. I've never been to the Big Apple so I'll stay a couple of days to check out the place. Any suggestions on stuff I *must see? I was thinking Statue of Liberty, maybe Ground Zero to pay my respects, not sure what else.
  4. greenLED

    I really hate Don! :rant:

    You were extremely generous and gifted me a PD-S-mizer. I ran out of excuses to rotate EDC and carry other lights from the moment I put that darned light in my pocket. You ruined my flashaholism! :nana: Its been, what, 4 years now? and Im still carrying the same PD-S. Day in, day...
  5. greenLED

    Sold/Expired Need green laser fixed

    I have an AtlasNova 5mw green laser pointer that quit working. I need somebody to please fix it for me. I know I could just buy a new one, but the pointer is engraved and has sentimental value. Any takers on fixing the laser, please let me know via PM or post here: :thanks:
  6. greenLED

    Sold/Expired WTB: Need help fixing my Gladius, anyone?

    Seeking a modder with enough expertise to fix a broken Gladius. Please PM me.
  7. greenLED

    Adding a spring to the HD45 (+) contact?

    Has anybody replaced the silver bead with a spring as the (+) contact on the circuit board of an HD45? Care to share the mod? I had a little scare today when the magnet I've been using on a li-ion cell powering my HD45 somehow shifted off the (+) contact. :duck: :poof: I have other magnets...
  8. greenLED

    Sold/Expired *FOUND* WTB: SF KL1 board

    ...had a little :oops:while modding a KL1. Somebody out there have a spare KL1 board that I can buy? Please post here or PM me. :thanks:
  9. greenLED

    2-part epoxy vs. Gorilla glue?

    Which one of the two would provide a stronger bond? I'm making some G10 LED drop-ins for my brother, and I'd like to use some kind of adhesive to ensure a permanent bond between the plastic base and the metallic LED enclosure/heatsink. Both are joined by a couple of screws, but I don't trust...
  10. greenLED

    PT Eos parasitic drain

    My son's PT Eos is sucking batteries dry. We put new batteries about a week ago, put the light away, and they're now dead. Any ideas on how to diagnose/fix this? (other than sending it back to PT for warranty work). AFAIK everything looks fine inside, the board, etc. :thanks:
  11. greenLED

    Grand Vitara vs. Rav4 vs. Terios off-road experiences?

    I'm sure there's some offroaders out there. What's your take on these? Actually, I won't be doing any *serious* off-roading (the kind you climb up boulders and stuff), but my job takes me on rural, bumpy, gravelly, plenty muddy roads and I'm wondering which 4x4 would be better. We're talking...
  12. greenLED

    Broken Glo-Toob lithium

    I let a friend borrow my Glo-Toob lithium and now it won't turn on consistently. Sometimes it will light up and change modes normally, and sometimes it simply won't turn on. Same thing with new batteries. I think it's stuck in between programming modes or something, but I don't know how to...
  13. greenLED

    Sold/Expired WTB: Arc4 clip

    As stated. Preferrably as new, or close to it, with proper screws. Brownie points for those little hex screws to fill in the holes when the clip is not in use. :thanks:
  14. greenLED

    a blast from the past... CPF back in 2000

    I was looking for something else and stumbled upon these. This is how CPF looked back in December 2000. CPF's title page: CPF's main forum page: (notice the *huge* number of members...) Compare to the spiffy look and the "slightly" larger list of members today!
  15. greenLED

    Laptop stand from recycled carbon fiber rods

    I've been wanting a laptop stand for some time, but hadn't found what I was looking for. Enter a couple of discarded carbon fiber arrows, a Dremel with cutting wheel, about an hour of free cutting, fitting, and this is what I have now: Stand by itself, front and side views: Stand with...
  16. greenLED

    Sold/Expired WSB: C-cell Mag parts

    Looking for a spare switch assembly, a rubber button, and a reflector. Seller must be willing to ship internationally. Please PM me with offers. :thanks:
  17. greenLED

    C Mags ever came with stippled reflectors?

    A friend of my dad gave him a 3x C Mag a looooooooooong time ago. Something that really caught my attention about that light is that it came with a stippled reflector. Actually, back then I didn't know what a stippled reflector was, but what always struck me was how nice and smooth the beam...
  18. greenLED

    E2DL bezel vs. KX2C - is there a difference in circuitry?

    I've been racking my head about this: The E2DL bezel and the KX2C have the same output, cell number requirements, and optics. The E2DL bezel has no markings (other than the "hot" warning), the KX2C is engraved as, well... KX2C. The E2DL has 2 levels, the KX2C has only one. I'm thinking the...
  19. greenLED

    jch79 ROCKS!!

    He knows why. ;) It's a great honor to be friends with such an amazing person. :thanks: for sharing your blessings. :bow:
  20. greenLED

    PICS: Griptilian vs. mini-griptilian size comparison

    The Griptilians are very popular Benchmade knives. I see people all the time debating whether to get one over the other. I took these shots earlier for a friend and fellow CPF'er, and I thought others might be interested. The pics compare a full size Griptilian vs a mini Griptilian. A somewhat...