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    Sold/Expired FS ** AW 18650 batteries 6x2200mah -- $25 shipped

    these batteries were only used in a light for about 1-2 weeks then the light with all batteries got put into the flashlight bag because of my transition into HID and other lighting options. The work perfectly well and has no issues whatsoever. $25 SHIPPED CONUS for all 6. Feel free to PM me...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD!! FS Voltcraft custom charging cradle

    Custom modded by Petrev and fits many different sizes of batteries C, D, 18670, 17670, R123 (with spacer), RCR2 (with spacers) etc. Original CPF thread and further information can be found here...
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    Sold/Expired FINAL REDUCTION ** Purple/Blue M*g w/ LOP, KIU high current switch w/ Cary H1499 bulb

    Pictures will speak for themselves here. I have 4xC AW 3.7v 3300 mah batteries that could go with this setup if interested (the sales thread for the batteries are on the marketplace. Buy light and batteries for a package deal). I also have the extra bulbs as displayed in the picture for $10...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD!!! FS ** Red anodized Fivemega 2 1/2 C M*G

    This is for the sale of an awesome red Fivemega creation. The pictures should speak for themselves. This body is a 2 1/2 C length with internal pvc to hold 2x18650 or 2x17670 with no problems at all. It is in prestine condition. There is no switch assembly (buyer will provide their own). I...
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    Need a little insight please... assume same light but with XP-G vs. XM-L...???

    How will the beam patterns be different? Is XM-L more efficient than XP-G? Are there some that prefer the beam patter of XP-G vs XM-L? What are the output ratings of one vs. the other driven at the same current? What is supposedly next after XM-L? I am trying to decide if I should buy a...
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    couple 4Seven Quark questions...

    I came back from vaca today to find the package at my door. I open it up and it is the Quark AA Tactical and the Quark 123 that I ordered. Awesome. Beam is great, light is great..... However, couple of questions... 1) I ordered the Quark 123 with a Clip... Is there anyway to remove the clip...
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    Sold/Expired ** SOLD PF *** - Surefire Avaitor A2 -- RARE BLK HAIII, w/ upgrades

    Greetings and Salutations to all... I have my coverted Surefire Aviator A2 white leds up for sale. Here you go: * RARE Black HA III -- no nicks, scratches, etc. * 4 Flat Sides * Serial # A14815 * Low leds moded with SMJ leds (mod done by IsaacHayes) -- if you have another A2, you can swap...
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    GITD O-Rings for Surefire and other lights? Where to buy?

    I see mention and pictures a couple times of these GITD o-rings that some people put on their flashlight head or they put in the lanyard section of Surefire lights etc. What size are these rings and where can they be purchased? Does the glow last long? What about the glow disk some put...
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    LS20 led change???

    Couple of questions that I would like to get the answer to..... I like the idea and color rendition of the sundrop, however I need something with some throw to "replace" my black HA3 Surefire A2. I think the LS20 will fit the bill nicely from what I have read. Smaller and relatively the same...
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    Anyone seen/tried these FINGER flashlights? Trying to get some more information as to if they are any good. Thanks Curtis
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    Sold/Expired FS: ** Night-Ops Falcata 9V 125 Lumen for 1hr -- $72.50 ** REDUCED

    9V 125 Lumens for 1 hour 3xCR123 configuration Ultra clear glass lens 6 1/8" long Black Type 3 hard anodizing Comes with box/papers removable anti-roll/combat grip momentary and constant on clickie designed to withstand the effects of gun recoil. whiter and brighter than a Surefire 9P with P90...
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    where to find black HA type III Surefire heads and tailcaps?

    I am looking for a 6p or 9p or c3 HEAD in black HA type III. Anyone know where I can locate one of these and buy it? If not, where is the best place to buy a C3 HA (regular) head? i am also looking for a black HA type III clickie/momentary z58 type tailcap. I plan to use either a 2x18650...
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    Thread 2.5" Surefire Turbo head help needed.

    I just got a great condition 2.5" turbohead with the threaded front. I however did not receive the collar that is used to connect the head to the light. Can anyone help me track down a collar? Thanks. Curtis
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    Sold/Expired SOLD ** Ti EXOLION by GREGW #11/100

    I have a Ti Exolion #11/100 for sale. It is as it came from Gregw. It has been a shelf queen and should go to a new home. It is still on its original charge. INFO: Full Titanium body Brass "Can" for better heat transference McGizmo's McR-16 reflector for that perfect beam Premium TXOH...
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    HELP WANTED: Is anyone capable of doing BLACK HA TYPE III?

    Looking for anyone who is willing to do black HA type III on a SF body for me. There is currently no writing on the body so I think it will be fine. Any help appreciated. Any takers please let me know. Curtis
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    Does the Surefire M3 put out more light than a Z3?

    Anyone have both and know the answer? and can anyone provide a side by side size comparo for me? Just curious. I have a Z3 and wondering if it would be "better" to have a M3. that is why I was wondering if the M3 put out more light or throws further than a Z3 with a P90. I guess it is in...
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    How to get more throw out of the SF M6?

    Any pics of the Photon King you reference? I don't think I have any idea of what it looks like. Thanks Curtis
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    Pentagonlight S2 UV... Opinions? I want a killer UV light, ideas?

    Looking for something small. Preferrably 2x123 or smaller that is a VERY good UV light. Basically like a forensic light. any ideas. Price doesn't matter. It has to be a usable light not a "toy" type light that claims to be UV and ends up in the "bs" spectrum. Thanks. Curtis
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    Any hands-on with the Night Ops Falcata 9v vs. the Surefire 9P/C3/Z3/M3 etc?

    Looking for actually feedback/comparisions between the Falcata 9v and Surefire. I guess the 9P is not part of this comparo due to the cost of the Falcata at $140 or so but I am talking more of output/spill/throw etc Already tried a search and it did not turn up much at all. Thanks Curtis
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    Surefire black HA?

    oK, I know the following black HA options E1e E2e A2 C2 (with emerson knife) E2D Are there any other black HA lights by Surefire that I missed? Curtis *EDITED* added e2d