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    Swap out nicad for li-ion battery

    I have an older 12 volt cordless drill. The power pack has sub-c NiCad batteries which loose their charge over time, Plus, one or more cells are dead. Would it be possible to swap out the NiCads for 3 li-ion batteries. I think I could fit the li-ions into the battery pack. Would I be able to use...
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    Sylvania Mini Lantern 4 AA batteries

    I have has one of these for a few years now. The barrel, the dark gray color, has become very sticky. I suspect the plastic is breaking down. I also had the same problem with the plastic grip on one of my cameras. The plastic is not a hard plastic, it is somewhat soft. Anyone else have this...
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    CDs and DVDs with adhesive labels - caution

    I recently picked up a few used music CDs which had been copies of original CDs. ( the same applies to backup CDs or DVDs for pictures ) They used those adhesive labels on the CD with the name and other information about the CD. There are kits out there for people who want to create their own...
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    Custom Flashlights - still the activitiy?

    There have been many improvements in manufactured flashlights over the last few years. You can purchase a light with over 700 lumens for under $50, even less in some cases. The custom market a few years back was way ahead in terms of providing lots of lumens in a modded light. It seems the...
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    Red Light Traffic Cameras

    The town, here in Florida, has installed Red Light Cameras at most major intersections. Actually a private company installed them and processes all the violations. Florida cars only have a rear license plate, nothing in the front. I understand how most of the system works. The system will sense...
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    Testing Li-Ion batteries

    I have read that there is limit to the number of times a battery can be charged/discharged. I have seen this a few times with laptop batteries and cell phone batteries. When you test a battery, you charge it fully, then measure the resulting voltage. Let's say you buy a new battery and fully...
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    Interesting new brand of 14500 Li-Ion battery

    I wanted to pick up a couple of batteries for a new light I just purchased, The light can use AA or 14500. Anyhow - this was an ebay purchase. these are not SureFire TrustFire or even UltraFire they are ( a knock off of a knock off ?) Moderators - If this does not belong here, please...
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    Li-Ion Batteries. Does the cold affect them?

    My laptop uses a Li-Ion 14.8, 5200mAh battery. I should get around 2 hours run time on a full charge. I had been getting that when the house was warm. This battery is only a few months old. Last night I used it for less than an hour and it was completely depleted. I was also charging my cell...
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    Digital caliper

    I have been involved with restoring/fixing an old Trek bike and a Schwinn bike. A lot of the measurements for bike stuff is metric. I had been using a fractional dial caliper, then converting the measurement to metric. Well - I dropped the caliper and cracked the dial bezel, the caliper also...
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    What is a 22MMx1MM thread ?

    I have been working on a old bike. I want to make a few plugs for the crank arms. I have found that the the thread size is 22MM by 1MM. I am guessing that the 22MM is the outside diameter, by what does 1MM indicate? is that one thread per MM? Next question - what would that be in English - I...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD - Gray Solarforce L2 with Desert Ironwood covering

    SOLD Another Wood Flashlights for sale. This time for Solarforce L2. The body will accept an 18650 battery. I am selling This Gray light with highly figured Desert Ironwood. This body has been turned down on my lathe and then a wood covering is added. The wood starts out as a solid 1 ¼ inch...
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    Sold/Expired SELL - Wood Covered bodies for Surefire 6P OR Solarforce L2

    More Exotic Wood Flashlight bodies for sale. This time for the Surefire 6P Model OR a Solarforce L2. I use a Solarforce L2 body that will accept an 18650 battery. I am selling only the body, nothing else. These bodies have been turned down on my lathe and then a wood covering is added. The wood...
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    Sold/Expired Withdrawn - Solarforce L2 Chrome Plated

    Withdrawn I have this Solarforce L2 light for sale. This has been CHROME PLATED. I remove the anodize finish, polish the light to a mirror finish. I then send it out to a chrome plate shop. The body will take a 18650 battery. This is for the body, head, and tailcap with switch. There is no light...
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    Cerakote vs Duracoat vs Molyresin

    I am thinking of trying a different type of coating for some of my work. I have done a lot of powder coating with a lot of success. The one disadvantage is the thickness of the coating. There are a few gun coatings out there, these three are 2 part coatings, in some cases also baked at 300...
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    VR lenses - Is vibration reduction worthwhile?

    I have been using regular lenses for lots of years. Are the latest VR lenses really worthwhile? The Nikon lens I am looking at states a 3 stop improvement. I use a tripod when necessary. I guess, to answer my own question, any improvement is worthwhile.
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    Long Term Storage of Cameras

    I have a few film cameras that I do not use very much these days, I switched to a Digital SLR. I have a a few camera bags that I can use for storage. I remove all the batteries from the cameras and put on the proper body caps. The batteries go into a separate plastic box. I put the lens caps on...
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    Camera Straps

    I have been using OpTech Classic straps for my SLR cameras. These are Neoprene and conform comfortably to my neck or shoulder. I had used the straps that came with the camera, like the Canon or Nikon nylon straps, but they cut into my skin. Anyone else have favorites?
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    Camera Bags

    This will probably raise a few questions - here we go What type of camera bag do like like to use? I find if I have easy access to the car, I like to use a small square bag, top opening with enough room for a camera and 3 lenses and a flash. If I have to lug the stuff around, I like to use...
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    Plastic Welder

    I had a need to repair some plastic parts on the car. I found this item in an Auto Zone store. There may be other uses for some of the modders here to use on various flashlight parts. This stuff is super strong, the best I have seen for attaching plastic to metal. It is listed as setting up in...
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    looking for aluminum plate 3/4" x 4" square

    I want to make a simple jig and I need a piece of aluminum 3/4 inch thick x 4 inches square. Anyone have a piece of scrap that size? I'll pay shipping etc...