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  1. john2551

    Maglite barrel diameter 3D vs 2D,4D,5D,6D

    Has anyone ever noticed that the 3D has a slimmer barrel diameter than the other D sizes? I wonder why? 3D = 1 1/4" (31.75mm) 2D,4D,5D,6D = 1 9/16" (39.67)
  2. john2551

    2009 Streamlight Twin-Task 2D

    I'm curious if Streamlight has "updated" the LEDs with whiter, brighter, more modern ones in the last 5 years? Has anyone bought one lately? They do have a nice video of it on their website & the LEDs look very white now & don't look blue-ish like they did in the original
  3. john2551

    UltraFire TH-1300 20W 1200-Lumen HID Flashlight $96 USD

    Anyone have any experience with this light good or bad? [link removed] A 20w HID for $96 is a great price provided it performs well. We all remember the GP771 disaster!!!
  4. john2551

    Does the 26650 size fit a C cell mag diameter wise?

    Here is the cell: 25500 is the exact size of a C cell but are not LiFePO4 safe chemistry: I'm not worried about the extra length only the diameter. Would 26mm be too wide? It...
  5. john2551

    Titanium AA/AAA/C/D/9V Universal Ultra Fast Smart Charger MD-3000

    Does anyone know if this charger has the same or more/less charging current than the Maha 808? Here is the link:
  6. john2551

    LSD 9v NiMh vs. li-poly 9v

    Hi all, Would this LSD 9v nimh: have a lower self discharge than this...
  7. john2551

    Malkoff Triple regulation?

    Can anyone point me to any threads that tested the regulation of the Malkoff Triple? A run-time graph would be great. Also has anyone heard of these triples using three Cree MC-E in the future?
  8. john2551

    The movie "Mirrors" starring the Mag-lite MagCharger

    I just saw the new movie "Mirrors" & Kiefer Sutherland played an ex-NYPD cop turned security night watchman. All through the movie he used the venerable Magcharger while walking around the spooky old building.
  9. john2551

    9,576 Phillips LEDs in the new New Years Eve NYC Times Square ball you can also watch the video segment if you like.
  10. john2551

    G&P 35w HID flashlight, small 8.8" length, GP771

    As i said a few months ago when the K3500R was introduced, i knew other small 35w HID's weren't far behind: & here...
  11. john2551

    E.L. new "Monster Throw" Maglite drop-ins

    There is a single LED & a 3 LED version: Malkoff only offers a single version. They are $49 for the single & $99 for the triple...
  12. john2551

    new ShadeSlayer-7, 1280 lumens & 13,600 lux!

    Wayne has a new small (~8") 1280 lumens light that uses 3C cells: Price is $299 not bad when you consider that the FoxFury is $799 uses 15 cr123 batteries, weighs almost 4 lbs. & is over 11" long. He should...
  13. john2551

    Garrity Tuff Lite 4D Lantern / LED drop-in ?

    Can i use a regular LED PR drop-in bulb or will i need the special reverse polarity "EverLED Diamond" bulb in this lantern: Thanks in advance
  14. john2551

    complete list of all LED PR flange drop-in bulbs

    I'd like to compile a list of (currently available) LED PR flange bulbs that will fit just about ANY generic flashlight. So far i have: TerraLux: Dorcy: EverLED...
  15. john2551

    TerraLUX TLE-1F vs EverLED drop-in

    TLE-1F: EverLED: Has anyone compared these two side by side? The EverLED has great regulation during the whole 12+ hours! I wonder if the Terralux...
  16. john2551

    TLE-1F vs. SMJLED2

    Is this: a lot brighter than: It will be put in a $1 basic plastic 2 cell Wal-Mart light.
  17. john2551


    Is this bulb: as bright as this one: The 2nd one states: The new SMJLED2 PR bulb has a boost converter and is brighter than the former 4-die SMJLED...
  18. john2551

    5V Ni-MH 2000mAh rechargeable batteries?????

    Does anyone know what type battery this is? The last picture show a close up of them.
  19. john2551

    Best protected RCR123/16340 3.0v (not 3.6v) highest capacity

    I guess the title sums it up. What are your experiences? Cells that are ~3.2v off the charger & 3.0v under load. I don't want to burn out any LEDs! Thanks in advance, John
  20. john2551

    FireLion 1x18650 3xP4 300+ lumens

    Looks good: Very small <5" & 2+ hours runtime. Much shorter than the Wolf Eyes Thunder & much smaller/thinner than the Wolf Eyes Storm with similar runtime. Same price as the Thunder & $100 less than the Storm. Looks like ElektroLumens beat...