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  1. ThirstyTurtle

    Quality Warm/Neutral Headband Light

    I have a couple excellent Zebralight headlamps but am intrigued by these headbands with a strip of LEDs integrated into the front. It seems like they are all cheap and cool white though. Does anyone know of a good quality and/or warm/neutral version of this style if headlamp?
  2. ThirstyTurtle

    Sold/Expired [WTS] Thrunite TN40Svn + Batteries (XHP35 HI 5000k)

    Timestamp: For sale here is a Thrunite TN40Svn from Vinhnguyen54/SkyLumen. Light has XHP35 HI 5000k emitters and his VNX3 custom driver. Link to the light brand new ($350): Light is like...
  3. ThirstyTurtle

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Prometheus AlphaVN (Ready-Made modified by Vinh)

    LIGHT SOLD! For sale here is a Prometheus Alpha Ready Made (#225) that has been modified by Vinhnguyen54 with his custom DriverVN V2 and a 4500k XM-L2, as well as upgraded springs with wire jumpers for better current flow and less resistance. I have the official card from Vinh but I'm at work...
  4. ThirstyTurtle

    Adult Beverage and Light

    I wanted to start a flashlight version of one of my favorite threads on EDCForums; "Adult Beverage and Knife". So let's see what you're drinking and shining! I'll start things off; Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter in a Hydroflask True Pint and a Prometheus AlphaVN (Ready-Made w/ XM-L2 4500k and...
  5. ThirstyTurtle

    Sold/Expired Thrunite TN36UTvn Spec 3 (Cool White Dedomed) - No Longer Available

    Thrunite TN36UTvn Spec 3 (Cool White Dedomed) For sale here is a Thrunite TN36UTvn Spec 3 which is the modified version of this light by Vinh. The Spec 3 option features dedomed cool white XHP-70 emitters (a beautiful neutral-cool tint), driver thermal pads, current boost, and Vinh's signature...
  6. ThirstyTurtle

    Who's got the most Alpha Blue Labels ?

    So does JeremyS have the most with one original and three blue labels (4 total)?
  7. ThirstyTurtle

    Best Dimmer Switch for CREE Bulbs

    Hey everyone! My wife and I recently had our first child, yay! Since we're often up in the middle of the night now, I'd like to be able to dim the lamps in our bedroom. We have matching lamps on each side of our bed, each with a 40w equivalent CREE bulb (the original glass ones, not the new...
  8. ThirstyTurtle

    Baby's First Flashlight!

    My wife and I welcomed our first child last week, a beautiful baby girl! I'm crazy for this little lady and at 8 days old she's already got her first light in hand: a Trustfire Mini-01 modded by Vinh with his DriverVN V2, a 4000k XM-L2, and an AR coated lens: Can't wait until she's old...
  9. ThirstyTurtle

    Sold/Expired Pilot Custom Heritage 92 Fountain Pen - No Longer Available

    Pilot Custom Heritage 92 Fountain Pen For sale here is a Pilot Custom Heritage 92 w/ a 14k gold medium nib. This is a beautiful demonstrator pen and I've loved it but I'm trying to get some funds together for my next pen purchase. Pen has only been inked twice and I've aligned the tines so it...
  10. ThirstyTurtle

    Sold/Expired WTS: Prometheus Copper Beta QRv2 w/ Pocket Clip

    ITEM SOLD For sale here is a Copper Prometheus Beta QRv2 w/ the titanium pocket clip. It includes the quick release keychain as well which has never been used. Best pocket clip I've ever had on any light; tight but too tight, dark and matte finish so it's not reflective, as deep carry as...
  11. ThirstyTurtle

    How to Fix Loose Lens on Alpha

    The lens on my Alpha has become a bit loose and rattles ever so slightly. It can be wiggled back and forth as seen in the video below (turn up the volume to hear it rattling). Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
  12. ThirstyTurtle

    Sold/Expired WTS: Maxmadco Stainless Steel Bolt Pen

    For sale here is a custom handmade in the USA Maxmadco Stainless Steel Bolt pen. This pen is a "production" custom meaning it's readily available but still considered custom as its only available straight from the maker. It's like new, only had it for one week but I want to raise some funds for...
  13. ThirstyTurtle

    Sold/Expired FOUND: Prometheus Alpha

    I'm looking for a Prometheus Alpha, preferably MC-E 4500k but I'm open to any Alpha, show me what you got. I PURCHASED A READY-MADE AND HAD IT SENT TO VINH FOR A DRIVERVN SWAP
  14. ThirstyTurtle

    Nitecore i4 Only Charges to 4.12-4.15v

    Hey everyone, I have a Nitecore i4 charger that I bought brand new a few months ago to replace my Trustfire charger. I love the 4 bays and higher charging current but with my 18650s and 16340s that I've been charging, the i4 only gets them to about 4.15v. A lot of the time all the lights will go...
  15. ThirstyTurtle

    How To Mount Two Zebralight Headlamps On One Band

    So I'd like to mount a H600w AND a H602w on one headband...any tips to do that without each pointing off to the side? Perhaps mounting both heads to the inside? That still might point off to the side a bit though. Plus it would be a huge pain to move back to a separate headband when necessary...
  16. ThirstyTurtle

    10,000 Lumen SupBeam X60 (4xMT-G2, 6x18650)

    Just came across this on SupBeam's website, looks like they're upgrading the 4xXM-L X60 to 4xMT-G2 and now it's 10,000 lumens instead of 5,000 lumens, wow! If Vinh (vinhnguyen54) can squeeze nearly 7,000 lumens from the 2xMT-G2 NiWalker MM15 then I bet he can squeeze 14,000 lumens from this hoss!
  17. ThirstyTurtle

    Laser Safety Question

    I've tried my best to find answers to a question but have been unsuccessful thus far. I just ordered a 532nm 5mw laser from eBay. It appears that it will be closer to 20-30mw in reality. I'd appreciate any help you can provide. 1) Is the danger from the laser only from a direct hit or...
  18. ThirstyTurtle

    Show Off Your Vinh Collection!

    I wanted to make a thread where we could show off our Vinh collections! I've had probably a half dozen Vinh lights total but currently only have 2 (have to sell the old ones to fund the new ones). Here's my small but high-powered collection: NiWalker MM15vn Stage 1 Domed, EagTac S200C2vn XP-G2...
  19. ThirstyTurtle

    IMAX B6-AC Question

    Here's a question for someone with more experience than me. I've always used my Ultrafire WF-139 2-bay charger for charging all of my Li-Ion cells. It's 500mA which is fine but I was wanting to charge some of my 18650s a bit faster so I pulled out my IMAX B6-AC hobby charger that I use for my...
  20. ThirstyTurtle

    1xAAA with Flash/Beacon Mode

    So I recently started taking my dog out at night off leash. He's getting of an age where I can trust him pretty well off-leash so when I let him out at night to use the bathroom, it's a good way to help reinforce "come" when he's done. Anyways, I don't think he'd just run off but there are a...