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  1. Rstype

    Cheers to muyshondt

    Well i decided to order a copper aeon since I love copper. But had a little issue where it was stuck on low mode only. Tried a few things and still couldn’t remedy the problem. I contacted muyshondt customer service and was taken care of. They gave me a few options since the copper was out of...
  2. Rstype

    WTB Clips For HDS

    Looking to see if anyone has a spare clip that is secured via screw on the holes on the side of the HDS lights. Any leads would be appreciated as well. Many thanks to all. Have a great day!
  3. Rstype

    Surefire, 4sevens, beta mule, HDS

    Thinning collection out. Unless specified new , then the lights vary from lightly used to carried. Shipping will be calculated depending on location. Shipping from USA. PayPal fees are being covered. Venmo also accepted. Currently shipping only on weekends due to work. Surefire- Surefire e2L...
  4. Rstype

    Sold/Expired Lot of flashlights(Sold)

    Have a few items looking for a new home. Currently shipping within the US. Asking $110 for the lot. Some lights were heavier used than others. Shipping only on weekends because it’s the only time I have currently. Foursevens atoms along with two cpf editions, 4sevens 123 quark. Vihn tool in...
  5. Rstype

    Sold/Expired *Sold*Custom Damascus 18350 triple

    Shipping included within the US. International is extra. Material - damascus for knives, sapphire crystal, H17Fx driver, 3 * 219B 4000K 95CRI, McClicky switch As of right now this is one of two flashlights produced by one of our very own long time members Desertsnake. I have been it’s only...
  6. Rstype

    *SOLD*Torchlab E series /scout 5.1 triple XPL 4000k

    Title says it all. For sale is a recently aquired( last week) E-series head. It’s still in great condition. I have not dropped or abused it. Only selling cause I recently also got a BOSS in Nichia flavor. Let me know if you have any questions. Torchlab E series /scout 5.1 triple XPL 4000k red...
  7. Rstype

    Sold/Expired HDS rotary stainless * SOLD*

    Hey all up for sale is one of those beast of metal Stainless HDS rotaries. Yes I’m letting mines go got some stuff to take care of so since it’s not getting carried as much as I like I’ll give you all the chance to own one. I did pocket carry it. Never has been dropped. Has some swirls on the...
  8. Rstype

    Sold/Expired 4/7 mini, Preon gen 1, Beta mule * closed*

    Up are a few items that needs a new home. Shipping will be done over the weekend. Shipping included within the US. International is extra. Pics will be up once I get a chance hopefully soon. 1)Best made Brass mini ML-X. This one has a cool white Xml2 emmitter 3 mode light. Carried for a bit...
  9. Rstype

    Sold/Expired Titanium Tool vn *closed*

    Up for sale. Brand new from skylumen( Vihn) Bought as a backup.Shipping will be done over the weekend. Shipping included within the US. Titanium ToolVN PHC( polished heated colors) Driver VN2 Copper heatsink 10440 cell IMR only. W2 led option 5400k. asking $105-$100-$95
  10. Rstype

    Sold/Expired McGizmo haiku with spare clip *SOLD*

    Up for sale is a haiku. Xml2 emmitter cool white 123 clicky pak will come with a cracked ice clip direct from don and spare TI screws. Light was carried lightly. No major dings. hive converter Asking $390-$380-$350 Sold shipped within the US. Shipping will be done over the weekend any...
  11. Rstype

    Sold/Expired *SOLD*McGizmo mule head , McGizmo 2x123 body

    Up is a McGizmo mule head and 2x123 body. I can only ship over the weekend right now and shipping is included within the will be up soon. The mule head has a Samsung 351d 5000k. No memory asking $110 shipped within the US. SOLD The 2x123 body has a stock clip and I have...
  12. Rstype

    Sold/Expired HDS 170 Nichia 219B clicky*Sold*

    Up is a beauty of a light. My clicky 170 HDS. It has been used and carried but ready for work. The current tailcap has a few knicks but i will include a spare tailcap brand new with your choice of either flush or raised. Currently has a raised tailcap on it. Also will include a spare reflector...
  13. Rstype

    Sold/Expired McGizmo mule *withdrawn*

    Up is a lightly carried McGizmo mule with custom LE. Samsung 5000K 351 LED Has 7 modes. No memory. asking $325-$315-$300 currently shipping for free within the US. Outside the US is extra.
  14. Rstype

    Sold/Expired Titanium ToolVn *Sold or withdrawn*

    *Added* Muyshondt aeon mk III in Titanium. Overall great condition. A few mini knicks but has been mostly buffed out. Also comes with a leather sheath custom made from Thor’s custom leather. It covers the whole light. Asking $ 350 *SOLD* Up for sale. Brand new from skylumen(...
  15. Rstype

    Sold/Expired Surefire Titan plus and Surefire L1* All sold *

    Up for sale Surefire Titan Plus SOLD New in package. Never opened 3 mode light. Uses surefires Maxvision beam for a smooth beam output. Takes one AAA cell. Comes with a rechargeable NIHM cell. Asking $75 Surefire L1 Gen 5( I believe) This dual output light takes a single cr123...
  16. Rstype

    Sold/Expired Titanium DC1 *SOLD*

    shipping and fees included within the US. Okluma dc1 titanium flashlight specs 5000k tint with stock driver and copper pill. wildermoon leather sheath excellent condition. Narrow carclo optics Stock okluma clip Asking $380
  17. Rstype

    Sold/Expired Zebra, fénix, Surefire , e70 body*Closed*

    Up for sale are a few items. Everything is shipped and PayPal fees included within the US. Extra for international. Surefire 6p- was slightly bored for 18650 cells. Comes with a m61WLLLL. Great shape on the body. Runtime on the module is less than 20 min. Asking$85. SOLD zebralight- sc53c-...
  18. Rstype

    Sold/Expired *SOLD*Prometheus Delta EN stonewash

    Prometheus delta- This version is a Electroless nickel, stonewash finish that has nichia 219C 4000k. Good conditon. Will come with a metal button, extra rubber boot. Switch removal tool, and tiny nano oil. Asking $250-$230 *does not include master roshi bead and lanyard*. Prices...
  19. Rstype

    Sold/Expired McGizmo lunasol 27 stock*SOLD*

    Up is a McGizmo lunasol 27. It’s stock, sporting a etched McGizmo clip. Overall good condition. It’s a piston drive two level light. Press for low press further for high. First mode is a floody light. Second mode drives the center led for a centered beam along with the floody leds. This one...
  20. Rstype

    Sold/Expired Foursevens, Malkoff*Closed*

    Lights will be shipped via USPS. PP Fees and Shipping will be included Inside the US. International cost will be adjusted onto price. Still looking for things to put up. Prometheus delta- This version is a Electroless nickel, stonewash finish that has nichia 219C 4000k. Good conditon. Will come...