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  1. Essexman

    Russell White of Sheffield England.

    I would like to share with you all my latest knife. This is a traditional slipjoint made by Russell White of Sheffield England. A bit of background on the maker. Russell has spent the last 21 years in the Sheffield cutlery industry making pen and pocket knives for Taylors...
  2. Essexman

    Modded Mag with onboard charging socket?

    So I've built a modded mag with an onboard charging socket. All works fine. Today it just occured to me that when in use the socket it still conected to the battery pack. If I were to insert a metal object, say like a drawing pin or paper clip, into the charging socket an make a...
  3. Essexman

    Sold/Expired WTB: 3 off 500mA Micropuck boost drivers

    As per title, I'm looking for 3 off 500mA Micropuck boost drivers please. My only supplier in the UK has stopped selling them :eek: and I have a project that requires 3 coming up soon. :( Please bear in mind I'm in the UK, so think about the shipping. Many thanks.
  4. Essexman

    Car crash on way home.

    Thursday evening on my drive home we (I car share) found a car on its side in front of us. Bits of car all over the place. Dust in the air, it had just happened. Two cars infront did a three point turn a drove off, nice. My friend called it in, “all three” he replied when asked “which service do...
  5. Essexman

    Was there a 1C size by Malkoff designs ?

    I thought I read somewhere that Gene was going to make a 1C size light? If anyone has any info please let me know, I've looked on the website and couldn't see anything. There again I may have missed it. many thanks
  6. Essexman

    UKPK Carbon Fibre scales by forum member AncientSword.

    I recently received a UKPK fitted with replacement scales made from Carbon Fibre which I am fantastically delighted with. Here’s some pics I took down at the beach, as you know Carbon Fibre is a pig to photograph, and I’m no expert behind the camera. The UKPK is perfect. I really like...
  7. Essexman

    Ti Swiss Army Knife

    Here's one for the SAK fans, I scored this at the weekend form another forum. It's been fully rebuilt with 2mm Ti scales and a custom Ti clip. Really nice and light, you could forget you had it in your pocket.
  8. Essexman

    Cocaine detection torch ?

    Never seen this before, BBC News "A special drug torch used by police to catch people who snort cocaine is now being used by door staff at pubs and clubs in Blackburn" Anyone know how they work?
  9. Essexman

    A life changing decision.......

    Having just re read through this post it appears very long, please bear with me, I need your help…….. Oh boy, where to start. OK, well I guess for the last 6 to 9 months not everything has been going too well in our marriage. It was little things at first, like she started keeping her mobile...
  10. Essexman

    GITD Snowman

    We've had a bit of snow here in the UK....
  11. Essexman

    James Bond lotus sold for £111,500 !

    BBC News LINK I can't understand why someone would spend that much on an old Lotus? Must be a really big fan.
  12. Essexman

    3 500mA Micropucks on 2D Alkalines ?

    I've built a 2D mag running three Cree XRE LED's. Each LED is powered by one Micropuck SHO 500mA. I think these draw approx 750mA from the batteries per micropuck, so a total of around 2.25A. What would happen if you run it on alkaline batteries? I'm guessing 2.25A is too much current draw for...
  13. Essexman

    What have I done to my P7 ?

    What have I done to my P7 ? Only 2 and a bit dies working now............
  14. Essexman

    Made in Wales - Vintage miners lights

    Here we go, some Vintage lights made in Wales. The company made lights for down the mines, and the designs were also used for domestic lights. Cica 1900 to 1950, so I've been told. From left to right - 2D Chrome, 3D Copper, 3D Worn out finish?, 3D Chrome. And no they didn't use Cree LED's all...
  15. Essexman

    FlikLite upgrade ?

    Has anyone every tried to upgrade the LEDs in a flikLite? I'm talking about the type with the 4 off 5mm LEDs. Any advice would be great. Cheers
  16. Essexman

    Fluke 187 True RMS Multimeters+Eneloops?

    Hi guys I have a battery question for you. We use a number of Fluke 187 True RMS Multimeters at work and I would like to know if it is possible to run them on Sanyo Eneloop Rechargeable AA batteries?? The main reasons for using Eneloops would be to save on purchasing costs, and to save on...
  17. Essexman

    Sold/Expired WTB – Micropuck boost drivers (to be shipped to UK) FOUND!

    WTB – Micropuck boost drivers (to be shipped to UK) I’m looking for three Micropuck boost drivers. I’m not concerned over which rating they are, as long as all three are the same. I should point out I live in the UK, so seller will have to be willing to ship abroad [I don’t think shipping will...
  18. Essexman

    Fenix L1T and L2T CR2/CR123 body tubes

    Ok so I have just managed to buy a Fenix L1T/L2T CR2 and CR123 body tubes last week in the marketplace B/S/T. I know these were both made for the first version of the L1T and L2T, but has anyone tried them on the latest L1T or L2T v2.0 ??
  19. Essexman

    Essexmans Fenix T1 abuse test results.

    Well better late than never. Here's my test results: Test 1: Resistance to humidity. Condition: As received new. Test Relative humidity: 95 to 98% Test Temp: 20 to 23ºC Test duration: 48 hours Note: Batteries left in for test. Result: Satisfactory, works as received. Test 2: Resistance...
  20. Essexman

    500mA Micropuck and one AAA?

    Has anyone ever run a 500mA Micropuck driver off a single AAA battery? I was just wondering what output you would get with this setup? I'm guessing you would get less than half the output you get with two cells, so approx 200mA ??