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  1. AnAppleSnail

    Klaruslight The Easiest Way to WIN Klarus Penlight P20 - Giveaways

    Count me in. Diffuser is perfect for close work, and CRI for matching schematics! (never had a Klarus before)
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    Market Promotion PartII

    T20CC lucky draw!
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    Market Promotion PartII

    T16R lucky draw!
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    Market Promotion PartII

    C23C Lucky Draw" "T25C Lucky Draw" "T26C Lucky Draw"
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    Market Promotion PartII

    M25C Ti Lucky DrawThanks and good luck
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    Fenix NEW RELEASE: Fenix E20 2015 Edt. - NO SHAKE MODEL!

    Does the light always start in High, Low, or mode memory? If mode memory, how does it set? Thank you.
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    Zebralight SC600 (1x18650, XM-L) Review: RUNTIME, BEAMSHOTS, comparisons & more!

    Re: Zebralight SC600 (1x18650, XM-L) Review: RUNTIME, BEAMSHOTS, comparisons & more! Thread necromancy: I like to get a new light each fall. Instead I am getting a new battery for my SC600 mk1. Great light in all versions.
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    What I found on the shelf today in a major auto parts store

    Sylvania finally made the "Off-Road Use Only" words bigger this month. Still not legal for an 1156, but they won't mind when people waste their money. photo Edit: can't resize the photo on my phone...
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    Market Promotion PartII

    P02A lucky draw
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    Market Promotion PartII

    G20C lucky draw
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    Market Promotion PartII

    G25C lucky draw.
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    LED fiberoptic medical lightsource

    The game here is, "How many photons of good, clean light can we get into a 6mm circle?" We'd like it to be nicely centered, but that's another matter. That translates into "Maximum lux on a 6mm circle." The peak lux of ANY light source is at the source itself. A bare XP-G2 will get about 50...
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    first day member took me 3 hrs to find this q&a streamlight diy need help advice fast

    Re: first day member took me 3 hrs to find this q&a streamlight diy need help advice Buy one from Saabluster. You won't be sorry.
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    Is more lumens really brighter

    The car metaphor is a bit troubled, too. All other things being equal (when are they?) every flashlight manufacturer has the same batteries, and the same seesaw of Output vs Runtime. An 18650 will always have 1800-3600mAh, an RCR123 will always have 350-450mAh no matter what is written on the...
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    Help! My office building just switched to hideous LED (not fluorescent) lighting

    The company here got bought by a conglomerate who owns an LED subsidiary. Our carefully-planned upgrade in the factory from high-bay MH lights to HO-T5 fixtures with parabolic reflectors went right out. Those did a great job putting light on the ground. The "new" LED high-bay lights make pretty...
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    Do you always carry a flashlight or only at night?

    Given how small a capable light can be (Fenix E01, Mag Lite Solitaire LED, Quantum DD, Nitecore Tube, Fenix E05, Quark Mini, Spy DQG), there are only a few situations where you can't possibly carry any flashlights. These flashlights range in cost from about $8 to $50, with 5-50 lumens output...
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    Market Promotion PartII

    C22C Lucky Draw
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Preon Penlight arriving today. About half the old retail price and a sort of enjoyment.
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    10 amp solar controller unable to power LEDs

    Can you describe your hookup better? The solar controller is usually a part that sits between the battery and the Solar Panels. I'm used to setups like this at moderate-high power, with the DC wires connecting the panel to the controller, the controller to the battery, and the battery to outputs...
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    Selecting an LED

    If you are looking for the lowest unit cost, then the $0.68 LEDs may be OK. But my hobby time is valuable enough that a super premium LED that makes me 1% happier is worth $10 ea. I second the XPG-2, and submit the XP-E2 also. With good heatsinking and good electronics with intelligently chosen...