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  1. JWRitchie76

    Newer McGizmo Haiku w/HIVE XP-L HI

    SOLD Hello, Letting go of my month old McGizmo Haiku with the Hive 4 speed driver and XP-L HI 4250K CCT min. 80 cri. LED. I think max output on high is 380 lumens. Nice throw and beam on this one. This light was purchased new by me directly from Don. I have only ran 1 battery through it and...
  2. JWRitchie76

    Sold/Expired WTB: Maratac CountyComm Reylight Dawn

    I'm looking for one of the Maratac CountyComm Reylight Dawn limited edition lights. Let me know if you have one your willing to part with. Message here or email me at [email protected] Thanks!
  3. JWRitchie76

    Rayovac RLCR2-2G 3V CR2 Lithium Battery 1400 mAh Anyone?

    Hello, I've decided to get myself another Muyshondt Aeon and I was shopping for CR2's and came across these Rayovac's. They are advertised as a 1400 mAh capacity battery as opposed to the 800 mAh capacity of Duracell, Energizer or Panasonic. Anyone have any experience with them? Are they legit?
  4. JWRitchie76

    Sold/Expired Found. Please close

    I find myself wanting to give a Muyshondt Aeon MK III another try. Let me know if you have one you'd like to sell. Thank you! **Email may be the fastest method to contact me. [email protected] Thanks!
  5. JWRitchie76

    Seeking Mod help for Surefire Titan Plus.

    Hello all, I apologize if this is the wrong section to post. Been quite a while since I have asked. Anyhow, I would love to have the LED swapped in my Surefire Titan Plus to something more neutral/warmer in tint and hi-cri if possible. I would like something in the 4000k - 4500k tint range...
  6. JWRitchie76

    Sold/Expired Search ended: Muyshondt Aeon MKIII Black or Desert Tan

    Ending my search. Thanks!
  7. JWRitchie76

    Sold/Expired FT: Oveready BOSS 35 first run amber for Surefire TITAN A

    SOLD elsewhere. Thanks!
  8. JWRitchie76

    Sold/Expired LNIB EAGLETAC D25C TITANIUM 2017 edition

    SOLD!!! I have a like new, never carried, barely used Eagletac D25C Titanium w/ 4700k nichia 219b hi CRI, 2017 edition. Complete with box and accessories. I'll also include 10 unused Streamlight CR123's. Asking $70. I'll cover shipping CONUS 50. No trades. Thanks!
  9. JWRitchie76

    Sold/Expired FS: CRK Small Carbon Fiber Inkosi numbered (#39)

    Inkosi is SOLD!!! Up for sale and possibly only for a limited time if what I am after sells first, CF small inkosi #39. Has been lightly carried, shows minimal marks of use. Otherwise in excellent condition. Full kit. Asking $360 obro. I will cover shipping CONUS 50. Thanks.
  10. JWRitchie76

    What to do with counterfeit AW IMR cells?

    Hey guys and gals, so I'm not too hip to rechargeable unprotected cells. When I ordered my new BOSS from OVEREADY they were out of AW IMR 18350's. No biggie, I went to Ebay and found a good deal on a couple pair from a high rep seller. After I received them it dawned on me they could be...
  11. JWRitchie76

    Sold/Expired FS/FT: Muyshondt Aeon MK III Titanium

    **$360....SOLD!!! shipped CONUS for the next 2 hours!! Up for consideration is my Muyshondt Aeon MK III Titanium. I purchased this new from EDC Plus a few months ago. It has been my edc since but shows minimal signs of carry if any. All original packaging and 5 Duracell CR2 cells are included...
  12. JWRitchie76

    Sold/Expired FT: Muyshondt Aeon MK III Titanium for McGizmo Haiku HIVE XP-G2

    This light was SOLD
  13. JWRitchie76

    Sold/Expired Zebralight SC600W MKIII HI +batteries, Eagletac D25C Titanium Nichia 219b +McGizmo cl

    Closing on our new house next week so gonna move a couple lights that are not being used. **SOLD**First up is a Zebralight SC600W MKIII HI with 2 Panasonic/Sanyo NCR18650GA 3500mAh 10A 18650 Li-ion Batteries. This light is in like new condition, never carried. Light and batteries were...
  14. JWRitchie76

    Sold/Expired SOLD! 2 for 1 flashlight sale; Maratac AAA rev. 1, Streamlight ProTac 2L

    SOLD!! Priced for a quick sale! 2 lights for 1 price. First up is a Maratac AAA rev. 1. This is the original 2 mode, low - high version. Spent all of its time with me on the nightstand. There are a few missing ano spots. Comes as pictured. Next is a like new Streamlight ProTac 2L. Never...
  15. JWRitchie76

    Sold/Expired WTB: Titanium Muyshondt Aeon MK III or maybe Tan aluminum

  16. JWRitchie76

    Sold/Expired Streamlight ProTac 2L

    Withdrawn due to lack of interest. Thanks!
  17. JWRitchie76

    Sold/Expired Vinh (Sky Lumens) modified Maratac AAA Ti w/ Nichia 219C led

    This is SOLD!!! Offering up an absolute gem of an edc light. This is a Maratac AAA Titanium. The led was upgraded to a neutral tint, 5000k Nichia 219C emitter. Mod work was done by Vinh (Sky Lumens). This upgrade took an already great little light and made it near perfect for edc. This light...
  18. JWRitchie76

    Sold/Expired Nailbender P60 Neutral XP-L HI drop-in +Solarforce L2P host

    This light is SOLD!! Got a new Zebralight SC600W MKIII HI incoming so I'm selling this Nailbender (Custom Lites) P60 5000K Neutral tint XP-L Domeless HI. The drop-in has 3 modes (L, M, H) with last mode memory and smooth reflector. Great throw with this module. The module is housed in a...
  19. JWRitchie76

    Sold/Expired LNIB Zebralight SC32W w/ Keeppower 16340 700 mAh cell

    Light is SOLD!!! I have a LNIB Zebralight SC32W for sale. I received this from back order 2 weeks ago along with a Keeppower 16340 700 mAh cell. This light is uncarried, not a mark on it. Only played with around my residence. Battery only has 1 cycle on it. Comes complete with box and spare...
  20. JWRitchie76

    Sold/Expired 2 P60 Solarforce builds (Nailbender withdrawn) EDC+ still available w/ price reduced.

    EDC+ Light is SOLD to Blacksheep!!! Thanks Brian. Nailbender is WITHDRAWN My price includes shipping CONUS +2. Not parting host from drop-in. No trades. Light is cross first "I'll take it" gets it. Check new pics. $62 shipped CONUS is a grey Solarforce L2P host, uncarried. High...