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    SOLD Custom e-series Titanium head combo

    Custom Titanium smooth e-series head, Xpg 5k emitter, custom machined glow reflector, 3.7-4.2volts, 3 mode driver H/L/Strobe. Plus an additional Denki modded copper light engine with attached reflector,Xpl-hi 5k emitter, 3.7-4.2 driver with crescendo(ramping) programming for another complete...
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    SOLD Superconducter Dragonscale Beads!

    Hard to find EDC Vikings Custom Metalworks, Superconductor Dragonscale 2.0 beads, 3 piece, unused with original packing and build card. Originally purchased for 285.00 quick sale at 195.00 USPS express shipping anywhere in the USA.
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    E1/E2 Early Incan led copper tower mod

    Aloha all you SF modders out there! Got a few extra copper towers/pills left over from a previous project looking for a new home.Designed off of the early Incan bulb assemblies and allow the use of a modern style leds and 15mm drivers. $18.50 each plus $9.45 shipping via USPS 3 day express...
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    Sold/Expired PRICE DROP!-Rare one-off McGizmo Prototype

    One-off McGizmo modded light with Don's experimental reflector head, early surefire e2 style tube, McClicky upgraded tail and retention button carry system.(included new belt clip and wall mount holds) Single mode, 6-12 volt capable driver with a beautiful creamy round beam. This was one of...
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    Sold/Expired Price Drop!-Beautiful Old School Titanium Lego with upgraded high powered engine

    Titanium PW/Tain Corona combo, twist on/momentary tail operation with an upgraded high powered, programmable Guppydrv driver and an SST-20 in 4k. Beautiful old school look with very modern performance and interchangeable McGizmo light engine options. One fresh 17500 rechargeable battery is...
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    Withdrawn, Sales Closed...Custom MirageMan Titanium Head and Tail set

    MirageMan custom Titanium head and tail, e-series compatible: Titanium Aleph 19 style head, brass crenelated bezel, o-ring/lens with McR17 (haiku) reflector, empty aluminum pill to build your own light engine. (Most McGizmo/Aleph screw in style light engines work) Matching Titanium e-series tail...
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    SOLD PRICE DROP-Couple of one-off Old School mods

    A couple of one-off old school mods looking for a new home…both host have been shelf queens for years and just recently build and in un-carried condition. PP with USPS Express shipping anywhere in the USA. TNC/Denkiman triple Mod: One-off TNC aluminum 14500 host, McClicky tail switch and custom...
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    Price Drop! Very Rare R2X

    Very rare R2X Ostar custom made for a presentation in one of Japan's trade shows …only a handful of these were ever made and looking for a new collector's home. Build info and more pics can be found at Original build condition with...
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    Sold/Expired Hanko Tesseract with 2 prototype Denkiman light engines

    Hanko Titanium Tesseract combo/mod package: Original Hanko host and clip in un-carried condition, 2 modded light engines, one new 18350 battery and 2 Hanko patches. 900.00 -Tesseract Titanium Host -Denkiman Tri-Clops 2 channel copper prototype engine: Nichia 219 3k/red secondaries...
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    Sold/Expired Price Drop! Old School Custom-Mac Triple with C-Flex bodies

    Polished Aluminum Mac Triple/Tnc C-Flex Custom: Mac custom triple head with custom heatsink, UCL Lens, Cree Q5 WG LED's, MCR17xr Reflectors, Flupic Driver with Low-High-Burst-Strobe-Beacon user configurable, 2 different interchangeable Tnc C-Flex bodies for c size li-ion 3.7 volt batteries in...
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    Sold/Expired Rare Titanium McLux lll-T

    McGizmo Titanium McLuxlll-T: Very rare Titanium McLux with a 2 mode twisty body and aftermarket Titanium smooth/deep bezel.Original Lux emitter was previously swapped for what appears to be a warmer 219c. Nice, original carried condition with a fresh cr123 battery. USPS Express shipping...
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    Aleph 3, BadBoy with Quad many volts

    Aloha modders, hoping for some suggestions on a modded Aleph 3 head but haven't been able to nail down a solid answer with the CPF searches. The driver looks like it is from the Shoppe but unable to verify input voltage? It came with a TB 3x123 sized tube. Thanks for the help! Aloha, D
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    Sold/Expired Sold....Sunwayman V10R Ti mod goodies

    A few hard to find Sunway V10R ti mod goodies up for grabs. First “ I’ll Take It ” posted below followed with a prompt PayPal payment and it’s yours. USPS Express shipping anywhere in the USA with included 50.00 insurance, additional coverage is available at buyers expense. 6 slot Tritium...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD Rare McGizmo up for grabs

    Sold 🤙🤙 McGizmo Titanium McLux lll-8 Flute Mule Head-CX2 McClicky pack. Twist head for low/high operations and use the clicky to turn on and off. Very few of these around and tube directly swaps onto similar McLux heads…easy to build a 16650 Lunasol 27 set-up. In carried, but good condition...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD...Brass Hanko Triple, Quick Sale

    Hanko brass Trident with original supplied engine, triple Nichia 219c 4k, H17f driver with an added blue glow gasket. Gorgeous patina with very little carry time. USPS Express shipping anywhere in the USA with standard 50.00 insurance, extra coverage can be provided at buyers expense. First...
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    Sold/Expired Price Drops...A few Arc goodies

    Weekend price drops... Cleaning house!! Got a few old school gems looking for a new home. First “I’ll take it” posted in the comments followed by a prompt PP payment and it’s yours. All items will be shipped out via USPS Express with shipping anywhere in the USA. #1- Arc LSH-ST #231...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD Couple more combos looking for a good home..

    A few gems up for grabs…first “I’ll take it” followed by a prompt PayPal transaction and it’s yours. All sales shipped via USPS Express mail, and sorry gang, no International shipping is available at this time. Old School E-series Lego- Mega Extreme 27mm reflector Head with a single speed...
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    Sold/Expired (Closed)Titanium LEGOS

    A few unique Titanium gems up for grabs…first “I’ll take it” followed by a prompt PayPal transaction and it’s yours. All sales shipped via USPS Express mail, and sorry gang, no International shipping is available at this time. Gizmo/Malkoff LEGO: McGizmo 2xAA McClicky tube...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Sunwayman V10r Ti Driver

    Aloha friends! looking for an led driver for a Sunwayman V10r Ti In used or new working condition. Anybody got a spare laying around? Much thanks, D
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    Sold/Expired Withdrawn: Instant Arc Flashlight collection

    #1-Arc LS First Run #819 with all 5 tubes!! CR123 Kroll switch, CR123 short/twisty tube, AA twisty, 2 AA twisty and 2 AA Kroll switch.Tubes are like new and in un-used condition. One new Surefire CR123 battery is included with the sale. Free USPS shipping anywhere in the USA. 195.00 #2-Rare...