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    LiFePo4 vs LiCo 18650 cells??

    Advantages: stable + safe + recharge cycle + don't cutoff. Disadvantages: runtime. But for my normal use, runtime isn't a priority. I can topoff or swap batteries.
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    Looking for light that doesn't shut off suddenly when batteries are low

    That's why I use LiFePO4 LFP batteries.
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    Help Me Select A Jump Start Pack

    What about super capacitor jump starter? Examples: RescueMate 12-Volt Super Capacitor Jump Starter I like the idea that it can recharge itself.
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    Nitecore P26 Review Infinitetly Variable Brightness

    I don't suppose the center of the rotary switch is an on/off button? I don't want to change hand positions to turn on/off and output level. It would also be nice if the rotary switch had hard stops before going to strobe (or not have strobe at all). I'm sure people will buy half-baked stuff...
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    Fenix FD65 [review]

    Finally....a simple(r) interface!!!! "The left one has the marking L for low and the right one H for high. The switching scheme is dead easy: one can decrease brightness with a click on L and increase by one level by clicking H" I would like to see a rechargeable version and a battery...
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    [The Lite Review]: Nitecore HC65 Review (Tri-LEDs)

    Now just need a rotary knob.
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    Flashlights to keep around the house - frequent T-storms cut out lights

    The ones I like are those that plug into an outlet to be charged, and when the power is out, the light automatically is on. In addition, you can also choose for the light to automatically come on when it is dark and senses motion. It was also very compact, LED, and the light can be swiveled...
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    Best User Interface for Flashlights?

    First Choice: Rotary, just like all the other knobs on my appliances, radio, etc. Second Choice: Up/down buttons, like the other devices in my life. The only other device I have that requires me to cycle are some of my clocks, and it is EXTREMELY annoying!
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    Safest 14500

    Look into LFP (LiFePO4).
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    Olight H16 Wave Quick Review

    Click and cycle = :thumbsdow . Why not a rotary switch? ...Just like volume controls, dimmers, stove, and many others? Or if buttons, why not up/down buttons? Why not super easy intuitive interface and control????
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    Lifepo4 usage for 18650 lights

    LifePO4 = LFP = Lithium Ion. I especially use them in headlamps. I don't need the extra runtime of the typical LCO. The runtime difference is insignificant for my use. If I think I need extra runtime, most likely I really need to take spare batteries with me and expect a battery swap. I don't...
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    Review: Nitecore HC65 (Multi-Beam Headlamp, Red, HICRI, XM-L2, 1x18650 Rechargeable)

    I concur with losing the tailcap. Maybe there's a simple aftermarket accessory solution? I would like to see a rotary UI or up/down buttons. I see no need to be different adjusting lumens vs. volume on my audio devices. If I had one button to cycle through sound volume on my audio devices...
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    Safest 18650 available

    Safest is the non-rechargeable. For rechargeable lithium ion, the safest is: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)(LFP) battery chemistry.
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    Backyard flooder

    What about the Eagletac M Series? I'm looking at the turbo model. I want something with some peripheral down field vision, and enough spot to "pierce" the shadows of the vegetation.
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    [REVIEW] MiBoxer C4-12 4 slot Charger each 3A

    What does measuring the battery's internal resistance do that other chargers don't?
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    Miboxer C4 12 vs C4 Smart Charger

    I'm interested to learn more about Miboxer C4-12: 1) Measuring the battery internal resistance. And what value this provides me. 2) Can it autodetect LiFePO4 (LFP)? Wish there were 4 slot buttons instead of 1 (like Folomov A4).
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    Searchlight help!

    I would give consideration to EagleTax MX25 series for the differentianing reasons: 1) Output control ring. I want to change output up or down, not cycle output. I want to preselect output level. 2) Built-in charger. I would want something for long reach AND width. I don't want to...
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    Wife asked ME for new simple, small, control ring light!

    Another option is Nitecore SRT.
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    One of the greatest invention in flashlight history IMHO is + and - buttons in MH27.

    +1 for selector ring UI.