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  1. rayman

    What to do with old unusable flashlights you are still emtionally attached to?

    Over the last days for my this question came up as I had to swap my keychain light. I always look to reduce the number of flashlights I don't use or that have no task for me. But now and then I encounter a flashlight I really like for some reason otherwise I tend to have a reasonable amount of...
  2. rayman

    Sold/Expired WTS: Aspherical 2C Maglite and Nitecore TN12 (Update)

    SOLD: Aspherical 2C Maglite and Nitecore TN12 Dear CPF-members I want to sell two of my lights which I don't need anymore. 1.) Aspherical 2C Maglite I modded a black 2C Maglite to be used with an aspherical lens. The host was an 2C Maglite which I modded with a XR-E with R2 and the EZ900...
  3. rayman

    What to do with batteries in different conditions?

    I got a question that's bothering me for quite a while. I have both Li-ion-batteries and NiMH-batteries and using them for a few years. From time to time I'm buying new batteries, so now I have some older more often used ones and newer lesser used ones. I know you can mix batteries in different...
  4. rayman

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Silver 3D Maglite hotwire mod with Osram bulbs

    Selling a 3D Maglite which I modded to a Hotwire Maglite. I put a Rocker switch which can handle 10A so you can use a Osram 64625 bulb in it. As a bi-pin socket I used the popular KIU socket. I removed the stock switch and grinded the Rocker switch a little bit so it fits into the switch...
  5. rayman

    My final Maglite bikelight mod

    Some time ago I started a mod taking a black 2D Maglite as a base. I was always a fan of Maglites so I wanted to have a bikelight made out of a Maglite. Finished my first version with an SSC P7 some time ago which you can see here. I did some modificications to it also to get the technology...
  6. rayman

    Issue with Thrunite TN12

    Bought a Thurnite TN12 a while ago for camping and cycling. It seemed to work fine at the beginning but now it flickers on high. It's only on high when I use a single 18650. Tried two 16340 after that and it won't even turn on then. Did all the usual stuff like cleaning and relubing, changing...
  7. rayman

    Is the XR-E still the King-Of-Throw?

    I was always looking for the single-emitter and reflector LED flashlight with the greatest throw. I really liked my Maglite XR-E aspherical mod but I didn't find the beam pattern really practical so I was looking for a flashlight with a reflector. I once had a Tiablo A10 but had to sell that...
  8. rayman

    Robust single-AA EDC with simple UI

    At the moment I have a job as a student in which I work at an office for construction management and I'm always taking my EDC light with me, a Nitecore EX10. I had my EX10 a really long time and I know it's not an up-to-date flashlight but it's worth more to me and I don't want to damage it...
  9. rayman

    Sold/Expired CLOSED: 9AA to 3D Maglite battery holder series connected

    As the title says I'm looking for a 9AA to 3D battery holder for a Maglite in which I can use 9AA connected in series. I had my hotwire-Maglite for quite soem time now but the power source was missing all the time. So if anybody has such a battery holder which isn't needed anymore more please...
  10. rayman

    Sold/Expired SST-50 Dropin for D-Maglite

    SOLD: SST-50 Dropin for D-Maglite Selling also my SST-50 drop-in for Maglite. I used a SST-50 heatsink and a single-mode 5A driver both from 'Der Wichtel'. For more details please visit his sales thread. The heatsink is that one with the high socket for the standard Maglite. Don't know the...
  11. rayman

    Sold/Expired can be deleted

  12. rayman

    Sold/Expired SOLD: SST-50 on Britelumens heatsink

    I'm selling a SST-50 with a WJ bin and a F3 tint. Used it about 10min in my SST-50 Maglite. Glued it with Artic Alumina to the heatsink and used 24AWG black teflon wire. It's for a D Maglite. Here is a picture of it: The price is SOLD (55$ shipped anywhere). I am not responsible for lost...
  13. rayman

    Sold/Expired SOLD: P7 D Maglite 'Drop-In'

    As I'm converting my Maglite to a SST-50 I'm selling my P7 drop-in. I used it a little bit, in total for about an hour. The P7 is a DSWOI which I glued on an anodized DHS heatsink. The driver is the new single-mode driver from 'Der Wichtel'. More specs about it can be read here in his sale...
  14. rayman

    Sold/Expired *SOLD*: 3D Maglite jade XP-G R4 5B1 mod (Price-Drop)

    Got a 3D Maglite in jade and didn't know what to do with it so I modded it with a neutral XP-G I got lying around. As I don't have a use for this one it has to go. The host is brandnew. You can use it with 3x NiMhs or 3x Alkalines as I used a linear-driver. You can also use a single Li-Ion but...
  15. rayman

    My first HID light (budget build)

    Just finish my first HID light. I always wanted to have a HID light but the problem was that most of them are either very expensive or hard to get in Germany. So I decided to build my own. I decided to get a small halogen spotlight and convert it to a HID light. My host is the Mellert TL231. It...
  16. rayman

    Need diameter of Dereelight CL1H reflector

    I want to mod my JETBeam Jet-III Pro with a XP-G. So I was looking for a fitting reflector. The Dereelight CL1H V4 and the Jet-III Pro have about the same head diameter so the reflector might fit with some modification. The reflector of the Jet-III Pro has a height of 22m and a diameter of...
  17. rayman

    Need a high quality warm 5mm LED

    Just bought a Thrunite TiKey and I really like it but the tint is really bad. So I want to change the emitter. Where can I get a bright high quality around 4500K 5mm LED? thanks rayman
  18. rayman

    Sold/Expired FS: Silver 3D Hotwire Maglite

    FS: Silver 3D Hotwire Maglite (Weekend-Deal) WITHDRAWN
  19. rayman

    Flashlight for rough outdoor usage

    I looking for a flashlight for rough outdoor usage. First I thought of the Surefire G2L with a neutral-tint drop-in but I want to use 2x AAs. The second flashlight that came into my mind was the Fenix TK20 with the neutral-tint emitter. So what other flashlights are there which will handle rough...
  20. rayman

    Sold/Expired SOLD: P7 DSVNI on DHS heatsink

    Selling a P7 DSVNI which I glued on a DHS heatsink and soldered some teflon wires to it. Acutally never really used it don't like the SVN-tint. There are some dings around the edge of the heatsink (as you can see on the picture) but you won't see them in the finished Maglite ;). I keeped the...