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    Ye’ ol coppertop fail......

    Went to use my Fenix E01 today. (I love this little light, it’s been through so much with me) and the head was screwed down. Instantly remembered my little girl had used it to walk to the car with her mother a few nights before. I had recently put a coppertop in it and feared the worst...
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    Sold/Expired ***SOLD***: Spyderco Delica 4 C11PSBBK

    Up for sale is a slightly used Delica 4. Really just gets no carry time. Has a few scuffs and wear marks but overall pretty good condition. Could use a little touch up but still sharp. Id like to get $70 shipped paypal only. I ship USPS first class. First Ill take it in thread/pm gets it. Thanks!
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    Can anyone identify this wine label?

    Found a bottle at work. Has a little angry yellow bird sitting on barbed wire. Guessing it’s a wine bottle but could be a malt liquor maybe??
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    Sold/Expired WTB: 2xAA host/1x18650 host for M61

    Looking for a host either size above. Don’t want to spend more than 50 shipped if I don’t have to. Malkoff is sold out of the 2xaa at the moment and I’m having no luck so figured I’d see what is out there. Thanks!
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Skylumen mega thrower MT35vn+ 180.00

    SOLD: MT35vn+ Selling my spec 2 Mt35vn+ w/batteries. it has the BLF ramping UI Will post pictures when I get time this weekend. This light just isn’t being used anymore. It’s amazing, fun, and useful for lighting up large fields...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD!

    Hey all selling my M60N. Love it, just do not use it after I got my M361 in the group buy. Apparently Elzetta made very few of these for Oveready. I am not a collector so it is time to let it go. Full disclosure, I put an oring in front of the drop in to make it fit into the Seraph host a...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD!!

    Up for sale is my Thor's Hammer holster for a 123 body HDS. Holster is in great condition even though I carried it for an entire hunting season. There are only a few small marks i tried to capture in the pictures. Pull the dot snap and belt loop to fit 2" web belt but Ive worn it on smaller...
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    Sold/Expired WTS: HDS Rotary 200 Lumen 4000k Nichia 219b package

    As the title says I’m selling my R9050 Rotary and also some of the diffuse reflectors. Light is in great shape with no dings. A few specs of missing ano. Not wanting to separate at this time if someone wants the entire package: Original full diffuse white reflector Double Beryl semi diffuse...
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    ARC-LS on the bidding site

    Who beat me at the last second? Just wondering haha.
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    Sold/Expired ALL SOLD/SPF thanks CPF

    Eagtac D25aaa: has the clip removed by a previous owner. Magnet in the tailcap. Several modes, some hidden. Excellent little light it just gets no use anymore. 25 shipped SOLD Novatac 2xaa: this light works great once you figure out how tightly to screw on the tailcap. Seems to be pretty...
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    The Official CPF Hot Sauce Thread!

    I really love hot sauce. I love extreme heat, I love mild, I love it all......... except teriyaki flavored hot sauces. I don’t know what it is, I love teriyaki jerky just hate teriyaki hot sauce. My favorite sauce right now is the cheap Hells Kitchen brand that you find in discount stores. I...
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    Vinegar patina on my Breese Forge custom

    Just wanted to show off my patina from today. Just used vinegar and wrapped the blade for about an hour after cleaning it up. I’ll post a before and after.
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Malkoff, HDS/Thor’s Hammer package

    Love these lights just making room for more stuff. First Commitment to buy either through PM or or in the post gets it. No international shipping please, I’m located in the US. Prefer PayPal but will entertain other payment methods. 1. Malkoff MDC 1xAA body with a VME head and M31w drop in...
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    Christmas Presents “gear”

    Light wise I got a new fenix E16r. Got a new case amber bone assisted opening knife as well. Absolutely love it. Share what ya got guys/gals.
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    Breese Forge

    Anyone have any experience with this young man’s work? 16 year old putting out some awesome looking utility knives. I ordered 2 from him today and will probably order some more in the near future depending on how well these do in my real world field tests. Found him on eBay, looked up his...
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Burt Foster Custom

    ASKING 365 shipped. Really don’t want to sell this one but I never carry it and it sits in a safe. All of ABS master smith Burt fosters knives are done in batches or singles and I got this one directly from him. Knife will come with an excellent handmade leather pouch and holster done by Burt...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD / CLOSED : Classic HDS and V54 lights

    *TRADED* Up first is an EDC basic 42 XR GT #4162. This piece belongs with a collector and I’m not that. I like to use my stuff and I can’t bring myself to carry this light. It’s near flawless. Maybe a couple of specs of missing ano but they are hard to spot. The emitter HAS been swapped. It’s a...
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    Cheers to Scotcha!

    International shipping makes us all nervous wether we are the buyer or seller. Scotcha got my item in safely and in a timely manner. Thanks!
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    Alright, who won it!? (Green 3p)

    I know everyone saw the Green 3P on our favorite auction site. Just wondering who the lucky winner is. : D
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    Factor Equipment Ghost 130 mini flashlight

    Probably a little known company to lots of us here. I thoroughly enjoy their products and wanted to pass along a little gem of a light that I carried daily for a very long time. Its been redesigned and im going to order one of them in the very near future. (about an hour or two. :o) They were a...