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  1. peter yetman

    WTT: Oveready Aluminium 18650 Battery capsule for 18350

    Here's a long shot... I have an OR 18650 Aluminium Battery Capsule that I've only ever used once or twice in a fleece pocket with no companions. There's a tiny spec of ano missing from around the lip of the tube, but it's 9/10. Before I mess it up and put it on my keyring, I'm looking to swap it...
  2. peter yetman

    Sold/Expired FOUND! WTB HDS 18650 Clicky tube

    Well, having said that I wasn't going to spend any more money on lights in the near distant future, I find myself in need of another HDS 18650 Clicky tube. i'm not worried about condition, or raised or flush button. Sadly it's not for anything exciting, we're using a 219a in the bathroom at...
  3. peter yetman

    Do you lose your lights?

    That's LOSE not USE! I think that at least once a week I manage to lose one of my lights. There it is in my hand and the next minute it's gone. I try not to panic as this happens so often, but there's this nagging voice at the back of my brain thinking about it lying beside the road waiting for...
  4. peter yetman

    Change Colour Temperature of Overhead Bathroom Light

    We've just moved into a new house. The bathroom lights are too bright and far too cool. I've been using a 4500k Nichia Triple in there and and the light is so much more appealing. Before I mess our brand new bathrooms around, I wondered if anyone had an idea of how to lower the CT of the current...
  5. peter yetman

    Sold/Expired Found! Novatac Switch

    That was quick, thanks to Msf below, I have a replacement on the way. Hurrah! If anyone can help, I'm looking for a switch, with or without the tailcap, to go in my Novatac 120E. I've just had a Nichia fitted in there and was so enjoying the light, when the switch failed (nothing to do with the...
  6. peter yetman

    HDS Novatac Mod

    I have a conundrum. Here's the pill out of my Novatac 120E. Before I removed the SSC emitter I carefully marked the polarity of the connections on the pill, then I managed to clean off the marks with alcohol. Short of wiring it up to see, does anyone know if there's a way of tell which is +ve...
  7. peter yetman

    Headlight with red and white emitters

    A friend of mine wants to buy a headlight for his submariner daughter, so he asked me. I've found a Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II, which I can get from by next Weds. i just wondered if anyone else has a good idea. I imagine 1000 lumen lights in a submarine would be a pain in the...
  8. peter yetman

    Sold/Expired Gone: Surefire Z2 for Malkoff MD2

    Welcome to another of Peter's Pie in the Sky swap threads. I have a very nice condition Surefire Z2, no drop in, but I can put in a used incan P60 if you wish. It was nearly new when I got it and I haven't used it at all since. I can't see any damage, but I'm sure a purist could, lets say 9/10...
  9. peter yetman

    HDS How to blacken a stainless steel bezel

    I'd like to turn one on my stainless bezels black. I know I can do it with a titanium one by heating and then immersing in oil. Is there a similar way to do it with stainless? Thanks, Peter
  10. peter yetman

    Sold/Expired Done! Ra Twisty

    So I've got an Ra Twisty 100 Lm Warm light that I was going to modify, but it's in such nice condition that I no longer want to do it to the poor thing. Thank you A for putting me on the right track. It's a lovely little light and I really appreciate the amazing engineering that went into it...
  11. peter yetman

    HDS Identical HDSs

    How many of you have two or more HDSs of the same type? I'm thinking of modding another Twisty with exactly the same emitters and driver as my existing one. Apart from the pleasure of doing it (which is immense), I can't think of a good reason to have two lights that do the same thing. P
  12. peter yetman

    HDS Conversion of an Ra Twisty to a Nichia Triple.

    Hopefully Dan won't mind me posting this here, if it's a problem I'm sure we can move it. This will be an ongoing thread that I'll update as I do the work. Here's some of the bits. There's a complete reflector next to the bored one. I ordered a spare reflector and bezel from Unique...
  13. peter yetman

    Sold/Expired Armytek Partner C1 V1 WTB

    I'd like to get hold of an Armytek Partner C1 V1, the one with just the two modes. I gave a few to friends when they were available new, and I would like to get another to give away. Reasonable condition would be nice, but as long as it works I can't imagine I'd be too fussy. Thanks for looking...
  14. peter yetman

    Sold/Expired FOUND! Ra Twisty any condition WTB

    If anyone has an Ra Twisty that they'd like to part with, please give me a shout. Any condition and any flavour. If you don't fancy sending it outside the States, I have a friend who will forward it to me from the USA. I'd like to modify one, as it's my ideal host. I don't really want to...
  15. peter yetman

    Intelligent Chargers

    This morning I read the sales puff for a new All singing - All dancing Xtar charger. It will detect cell type, size, capacity and IR and charge it accordingly, with no input necessary from the user. While I can appreciate the convenience of this, especially for recharging virgins, I feel...
  16. peter yetman

    Sold/Expired WTB Malkoff MD4 Body without Tailcap.

    I find myself short of an MD4 tube, I don't need the switch or head, just the tube. If you have one too many, would you consider selling it to me, please? I am in the UK, so if you don't like sending stuff overseas, this is not for you. PayPal only. Thanks so much, Peter
  17. peter yetman

    Sold/Expired SOLD WTS Malkoff 18650 Hound Dog Head Cool White - Worldwide Shipping - Swap for MD4

    I've gravitated to warmer lights lately and I'm using my Neutral Hound Dog much more than this. It's in very good condition apart from a couple of tiny pinhead sized marks on the bezel. I bought it direct from the Malkoff site a couple of years ago and haven't used it very much. SOLD - I'd like...
  18. peter yetman

    Sold/Expired WTS HDS 250 Tactical Rotary (SOLD) and HDS Orange Cerakote 325 Clicky (SOLD)

    Those of you who pay attention to such things will spot that I've offered to swap both these lights to no avail. Perhaps I'm too optimistic. Anyway, I'd like to try and sell them instead, I like to see the pictures first, so here we go… First up is my Orange Cerakote HDS XP-L 325...
  19. peter yetman

    Powerbank Question

    Do powerbanks have some sort of boost circuit in them so that they can bring something to a state of charge higher than themselves? Imagine two similar containers of water, one full the other empty. If you connect them together the water will flow until the containers are equaly full. If you had...
  20. peter yetman

    Xtar Charger Warranty Repair

    Does anyone know how to get my Xtar Charger repaired under warranty? I live in the UK. Allegedy it has 2 year warranty and I bought it last April. The retailer no longer deals with Xtar so I emailed Xtar UK Ltd. They have not answered my message and their phone line is dead. I then emailed Xtar...