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  1. DM51

    6.35 Socket by fivemega

    All active threads now re-opened! :)
  2. DM51

    Non-standard uses?

    Quite easy. It was a disgusting post, so I deleted it.
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    Sold/Expired *SOLD*: Lunasol 20

    Re: FS: Lunasol 20 @ OP... Your attempt to get around the CPF policy on PayPal fees by using the qualification "net to me" on the price is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Please edit post #1 to delete that qualification and show the actual price you expect to be paid by the buyer.
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    Leatherman buys LED Lenser

    Dealer discussion - belongs in CPFMP.
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    Sold/Expired WTB Titanium switches./ and CPFers' interest list

    @OP... three of your posts have been deleted. You are coming perilously close to being suspended for Rule 8 violations. Stop whining and move on, or this thread will be closed.
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    Sold/Expired WTB Titanium switches./ and CPFers' interest list

    Yes. It wasn't your picture. You pirated it. NO. :mad:
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    Where to get Panasonic NCR18650 batteries and Pila 18650 charger?

    "Where to buy?" threads are discouraged. This one is in the wrong forum anyway. Closing and moving it now...
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    Changing LED Tint With Filters

    Agreed! This thread is now added to the "Threads of Interest" sticky. :)
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    6.35 Socket by fivemega

    Fivemega is currently unavailable. His threads are temporarily closed, and we look forward to being able to reopen them as soon as possible.
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    Ultrafire 18650 3000mA exploded

    The ones that have exploded weigh less afterwards, LOL.
  11. DM51

    New to the forum with a new pickup

    Welcome to CPF, Mr. Moose :) You've got a lot of extraneous code jumbled up there. There's a useful thread here on how to post photos: Posting photos Other members, until he has it figured out, there are 3 pics there...
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    best tactical brand ?

    With some people going off on rants about the use of the word "tactical", others comparing about CS for particular brands, and a whole lot of off-topic replies, this thread has had it. It's closed.
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    500 Lumen - AAA Flashlight (photos) - Work In Progress - Part 2

    @tgwnn: alf risaa'il wa risaala... ;)
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    ECOFONT - reduce ink consuption by 20% - FREE font

    ... How about printing in gray, to save even more ink? Or even white, so we wouldn't have to read it at all? :green: Whether this is a half-witted idea or just a rather weak joke, it has run its course. It's closed.
  15. DM51

    1600 Lumen Zoonsble Cree

    Careless title + off topic + eBay discussion = Thread closed
  16. DM51

    GG&G TID Thoughts?

    Ooooooold thread, on a topic that rarely survives for long nowadays. Closed.
  17. DM51

    Comprehensive Grease and Lube Thread

    You are entitled to your opinion. Contrary to what you seem to assume, I have no opinion one way or the other on Nano-oil. I was simply reproducing an extract from post #1 for the benefit of a member who had for some reason been unable to locate it. You, on the other hand, seem determined to...
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    TiTi Twister lube

    If there is any further demand for (or supply of) samples, whether sold or provided free, this will have to transfer to the MP as a sale thread.
  19. DM51

    Comprehensive Grease and Lube Thread

    Yes, you are... Here's an extract from post #1: Can you see it now? I've enlarged it slightly and changed the color for you... :whistle:
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    RMA#3 another Klarus XT11 defect. This time flickering. (resolved)

    Re: Klarus XT11 defects. Bad gaskets? StriderSMF and SAKplumber... it is highly improper for you to suggest that the OP is not what he seems, or that his motives are suspect, when there is absolutely no evidence for your suspicions. I have had plenty of experience in sniffing out...