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  1. kosPap

    Eagtac DX3V?

    had a look at the DX3B and DX3L Manual... the Dx3V model is mentioned, but I could not find any other reference to it... What it could be?
  2. kosPap

    WTB: Solarforce L2R & Solarforce head

    Asking for a Solarforce L2R, complete or body only. Preferably in good cosmetic condition or better, I am also interested in acquiring two Solarforce L2 heads, (old style) shinny finish only.
  3. kosPap

    RETRACTED WTB: Zebralight H52F (cool) or H53Fc

    time to upgrade from my H501... Asking for a H52F (cool) or H53Fc in excellent working condition, good or better cosmetic. Please PM me for details, thanks
  4. kosPap

    Expected 18650 1300mAh Amperage?

    hi all! I will ask you to guesstimate on this. I am about to change the batts on a 12V powertool which uses 1300mAh batteries 18650. I opened up the pack, but the batteries do not mention a specific type/code, only tha maker, Puly, which makes power tool and not specifically batteries. So there...
  5. kosPap

    Soshine 1.5V Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries. Anyone has exoerience with them?

    yes, Soshine has LiFeS2 rechargable 1.5V cells Anyone has used them or read something about them? link...
  6. kosPap

    Convoy FWD Switch retrofit at a Dereelight DBS

    well, I have been hunting lost lumens on this flashlight to thsi flashlight, due to electrical resistance.... at first i replaced the thin and long switch spring with a hard, thick aftermarket one (see intl-outfdoor) and did a wire pass by. Still performance was poor So I bit the bullet and...
  7. kosPap

    A Look at Common Flashlight Switches Losses

    greetings all! Some time ago, I made a hi-amp triple DIY module but performance was dissapointing. yet it clocked well "on the bench". So today I made some measurements of common switches' performance by measuring current draw on 2 PWM Direct Drive modules In short the well known Forward...
  8. kosPap

    Imalent DN70 XHP70 Impressions

    This is a pocket sized floodlight since you can hold IN the palm of your hand. With external dimensions of 4.45 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches it is no bigger than two D-sized batteries in line. Honestly when i saw it it made me think it is Much bigger. Regarding looks, it is an Imalent! barely...
  9. kosPap

    Palo PL-NC13 NiMh USB Charger

    here is a view on the Palo PL-NC13 NiMh USB Charger. Suspiciously cheep. (please click on the link for the link for a better version) there are 3 510ohm resistors in parallel, and a capacitor marked A7. input is 5v 150mA...
  10. kosPap

    Powerbank Charging Efficiency Estimation Test

    hi all! I would like to help me verify my efficiency estimation of powerbank charging one's phone. I made a series of tests using my phone, several powerbanks, and two USB meters. By and large charging efficiency I foudn it to be 50%! Data: Xiaomi 4X phone with Li-Po 4100mAh 3.85/4.4V...
  11. kosPap

    Fenix UC52 XHP-70 Review

    submitted for inclusion in the Reviews section I was recently sent the new UC52 flashlight for reviewing purposes. While it is of a 2x18650 side by side form factor, that is not original. What is original in this flashlight are: - The built-in non-replaceable lithium battery (7,2V...
  12. kosPap

    Are we to see the XP-L2 HI?

    I wonder if this version will be coming. I am to build a XP-L HI flashlight for a friend as a gift, and i wish to know if I should be waiting for it.
  13. kosPap

    Fenix TK35UE 2018 Global Review Campain, a 3200 Lumens XHP-70 Flashlight

    submitted for inclusion to the Reviews forum. This is the new version of the Fenix TK35, the Ultimate Edition 2018 with a Cree XHP-70 LED. In full disclosure the flashlight was provided by Fenix itself as part of the Tk35 Global Review Campaign. The new model replaces the 2015 XHP-50...
  14. kosPap

    Lumintop SD4A XM-L2 4AA Review

    submitted for inclusion to the reviews forum The Lumintop SD4A is a 4xAA flashlight which comes with either a XM-L2 or a XP-L HI LED. Like many similar flashlights that batteries are inserted in a carrier. But in contrast to the rest, the Lumintop will also use a single D sized alkaline...
  15. kosPap

    one more New Surefire Light - the D3FT

    in collaboration with Haley Strategic Partners
  16. kosPap

    Surefire LX2 led swap help....

    hi all! I am about to buy an LX2 and i will be changing the LED out for either an XPG or an XML series when I get the nerve to dare it. (I have already modded an KL1 ribbed head, so I am not totaly new to the idea.) So I wonder what should I take care of regarding - optic fitment...
  17. kosPap

    C8 2x18650 build

    This is a rather straightforward mod. You need the C8 of your liking, an 1-cell extender, a new 5.5+ volt driver and an adapter ring for the driver. Mod Parts List 17mm 2.4A LD-4B driver 17mm to 17mm Adapter Ring Ultrafire C8 Extender (Be carefull with your model fitment) Brass Pill...
  18. kosPap

    NiMh chargers that do not have Trickle Charging?

    ...or at least let's the user cancel it? I am asking that because the LSD cells do not like trickle charging. yet all (non-panasonic) chargers Do trickle charger
  19. kosPap

    LiFePO4 batteries CC charging only?

    to say the truth my question relates to LiFePO4 battery packs used by radio Amateurs for powerign their radios in the field. So...there is these tendencis taht i find off the norm - Not using a charge controller with a CC/CV charging algorythm see -...
  20. kosPap

    Surefire E-series Click Switch Momentary-only Mod

    just found out this. Apparently he removes the click part of what seems to be a Z68 click switch