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  1. DM51

    Thinking of getting a new compact camera...

    OK, so a compact isn't going to give the sort of results you get with a DSLR, but what do you experts think - is the difference really all that noticeable these days? I've heard good reports about the Sony HX9V. Anyone know it?
  2. DM51

    Headlamps forum - Threads of Interest

    This thread will serve as a master sticky for the Headlamps forum, with links to threads our members may find useful. What Did You Use Your Headlamp For? 2008 Headlamps: comprehensive list and details - half-watt Zebralight Mods - Shorty66 Flood Beam Headlamp List 2011 - Bolster What...
  3. DM51

    Earthquake: effect on GPS

    The Japan earthquake has reportedly moved the whole country ~2 meters from where it was before. I also saw a report somewhere that it had affected the earth's rotation very slightly; the figure I saw quoted was that there had been a time change of 1 microsecond. I don't know if either of...
  4. DM51

    Quark mini AA & CR123 users thread (Part 2)

    Part 1 reached 1,300 posts, so we'll continue here.
  5. DM51

    Scattering of light

    There has been a distracting discussion about the scattering of light in this thread: Why are warm LEDs preferred by most on this forum? I posted the following there: ... however my post was almost immediately ignored. I have therefore created a new thread to continue the scattering...
  6. DM51

    Krusty makes space flight!

    Billionaire clown heads for Space Station He paid $35 million for the trip. Sideshow Bob was not invited along, it seems. Homer has already been, of course - IIRC he wrecked his mission with a bag of potato chips.
  7. DM51

    Welcome to CPF, FlashlightWidow!

    You've got a lot of us worried. ElectronGuru thinks you may be Mrs. Guru; I'm quite worried that you might be Mrs.DM51, and doubtless many other members will feel similar stirrings of anxiety... But if you can't beat us, you are most welcome to join us!
  8. DM51

    Bugs in my shower

    How come bugs don’t get knocked down by raindrops or showers? I turned on the light in my power-shower this morning, and for some reason (humidity or whatever) there were a lot of small bugs flying around in there. They weren’t tough or fast-dodging flyers, just weedy, aimless-looking things...
  9. DM51

    Headlamp Photo Contest held by Princeton Tec !!

    CPF has received a message from Princeton Tec about a Photo Contest they are holding: CPF staff have been considering how and where best to place this notice so that members would be able to participate in this contest. For the time being it is placed in the Headlamp section, but it may be...
  10. DM51

    Re: Surefire Titan T1A - latest news?

    Re: Surefire Titan T1A - latest news? I've copied posts #1-150 to this "archive" thread. I'll try to recover some of the other posts if that is possible.
  11. DM51

    Welcome all divers!

    Welcome to CPF’s Dive Lighting forum! New divers - or seasoned divers who are new to CPF - introduce yourselves here! Tell us about yourself and your dive lights. We already have many members who are experienced divers, but CPF’s real knowledge is in lighting of all types. As stated in the...
  12. DM51

    Bomb-proof dive light mod – an Incan version

    Bomb-proof dive light mod – an Incan version This is a mod done on a “Bomb-proof host”, as sold here, with discussion continued here. LED mods of this host have already been done, including: P7 version by wquiles MC-E version by olrac 4x High-CRI P4 version by MWClint I decided to go...
  13. DM51

    DX Graveyard

    Some examples of DX quality...
  14. DM51

    Liteflux LF3 XT (Part II)

    The previous thread was getting too long, so it is continued here.
  15. DM51

    best rechargeable option Fenix TK-10

    Welcome to CPF, mirror. Being a far-sighted moderator who attempts to anticipate other members' actions, I foresee that you will soon be making a post with a question about rechargeable batteries: However I'm pretty sure you will ask this question in the LED section, so I'm going to move...
  16. DM51

    SureFire M6 rechargeable options – SHOOTOUT (Part 2)

    SureFire M6 rechargeable options – SHOOTOUT (Part 2) [Continued from Part 1...] At long last, I have managed to get around to doing a series of shots of some of the various possible M6 rechargeable options. I have been planning to do this for a while, but something always seemed to get in...
  17. DM51

    SureFire M6 rechargeable options – SHOOTOUT (Part 1)

    SureFire M6 rechargeable options – SHOOTOUT At long last, I have managed to get around to doing a series of shots of some of the various possible M6 rechargeable options. I have been planning to do this for a while, but something always seemed to get in the way. Just getting all the gear...
  18. DM51

    Polarion PH40/50 threads & O-rings

    I thought about putting this in Patriot36’s Polarion O-ring thread, as this is a related matter, but that would clearly have been too much of a hijack. Some while ago I opened up my PH40 by unscrewing the body, and at the time I was asked to post some photos. Then before I could do so, Lips...
  19. DM51

    MaxaBeam vs. the Moon

    MaxaBeam vs. the Moon I took some beamshots last week with the MaxaBeam, but all except one were blurred as there was a fairly strong wind and I have a POC flimsy tripod. I went out again last night. There was no wind, but conditions were no longer ideal because of the Moon – it wasn’t as...
  20. DM51

    The BIG Lights

    The BIG Lights There are some lights that occupy a special place all of their own, because of their stupendous output and mind-boggling power. Usually the individual stories behind them are fascinating too, and I am probably not the only CPFer who likes re-reading those threads from time to...