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  1. Dave D

    SureFire EDC1-DFT and EDC2-DFT

    Seen at the 2022 Shot Show are the new Surefire EDC1-DFT and the EDC2-DFT. Dual Fuel Technology comes to the Surefire E series lights! From Surefire's website. SureFire EDC1-DFT and EDC2-DFT flashlights deliver intense beams designed explicitly for long-distance illumination in a remarkably...
  2. Dave D

    Which lights for your real world usage? (With Photo's please)

    If you are a member here then there is a good chance that you've got more flashlights than you actually need! I decided to go through mine and choose those that I actually use and that meet my daily requirements, I'm not including SHTF/TEOTWAWKI type situations. Here is my selection. Left...
  3. Dave D

    HDS Initial impressions of my first HDS!

    I've been checking the specs over the years of the different HDS models and have never been inclined to pull the trigger. I recently saw an HDS EDC Tactical 325 in the WTS section so decided to give it a go, worse case scenario if I didn't like it I could relist it in the WTS section and...
  4. Dave D

    The Duty Light that Surefire should be making!

    Some of you may have noticed that my interest in flashlights is in duty lights. I was an LEO for thirty years and therefore have some experience of using flashlight for this purpose. The current market leader in the USA is probably the Streamlight Stinger. Surefire released the R1 Lawman...
  5. Dave D

    Carbon Fibre AA/17mm battery sleeves.

    I recently bought some Surefire G3's and wanted to be able to use AA's in them, I checked out Oveready but their 17mm/AA sleeves were out of stock and had been for some while, typically they are now back in stock! So I had a look on the Bay and found Carbon Fibre tubing for sale that was 17mm...
  6. Dave D

    Flashlight quote from COP's TV show!

    I watch the odd episode of COP's to see which flashlights the officers are using. Towards the end of episode 17 of season 29 the officer stopped a vehicle containing a couple and found that the driver was a Meth addict, he then entered into a conversation with the passenger that went something...
  7. Dave D

    Malkoff MD2/MD3/MD3 Anti-Roll Heads

    Gene doesn't currently have plans to produce such an item but if there was enough demand then that may change. If Malkoff produced anti-roll heads for their MDX-16.5 or MDX-22.3 heads would you buy them?
  8. Dave D

    Assembling my own Drop-in - Will this work?

    Ok, I've been bitten by the flashlight bug! I've decided to build a couple of my own Drop-in's and having searched the various websites I have got together the following components Driver 8* AMC7135 2-Group 2-5 Modes LED Driver (Nanjg 105c) 3.0v-4.5v / 2800mA constant current. 17mm diameter...
  9. Dave D

    SUREFIRE EB1C-B-BK Backup-Click, No Shroud, Dual Output- Black, Silver or Desert Tan

    Just noticed a couple of new releases on the SF website, no sign of the Peacekeeper yet though. No pictures on the SF site at the moment.
  10. Dave D

    British Police Flashlights over the past 30 years.

    WARNINGThis thread won't get your heart racing!! I joined the Police in 1983 and in those day the only thing you got issued with, besides your uniform, was a pocket book and a wooden truncheon. My first night on foot patrol I was advised that I could book out one of the station flashlights...
  11. Dave D

    Surefire G3 refurbish or trash?

    I am new here but have used Surefire flashlight (torches) in the UK for years for duty use. I bought one of the original G2's when they became available and then converted it with a Surefire P60L drop in when Surefire started selling those as accessories. I also have a 6P LED and an E2L...