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    Jetbeam TH20 battery

    The Jetbeam TH20 battery (marked "HR26" on the wrapper) is the same length as an unprotected 18650 battery; the only difference being that the HR26 has a button top. I did not have an actual flashlight and battery until now to compare and report. Hope this helps!
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    Repair or replace DX80

    Hi Shellen. Edward Hsia here. I never heard back from you. Did your home office ever receive my broken DX80? I would appreciate it if Imalent will just ship me a replacement by DHL and I have to sign for it. Wolfgirl009 already has my info and I've emailed you my address before, too. Thank you...
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    Cheers to VinhNguyen54!

    Most amazing durable flashlights. The most powerful, reliable flashlights. Amazing service and response throughout 2017. Cheers and Thanks Vinh!
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    Cheers to Sky Lumen💡

    Supremely perfect and factory fresh. Every Sky Lumen flashlight is the best. Also pictured: SR90vn in pristine condition. Olight SR90, the flashlight that started a revolution!:rock: Buy your TN42vnM now! 🔦🔋
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    Cheers to Imalent!

    I received great Customer Service from Shellen at Imalent. Thank you and my sincere gratitude for responsive pre and post-sales services. :drunk:
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    Pictures of my Nitecore flashlights

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    Cheers to SureFire(TM) and BatteryJunction(TM)

    Due to my great purchasing experience with SureFire(TM) and BatteryJunction(TM) over the past decade+, and their great Customer Service as well, I ordered an Amber Aviator® from their website. SureFire can not possibly compete in the global lumens/price war; therefore, it is wonderful to see...
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    Los Angeles CPF get-together?

    Is there a CPF get-together for the Los Angeles area? I need help with technology: namely, how to share pics; and I think a face-to-face flashapalooza may be the appropriate environments. i was last active in 2007, and now, technology has left me behind. I only recently figured out that LED the...
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    I hiked Garapito Canyon trail look with the Acebeam X65

    It’s July 1, 2018 and the most incredible handheld LED flashlight is Sky Lumen TN42vn with the Oslon Black Flat LED tuned for 1 million candlepower!
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    SUREFIRE M3 COMBATLIGHT with Crenelated Strike Bezel

    I just received my new Surefire M3 Combatlight with Crenelated Strike Bezel tonight, fresh from the factory. It is beautifully made, well-balanced, and floats in my hand. I took this new Surefire M3 directly from the UPS facility to the deep mountain woods, after testing the Surefire MN10...
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    New Surefire LED Lights for 2007

    I wanted to share with you the following information from Surefire's 2007 Illumination Tools and Tactical Products catalog: 1. Titan: Variable Output LED Flashlight. "First Surefire introduced the world's original dual-output flashlight with two-step switching. Then came the U2, the first LED...
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    A True Story - Pelican LED shines the way

    I was looking for a true stories thread about flashlights and couldn't find any. So I am going to post mine here and see if anyone is interested in reading it: There is an intersection near my home with a dangerous crosswalk on the North side. This crosswalk is dangerous because it slopes...
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    Trying to decide between a Surefire M6 Guardian or Surefire 10X Dominator

    Updated 2/21/07: Thank you to everyone who pitched in with their advice, suggestions, recommendations and references. I went ahead with the Surefire M6 Guardian from Steven at Spyder Tactical Supply. Rock on!