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  1. Lurveleven

    SureFire to Announce New Lights at SHOT Show 2019

    They now make a DF scout light (M600DF) so why is there no handheld DF E-series light?
  2. Lurveleven

    HDS HDS Systems EDC # 19

    Regarding international shipping. I don't know what method HDS currently use since I have ordered my lights from other dealers. But if Global Express guaranteed has been used, then I understand the very steep shipping. This method is also very expensive to Canada and I understand the $75 charge...
  3. Lurveleven

    HDS HDS Systems EDC # 19

    emarkd, kudos to you for getting these made. If there will be a later run I would love to see the one with vertical flutes getting some flat sections for anti roll functionality (much like the head on Zebralight SC600 Mk II L2) for us that don't like clips. It would be great if HDS could...
  4. Lurveleven

    HDS HDS Systems EDC # 19

    I haven't seen the diffused reflector, but I love the Surefire F04 diffusor, so a HDS with built in diffusor lens would be really great. It would probably be less costly to offer compared to the diffused reflector since you don't need to make different types of reflectors. A diffused HDS would...
  5. Lurveleven

    HDS HDS Systems EDC # 19

    That is really great news Henry. Can we expect releases in first half or second half of 2018? Headlamps is what I use the most, so I'm really looking forward to that one and hope it will take 18650. I guess it has come a long way since the 2016 shoot show prototype.
  6. Lurveleven

    Surefire UM2 Ultra

    Dang, I was finally ready to order my first new light since 2014, but get an AVS mismatch on all 3 of my credit cards :( I don't know if it's because their store is set up wrong for non-US credit cards but my country was listed as one of the countries they accepted orders from. Anyone want to...
  7. Lurveleven

    Surefire tactician

    It is now specked as 800 lumen high instead of 700. What low will be is not easy to tell, we now have 5, 7 and 15 lumen listed in specs.
  8. Lurveleven


    The "problem" is that if you double the diameter of the hotspot, then you need 4 times the output to achieve the same intensity (lux). So if you double the diameter and double the output, then you will only get half the lux. How the size of the EDCL-2T hotspot compares to the EB2 hotspot I don't...
  9. Lurveleven


    From the beamshots posted by Jose Marin, the hotspot is much wider, meaning it will be easier to hit the eyes of those you defend yourself against, and it will be easier to see if there are other bad guys lurking in the shadows. And you may also be able to blind multiple bad guys at the same...
  10. Lurveleven

    The SureFire 6PX/G2X Tactical and 6PX/G2X Pro Thread

    etc, I´m also a Nitrolon fan. Hoping they will come out with Nitrolon lights with low enough output so you don´t need a metal head. Luckily I have a G3 with natural white Malkoff dropin, soo until SF can come up with something better I´m sticking with it. Of the current line of 6P/G2 lights, I...
  11. Lurveleven

    Surefire EDCL1-T

    I would rather have a short burst, like 10 to 20 sec, so it doesn't affect runtime too much. I can always reengage those few times I need a longer burst. If they ever make a user programmable light, then burst time is one of those things I would like to configure.
  12. Lurveleven

    Need a new light for work

    If you like your HDS, then you can buy a 18650 body for it.
  13. Lurveleven

    Cree has released XD16 I guess it will not be long before we will see small lights with very good throw compared to what have been previously...
  14. Lurveleven

    Battery fit issue on new Zebralight SC600w Mk IV HI

    The Zebralight headlamps that are using XHP35 and XHP50 still takes protected cells up to 69mm and has same output as the SC64 lights, so apparently no effect of the pogo pins in those lights. I have a big problem with a light requiring a different battery from what the other lights use, it add...
  15. Lurveleven

    Battery fit issue on new Zebralight SC600w Mk IV HI

    What happens if someone puts a crap unproteced cell in there? A cell with high internal resistance, will it catch fire? There is a reason you have a cut of on protected cells.
  16. Lurveleven

    Battery fit issue on new Zebralight SC600w Mk IV HI

    ingokl, you are correct, I did a little more searching and found this in the description on one of the older lights with an XHP50: "This flashlight draws a very high current from the batteries. You MUST use unprotected 18650s capable of 8A or more, and from name brand manufactures. Multiple...
  17. Lurveleven

    Battery fit issue on new Zebralight SC600w Mk IV HI

    I wasn't aware of this issue before I saw this thread. I guess Zebralight will do anything to make their lights shorter, previously they could take up to 69 mm cells. The shorter length of the lights comes from the reduced space for the battery. Is a 4% shorter light so important that you...
  18. Lurveleven

    Top 5 AAA keychain flashlights of 2017.

    +1 I have had v1 of it on my keychain for 3.5 years. I tried a lot of different lights before I got this, but have felt no desire to try anything else since I got it since it is perfect for me. The quick release function is what really sets this apart from the other keychain lights, and it...
  19. Lurveleven

    Your Oldest LED Flashlight?

    Surefire released their first LED products in November 2002, not as complete lights, but as the LED upgrade heads KL1, KL2 and KL3. For LED flashlight history Henry from HDS has written som interesting documents (the newest from 2003 :) )...
  20. Lurveleven

    Help with two Surefire E1L and E2L outdoorsman lights... no low?

    The KX1/2 heads that had a serial number that started with A was the first Cree generation and single mode. The KX1 is 30 lumens and 10 hours runtime, the KX2 is 45 lumens and 14 hours runtime.

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