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    [4K Review] MANKER E02II - Mini AAA flashlight/headlamp/keychain light

    Looks a sweet little light [emoji106]
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    I am IN XTAR ANT MC1 plus
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    [New Release] XTAR UL1 mini colorful USB light

    This looks interesting
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    Olight Blue seeker 2 Pro.

    I have the normal seeker 2 pro and love it. Good beam and long long run times. [emoji106][emoji106]
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    [4K Review] LUMINTOP FW4A - Toasty toasty toasty!!!!

    Looked at this light but ordered a D4v2 instead. Nice vid as always[emoji106]
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    Emisar KR4vn

    Not technically minded but the review says it has 5 amp constant current plus direct drive. I take it that this will be better then the driver in the D4v2? If so in what way? Thank you.
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    Emisar KR4vn

    Nice one, thanks for that [emoji106]
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    D4vn V2 Colorful Series Limited Run R

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    Emisar KR4vn

    Still waiting to see a review on this light [emoji106][emoji106]
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    Emisar KR4vn

    Would be nice to see this compared to the D4v2 in a video.
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Just ordered an Astrolux s43s and will be my first ramping light. God a good deal on eBay so went with it. [emoji106]
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    Emisar KR4vn

    It is a sweet looking light, best get saving some money [emoji6] Also hope that clip can be removed and used without!
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    Emisar KR4vn

    I thought the D4v2 had thick aluminium?
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    New Release - OLight Seeker 2 Pro (3200 Pocket Flooder) Full Review

    I love my Seeker Pro for night walking. Hardly need to use levels above low. Turbo is just awesome and only needed for a short time. [emoji106]
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Looks like a nice light and am waiting to see a review on it. Just decided on getting a D4v2 and then they release what do I get [emoji23]
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    Lumintop FW4Avn - Almost Most Compact 18650 Powerhouse R

    Thank you Richbuff that has helped me make my mind up, think it will be a D4, just not sure if aluminium or TI. [emoji106][emoji106]
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    Lumintop FW4Avn - Almost Most Compact 18650 Powerhouse R

    Hi Richbuff I’ve got enough cash together now to buy myself an edc light. Would you recommend the D4v2 or the FW4A?. I know that it can come down to the preference of side or tail switch but can’t afford both [emoji22]
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    Sold/Expired Emisar D4V2

    Nice light that, what LED?
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    [Review] - Lumintop FW21 - 2800 lumen, 21700, Luminus SST20, Neutral White - by Lock

    Thank you for the excellent and comprehensive review. Can you tel me of a Samsung 40T will work in this light as I saw a review where the battery was too short to work. I have heard that this issue has been resolved with shorter tubes now being used.
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Astrolux EC1 5000k. Should be here mid April as Banggood are out of stock. Buying to replace me Olight R50 seeker after blowing it up by inadvertently inserting a battery the wrong way round [emoji24][emoji24][emoji24]

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