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  1. pc_light

    P60 sized led drop-ins (part 3)

    Of all my P60 dropins the Eagletac/Sportac 2-level Triple sees the most use. Has substantial brass body construction. It's an original Triple Nichia 219 (from 2013/2014?) Recommended. edit - Original version apparently not programmable. Current measured at battery using 1x18650 are ~0.38A...
  2. pc_light

    Why choose a battery with a lower mAh rating?

    +1 what @arrgh said. See the specifications for the batteries' power output capabilities in the references you indicated. The -4000P is capable of Maximum Output of 18A burst and 10A continuous. Whereas the -5000P as 7.5A max current. For example, for high output lights designed to be...
  3. pc_light

    What will flashlights be like in 2030-2040

    Enthusiasts are usually the vanguard and some of what works here will inevitably carry-over to the mainstream flashlight market by then. LED - technology will mean Hi-CRI in warm, neutral and cool spectrum temperatures (or selectable) UI - Simple variable light levels and/or simple programmable...
  4. pc_light

    Magnetic Charging Base & 1000+ lumen flashlight wanted under $65

    How's bout something like the Olight Baton 3 with Magnetic Tailcap charging (retail $65, less when on sale), or the slightly larger S2R. The smaller Baton 3 can also be used with the MCA magnet charger, thus acting as a sort of charging base that sticks out of an electical outlet. (The larger...
  5. pc_light

    Novatac SPA SPL-120 Tail Light Mod

    Thanks Jon, frankly your HDS mods are inspirational. The Nichia 219B 3500K is :grin2:, as you well know. The tailcap mod was, as is often the case with mods, the result of trying to decide what to do about a damaged pressure switch. Simply plugging it seemed like a waste. I would also have...
  6. pc_light

    The new little NiteCore: "EZAA" Part 2

    My experience is the same as @DaveTheDude, the two (reflowed) EZAAw I have exhibit 2-modes only. FWIW mine draws ~250mA from a NiMh on Low. The Low-High works by a mechanical/physical method by design, so a 3rd mode would be because the light is making a higher resistance connection path...
  7. pc_light

    help me in opening fenix - e05 AAA

    If it's like other old Fenix/47s I've come across it's both. The driver and led reside in a sort of threaded can that is thread locked into the head. This is what makes the Fenix lights able to withstand drops and other abuse. As you've already discovered the board is too fragile to turn...
  8. pc_light

    Are there any 18650 cells with a usb-c port?

    The Thrunite TS1 lantern battery is a 18650 w Usb-c.
  9. pc_light

    Best AA edc flashlight?

    A slightly different animal but the Jetbeam RRT01 with an extension tube will run AA and ramp using ring.
  10. pc_light

    Fenix E12 V2

    Quality feel and reliable thus far (~3 yrs in pocket rotation). Good balance of throw and spill for close to medium ranges in a crazy small size. Good run-time on ordinary batteries. Tailswitch is protected enough to thus far never come on in pocket. I swapped in a Nichia 219BSW45K but to be...
  11. pc_light

    right angled flashlights?

    Rofis made several pocketable swivel lights that worked best as angled lights, TR10, R1, R2.... They're now out of production but you mIght find some NOS floating around.
  12. pc_light

    Closest light to a rechargeable Photon Freedom

    Good enough for it to regularly be in my pocket EDC rotation. Fits nicely in jean coin pocket or on a lanyard. Fairly well spaced Low-Med-High levels (alternatively programmable to H-M-L sequence) with no strobes or last-mode memory. The emitter's a cool white XP-G2 in a small...
  13. pc_light

    aaa size flashlight

    If you should go that route, do report back on how you like it.
  14. pc_light

    aaa size flashlight

    Just came across this interesting option. Rechargeable (USB-C) pocket light with both built-in internal rechargeable and a compartment for spare/backup AAA/10440. RovyVon Angel Eyes E3.
  15. pc_light

    aaa size flashlight

    It does look like a nice light but preliminary reports indicate the Mini Archer is sealed, OP's looking to pop in a backup battery when needed.
  16. pc_light

    Modifying for unhandy enthusiast?

    I happen to think your approach is the best way to get started, older lights which you don't mind experimenting with. Depending on the model of light the hardest part is physically getting at the components that need to be replaced/upgraded. For a straight emitter swap that usually involves...
  17. pc_light

    aaa size flashlight

    Add to that list the Rofis R2 as well. But as Rofis is no longer a going concern it would be used of NOS.
  18. pc_light

    18650 & 2x18500 $urefire E head by Fivemega

    FM - wondering if you'd get additional buyers for 2x18500 tubes if you included a nice machined spacer to allow the option of using 1x18650 as well ?
  19. pc_light

    What To Do With A Streamlight SL-20X

    I couldn't find anything off the shelf at the time so I did a DYI drop-in mod, see here.
  20. pc_light

    Please help guys!

    BryanWolf - FWIW, Armyteks are made in China factory owned by Canadian Company supposedly using USA and Japan made components NorthAmerica and have a sale currently going on. I don't own one and can't vouch but the Doberman Pro might work. Having said that I'd also rather opt for a Malkoff...

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