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  1. DAN92

    Surefire 2016 new products video

    New Surefire products for 2016 "Get a glimpse of all the new, innovative gear that only SureFire could engineer and build. Everyday-carry lights in entirely new categories, newly designed illumination tools that are affordable to all, and tactical lights and accessories that perform like...
  2. DAN92

    Solarforce L2-CL1 Convex Lens

    A new "reflector" Solarforce with a convex lens for P60 drop-in. I'll try.:huh:
  3. DAN92

    The Harlem Shake CPF

    Yeah!, :rock: (click the smiley)
  4. DAN92

    Question on amperage tailcap of the flashlight SOLARFORCE L2N.

    The tailcap of the flashlight SOLARFORCE L2N is capable of supporting up to how many amps? thank you for your answers.
  5. DAN92

    [Bastinelli Creations] BBr2

    My BBr2, a big thank you to Bastien for this excellent knife.:thumbsup:

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