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  1. hank

    Spectra! ("BLF Mini" white LED flashlight) (Arc AAA red-orange LED flashlight) (Macbook Pro white LED backlight) more to come. Spectral...
  2. hank

    Plasma flashlight rids skin of pathogens

    This sounds buildable; anyone have more details? "... a DC booster to step up the voltage to 10 kilovolts. One output of the booster is wired to the device's shell—or "grounded," in technical speak—while the...
  3. hank

    Direct driven with alkalines; modify/limiter/driver to use NiMH?

    So I've got some big old [email protected] lights -- 4D, 5D, 6D -- with four LEDs directly driven, from a few years ago. They live in the earthquake kit -- they're for rescue in the dark, basically, to have a long-lasting bright light source. I store the alkaline D cells next to them, so I can replace them...
  4. hank

    Life without lights

    "The faces of some of the 1.4 billion people who live without electricity, illuminated with flashlights." from "In the Dark" exhibition In partnership with Ashden: Sustainable solutions...
  5. hank

    'retrofit' kits--adaptable for cove lights, etc?

    I've bought individual lamps (amber 'turtle safe' LEDs) from Axiom and they've worked fine, no problems. Axiom is now rolling out a variety of retrofit kits for 2x2 and 2x4 fluorescent lamp fixtures: Or you can get the modules in strings like this...
  6. hank

    lithium (primary?) battery aviation warning Don't panic. But be aware. I'd just asked about replacing my old Sony PDA battery and the fellow...
  7. hank

    Flashlights in the news, media, cartoons, etc.

    Starting with this one from today, for fun: And there was this from the Space Station of the astronauts working with a flashlight:
  8. hank

    What's equivalent for driving LEDs - chemistries?

    I'm not real clear on what the differences are between the different chemistries. I'll set out what I think I know and await correction and education.
  9. hank

    Anybody translate Japanese? Eneloop site Looks like C and D cells are, or are going to be, available. And much else, guessing from the pictures.
  10. hank

    2 Joules/sq. cm. -- doable from red Luxeons?

    I'm looking to provide a really bright 650nm light source a kid in the hospital having chemotherapy can use on ulcers in the mouth. There are several children's cancer hospitals using that kind of light successfully for this problem. This hospital where this kid is doesn't do it yet. I've...
  11. hank

    SIPIK AA Mod?

    Romisen RC-A4 looks exactly like the Sipik AA -- it uses CR123A; the customized one Shiningbeam sells is described as: * Runs fine with 1 x RCR123A Li-ion, but not recommended by the manufacturer
  12. hank

    PR2 replacement LEDs, lately?

    EDIT: Stop, don't post here, go to the thread I somehow missed, it's MUCH BETTER: --------hank----- -----duh....... END EDIT (Dorcy has a winter sale/free shipping...
  13. hank

    What's (edited) inside the Terralux 6EX?

    (edited and title edited) WAIT, I missed a good general thread for mag dropins here --- go there instead for that, it's already in progress! ---------------------------------------------------- The link below would be interesting as...
  14. hank

    Chemkote? Corrosion inside old [email protected] ...

    One of my old MagD lights has a patch deep inside where an alkaline must have leaked long ago, and now the area's going dusty and pitting. No idea when it happened, haven't noticed any problem, or had a battery leak, but something started eating it. Either there was something corrosive left in...
  15. hank

    Batteries pre-welded together available?

    I'm looking at reviving or recycling -- an old ZIP external power pack with a charger built into it, and several old (Powerbook 1xx series) battery packs that use NiMH or NiCD AAs. They take five or six cells connected by pre-welded thin metal, and I would like to replace the cells but...
  16. hank

    driver circuit designs?

    I'm not sure if anyone's collecting driver circuits, if so I missed it. There are new ones appearing all the time, here's one: note the comments and mentions of how to find other info there
  17. hank

    Sears $14.99 LED flashlight bulb, 3-6v?,0,1900,1436&scl=7.6&fmt=jpeg Craftsman LED Variable Power Upgrade Module Sears item #03493044000 Mfr. model #93044 Anyone know anything about this one?
  18. hank

    Best Heat Sink Ever (could it be on a flashlight?)

    We just got several of these lights for home use -- they have this beautiful heavy chunk of finned aluminum as a heatsink. Everything between the threads and the center circle covering the five LEDs (amber Luxeons or something like them) is...
  19. hank

    Ideas for amber LEDs for tent lights?

    I take kids camping for several weeks during the summertime. This year I'd like to make some amber LED wide-area tent lights for evening use. Something like a string of good bright amber "Christmas Light" LEDs would suffice, if I could find them. Last summer's trip --- for the first time...
  20. hank

    Mirror-polish heatsink contact surface?

    This is beyond me at the moment, but thought it worth pointing to here. Comment is from a computer modders' site, suggesting putting a mirror polish on the contact surface of a heatsink for maximum heat transfer. Makes sense to me. Link...

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