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    Sold/Expired [SOLD] Well-used McLux-III PD with SSC P4 and custom titanium piston (EU-based)

    Hi everyone, I've decided to finally part with my long-time EDC. It started life as an ordinary black/slate PD with Luxeon emitter and was then modded with a Seoul SSC P4, adjusting the original reflector and LED height to a gorgeous beam pattern. This particular LED gives me better color...
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    Suggestion for bringing new life to the PD mechanism

    OK, here's a thought I've been entertaining for quite some time. The good old PD is still the king of UIs for me. Push lightly for low light, push hard for bright light. High output is also available when low is acticated by twisting the head in the same way, just push the piston or twist...
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    Sold/Expired [SOLD] 1xCR123 E-C Custom Titanium Body (E-Series Head, C-Series Tailcap)

    Hi, I'm letting go a 1xCr123 titanium body I made, similar to the one in this thread, made by myself. Ti6Al4V, E-series compatible head threads, C-series compatible tailcap threads, includes O-rings. My idea with this type of body was to have a light with better ergonomics than what most...
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    Sold/Expired [SOLD] Maxlite AA Host, bored for 1750 (scratch&dent)

    Hi, I'm getting rid of stuff that has been sitting here for too long, don't have the time for extensive modding right now and I need to get stuff out of the way. Maybe someone with more time&tools available can use this for an interesting project. Maxlite AA host, includes the following: Body...
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    Sold/Expired Lego light: Modded KL6 – Leef 1x18650 – C-series tailcap [Euope-based]

    I'm offering for sale a 1x1860 Leef body with modded KL6 head and an original Surefire C-series tailcap. The LED of the KL6 has been replaced by a shimmed SSC P4 for throw. No other modifications have been done and the LED is easily accessible by just removing 4 screws, one of the easiest...
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    Sold/Expired Titanium host: Delghi A2 head, 1x123 titanium E-C body , titanium C tailcap, from EU

    I'm offering a titanium host that consists of the following components: -Delghi A2 titanium head with bezel ring (does not include a window, reflector and light engine). -1x123 Titan Body E-C, Ti6Al4V, E-series compatible head threads, C-series compatible tailcap threads, includes...
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    Sold/Expired Muyshondt Ti Mako AAA white w/ tritium slot (Europe sale)

    Hi, I'm selling a Mako Ti light with the standard white LED (non-flood). I ordered both the red and white version and the red one has become my keychain light of choice, so the white one is for sale. It is absolutely mint as delivered, split ring has not been installed. I'm including a white...
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    Surefire’s 2009 New Lights Discussion

    New Surefire LED lights at SHOT Just grabbed a SF tactical catalogue: -aluminum CR123 "T1A Titan" -seems like the Optimus is dead, no mention in the catalogue -there's a P7 light that has the L6 body, a reflector head and a 2-stage tailcap called the M3L, loks like the L6 successor (350...
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    Surefire’s 2009 New Lights Discussion - Part II

    New Surefire LED lights at SHOT Just grabbed a SF tactical catalogue: -aluminum CR123 "T1A Titan" -seems like the Optimus is dead, no mention in the catalogue -there's a P7 light that has the L6 body, a reflector head and a 2-stage tailcap called the M3L, loks like the L6 successor (350...
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    Sold/Expired FS: Pineapple body and Aleph 1 Ti bezel 15€ each! [Europe]

    E-Series/Aleph compatible "pineapple" body, black, very slight marks [SPF] €15,- plus shipping. Aleph 1 titanium bezel ring, like new 15,- [retreated] plus shipping
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    Sold/Expired FS: Mint McGizmo LunaSol27 reduced to [SPF]365€! [from Europe]

    Hi, I have the following McGizmo Ti lights for sale. I'm located in Germany and would prefer shipping to the European Union. This does not exclude other buyers, it just makes more sense for someone in Europe to buy a light that has already been imported. ;) 1. McGizmo Ti LunaSol27, mint as...
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    How do I get the reflector out of my U-04 SE?

    I got one of the U-04 SEs from the group buy that turned out somewhat unsatisfactory for some customers. The CREE in my light is badly out of center, but I'm not going to send the light back because from what I've read, others have done so weeks ago without Barbolight fullfilling their part of...
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Original McLux III Ti-PD modded with Seoul + very special piston SPF

    Hi, I'm selling my customized original 6-flute Ti-PD. :candle: The light was modded with a Seoul emitter by myself, I also put in a McR20S reflector and exchanged the window (original one had fingerprint on inside:green:). The beam is smooth and tint is as good as it gets wit a SSC. There is a...
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    E-C 1xCR123 Ti Custom Body

    Hi, finished this today, my first FL body made of 6Al4v. I really like the Combination of E head and C tail with a waist in the middle for secure gripping/cigar grip. I'm surprised I havn't seen this before. As of now, the heads are just dummies - either dead (KL1) or not working with the body...
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    PD piston V2.0

    Hi, some tima ago I purchased a PD-Ti second-hand (now modded with a SSC P4 and my EDC), only to discover that it had a plated brass piston instead of an original titanium one. The seller didn't know where the Ti piston was (he had bought the light second-hand himself..), but I got compensation...
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    Sold/Expired FS: McLux S27-PD and Ti PD-S

    Hi, I couldn't get myself to using them, and since I am not and do not intend to become a collector, I decided to let them go. :shrug: Still have a user PD, which makes it a little easier to let these go. ;) The S27 is in the same condition as received from Don (his comments about cosmetics...
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    Kl6 reflector plus 1xC-cell body - rendering

    Gi there, I just had a brain fart and wanted to check whether I'm out of my mind or if there's someone else who thinks this might be worth some more thought. When AW announced his C-sized (well, just about) lithium cells I immdiately thought how cool a single C-cell body fo the KL6 would be...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: McR-27

    Hi there, I screwed up and hope someone can help me out. When I opened the head of a light to see whether and how it possibly be modded with a new LED, I put a scratch on the inside of the McR-27 reflector. Now this doesn't hurt the performance of the reflector, but it sure looks like crap and...
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    KL6 with SSC P4 - throw monster!

    ladies and gentlemen, I've been wondering why there hasn't even been talk of someone entertaining the idea of putting a seoul P4 in a surefire KL6 head. there have been some XR-E mods done to the KL6, with relatively good success regarding throw, but still, the narrow viewing angle of the cree...

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