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  1. wjv

    Was lost and now is found

    Six or so years ago I started a new job that was 75 miles away from my home. Given bad weather and all else that could go wrong, I got a large backpack and filled it with stuff I might need to get home, or just to survive if the car broke down. I left that place 2 years ago but kept the bag in...
  2. wjv

    Charger for longer length batteries.

    I recently bought a Wurkkos WK30 flashlight that takes a 26650 battery. While can charge the battery while in the light, I wanted to be able to also charge the batteries (I have 4 of them) outside the light so that I don't tie up the flashlight, using it as a charger. The batteries I have...
  3. wjv

    Wurkkos WK30 - Any dowside going with 21700 instead of 26650s?

    Just got a Wurkkos WK30. The standard battery is a 26650 but the light can take 21700s and 18650s. I want to buy extra batteries but am thinking of going 21700 since that seems to be the way that newer lights are going. I've been looking at a couple Fenix lights like the PD36R that uses 21700...
  4. wjv

    UPDATE: Recommend a LED drop-in for this light

    I was in the local Fred Meyers (local chain kinda like a Walmart) and saw these hanging on a stand by the door. 2D single speed 27 Lumen 8.5 hour runtime Xenon bulb on/off switch on the barrel on clearance for $12.49 Not a big fan of maglites, but for the price I couldn't resist. Put some...
  5. wjv

    What the heck did I just buy?

    Has a Boy Scout logo on it Found some Boy Scout ads from the 80s showing these as "standard" equipment. Paid $12. Contacts needed cleaning because someone left some AlkiLeaks in it. Anybody ever hear of these before? History? manufacturer? Bill
  6. wjv

    Eveready must make some really good hammers. .

    Been looking for a 2xD Eveready Captain in nice condition that is at a reasonable price. I have a 2xC Captain, a 3xD Captain and a 5xD pre-Captain (1953 or so). All in pretty nice condition. But every time I find a nice looking 2xD captain, at a reasonable price, I start looking at the...
  7. wjv

    Nitecore SRT7 GT

    New version of the SRT7 coming Has Red, Blue, Green and ultraviolet LEDS Over on battery Junction $110 / Estimated to Ship Within 13 Days Brightness Outputs (Using 1 x 18650): Turbo - 1000 Lumens - 1 Hour 15 Min. 450 meters / 50900 cd Ultralow - 0.1 Lumens - 240 Hours Red - 13 Lumens - 28...
  8. wjv

    What flashlights have you lost?

    What flashlights have you lost for more than just a few weeks, or permanently? Ever lose one under strange circumstances? I have had flashlights disappear for a couple weeks, but about a month ago I had one disappear in a strange manner. Like many here, I have more flashlights than I can use...
  9. wjv

    Vintage Light Photos

    Left to Right - Eveready Vulcanite Baby Flashlight with Walleye Lens - 2xC Model 2602 c.1914 - Eveready/Union Carbide Baby Captain Chrome 2xC c.1963 - Top-Lite Ford/Chevy 2xD c.1960 - Ranger Chrome 2xD c.1948 - Ray-O-Vac Sportsman 2xD c.1965 - Homart Copper 2xD c.1904 Post em if you...
  10. wjv

    People who sell vintge lights on eBay and etsy. . Random thoughts

    Just an observation or two or three. . I realize that many of these people sell all sorts of stuff and don't specialize in flashlights. But still I'm amazed at the number of listings I see that say something like: "I don't have any 'D' (or 'C') batteries so I don't know if this light works"...
  11. wjv

    Committed Vintage Flashlight Heresy

    Yes I have committed vintage flashlight heresy! But only for about 20 minutes! A week or so ago I picked up a nice Eveready 2 Cell Vulcanite Baby Flashlight with Walleye Lens (circa 1914). Here is a picture from that thread. With the help of bykfixer I was able to find some spare incan...
  12. wjv

    For those of you who like Vintage lights

  13. wjv

    State of the art Eveready flashlight. . .

    Well, state of the art for ~1913-1914 Picked it up today at an antique show. Almost in pristine condition. I hope I'm in as good shape when I'm 103-104 years old. Based on the online flashlight museum site, I think it is a "baby Comet" with a Walleye lens. It takes two 'C' cells. Paid $40.
  14. wjv

    Why did Fenix abandon the 26650 based flashlights?

    Why did Fenix abandon the 26650 based flashlights? The FD40 replacement (FD41) no longer support the 26650 battery. It only takes the 18650. By all accounts the FD40 was a well liked flashlight that supported both the 26650 and the 18650 cells. Seems like there is a lot of potential with...
  15. wjv

    I bought a Ray-O-Vac Indestructible and a MagLite (overview)

    I bought a Ray-O-Vac Indestructible and a MagLite (overview) I was looking for a good “house, Kitchen drawer light” for my wife and kids to use. Currently all that is in the drawer is a Ozark trail 50 lumen (3xaaa) light. Not a bad light, but doesn’t have much reach. And given that we live on...
  16. wjv

    Olight Throwers

    Found this very well done video. Compares the M20SX, M23, M2X, M3X & SR52UT Beam shots start at the 1:28 mark It's in French (I believe) but the beam shots are clearly marked so you know the light & distance
  17. wjv

    Fenix TK61 OR Olight SR52-UT?

    Fenix TK61 OR Olight SR52-UT? Both have similar characteristics. I know there are other candidates in this class of light, but the two things that make there two stand out are: - Both have exceptionally good run times, even on MAX output. - From all of the reviews I looked at, both have...
  18. wjv

    Ever have trouble finding something new to buy?

    Ever have trouble finding something new to buy? I received $150 in Amazon gift cards for Christmas, so I started looking at getting a new flashlight. . Looked at the Olight S2, but comparing specs it’s not much different than my Fenix PD32UE, except with some added run time. Looked at the...
  19. wjv

    What is your most versatile LED flashight

    If you had asked me a few weeks ago I probably would have picked my Fenix PD32UE or my PD25. But as of now I'd have to go with my Olight S1. It has a well rounded set of attributes: - Two low outputs (0.5 & 8) - Good mid range (80) - Nice High (500 --> 300) - Good run times - It's tiny...
  20. wjv

    Wife confiscated my Fenix E35UE

    Now I guess it's her light :D Actually the 3 settings (10, 120, 360) combined with the really long run times and the wide beam make it a great general purpose "house light". Tonight the E35UE gets to go trick-or-treating with my wife and the youngest daughter. I get to stay at home and put a...

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