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  1. VT-Metal-VT

    Protected Li ion--->P3D CE

    I've heard that the protected 17670 from AW wont fit the black's the same with the natural version? with a protected 17670 the P3D CE blink as battery low?
  2. VT-Metal-VT

    INOVA X5

    It's a good light to go hiking? can I use a 17670 or 18650 on it? the brightness is the same of 2 CR123A? thx folks!
  3. VT-Metal-VT

    I'm new to laser world....

    I wanna buy my first green laser. I know that there are lasers on ebay that are cheaper than ...but is the quality fine?? i have to use it with rechargeables li ion or AA nimh can u help me?
  4. VT-Metal-VT

    INOVA T4 + 18650

    It works fine!!! :rock: :rock:
  5. VT-Metal-VT

    Good light that fit 18650?

    except U2! ....THX
  6. VT-Metal-VT


    plaese post your myspace address! :grin2:
  7. VT-Metal-VT


    Who loves do it?? First!
  8. VT-Metal-VT

    I have to buy my first WOLF EYES

    Help me choosin' between eagle-e4ax and rattlesnake M90X....i wanna use 2 18650 protected thx for the help
  9. VT-Metal-VT

    my first Headlamp!

    Hello people! i've red a lot of review on flashlightreview......but i need an headlamp that runs very very good with rechargeables (because i don't wanna damage my rechargeable cells).......i saw the review of the PT yukon extreme....but the reviewer said that is not very good with...
  10. VT-Metal-VT

    Surefire stickers

    Where can I find them?
  11. VT-Metal-VT

    My little collection......

    what do you think??
  12. VT-Metal-VT

    17650 from lighthound 3,7v

    this is a lipo? :help: I have to know because I must set my charger....... does it run on a u2? thx
  13. VT-Metal-VT

    How to remove the plastic insert from the U2??

    :whistle: :help: :help: :thanks:
  14. VT-Metal-VT

    problems with my new U2!

    I received today my new U2.......but when I try to turn on clicking on tailcap......only 1 time on 5 or 6 i am abel to turn on the seems that there is no contact with batteries (sf123a)......and when is on at the highest level the light blinks sometimes.......what I have to do?? thx
  15. VT-Metal-VT

    Firebox vs Litebox

    what's the best?
  16. VT-Metal-VT

    I wanna buy a Strion

    What do u think about the performances of this light? The AC charger works only at 110V or there is a version for 220V? THX
  17. VT-Metal-VT

    Italians Flashaholic!!!!

  18. VT-Metal-VT

    18650 and Flashlights!!

    What are the best flashlights that can use this Type of rechargeable batteries without problems?? :naughty:
  19. VT-Metal-VT

    Gladius...What do you think about?

    What do u think about this flashlight?? It's possible to use rechargeable battery? THX
  20. VT-Metal-VT

    U2 ultra new or old model

    Yesterday I've bought an U2 on ebay at a good price......but after the purchase I've heard of the existence of 2 versions of the U2.........I don't Know what version it is...if it will be the old version can I use in some way rechargeable batteries?? THX

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