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    Sold/Expired Looking to buy HDS 18650 tube

    You are correct, thank you, yes a rotary 18650 tube please.
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    HDS Anyone have any leads on an 18650 tube?

    Just received my first HDS light, a Tactical, and very much in love. Since the 18650 was a 6 month delay I spec'd it with a 123 tube. Anyone have any suggestions where I could find an 18650 tube? Thanks in advance.
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    Sold/Expired Looking to buy HDS 18650 tube

    Looking to buy HDS 18650 tube, please PM me your price.
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    Latest 2xAAA pen lights?

    I thought I'd update this thread with the following: 1. I wasn't a fan of the EPLI, didn't like the bulk, the clip, and even though it had a "high first" UI, I didn't like clicking through the other modes if I needed to activate high, turn it off, move, and then repeat (during training). 2...
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    Latest 2xAAA pen lights?

    I came upon this thread because I had the exact same complaint about the Preon 2 -- the UI as it relates to self defense. I emailed Foursevens and they replied with: ----- We do not have any different UI configurations available at this time, we have talked about offering different modes...
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    Eiger / Eiger X Protected Lithium cells

    Thank you for the reply. I'm aware of the concerns regarding 10440 batteries, that's why I'm specifically asking if anyone has experience running protected (with a small PCB at one end) lithium cells in an eiger body.
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    Eiger Solid Copper QTC Lug

    Nicely done, looking forward to ordering one soon.
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    Eiger / Eiger X Protected Lithium cells

    I recently bought an Eiger and am running it with an Eneloop. Build quality and UI are both superb, but coming from a Preon 2 I'm disappointed with the output as it appears to be in the ~60 lumen range vs ~190 lumens with the two cell Preon 2. It looks like the Eiger X may be a better fit, but...

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