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  1. wjv

    Going gear rocks

    I miss the reviews by Marshall.
  2. wjv

    Longest running on AA or AAA - LED light in low mode on the market in 2022 ?

    LA10 - Nitecore Flashlight/Lantern
  3. wjv

    what was the first led flashlight you owned?

    Tekna Beam shot - White wall - ~5 feet away
  4. wjv

    Fenix LD12 2017 - Still relevant?

    I still use my Fenix LD10 (R5) Hard to find a small Fenix that has a single digit low (3 lumen) anymore.
  5. wjv

    Pandemic supply chain in your area

    I live in SW WA State The shelves are mostly stocked. No problems with meats. A bit low on canned goods. Fresh produce is 60%-70% of normal. Overall we are in pretty good shape. I really don't know if the problems are: - The ports - The long haul trucks - The short haul local truck -...
  6. wjv

    Pandemic supply chain in your area

    Since it was me he quoted, and made the remark about. I found it pretty darn funny!
  7. wjv

    Pandemic supply chain in your area

    Been buying extra for a while now. I have 12 lbs of ground beef and 20lb+ of checken breast. 6 lbs of cheeses, 10 lbs of butter and other similar basic foods. All stored in a couple freezers. Here in SW WA State we haven't seen many shortages. Gas is still $3.40 if you shop around...
  8. wjv

    Longest throwing AA flashlight?

    The Nitecore MT22a has reasonable throw and good runtimes. 2xAA, side-by-side.
  9. wjv

    Would You Lend Anyone Your Flashlight ?.

    I have some older lights I'd share. Two Fenix LD22, E12, two Nitecore SENS AAx2, L3 Illumination L10
  10. wjv

    any olight fans?

    I have a couple older ones I really like: (both are 3x18650) - SR52UT - XP-L HI V3 - SR MINI II 2015 - 3x XM-L2 But I'll NEVER buy one that requires a custom battery
  11. wjv

    Help me pick a FL for a gift to an art expert

    Wurkkos WK30 with White, 365nm UV and Red LEDS. Around $40
  12. wjv

    what was your first led light

    TEKNA - Still have it.
  13. wjv

    Was lost and now is found

    Six or so years ago I started a new job that was 75 miles away from my home. Given bad weather and all else that could go wrong, I got a large backpack and filled it with stuff I might need to get home, or just to survive if the car broke down. I left that place 2 years ago but kept the bag in...
  14. wjv

    budget is a funny word

    I like Flatline's definition.
  15. wjv

    Charger for longer length batteries.

    I was hoping that some members here would list more chargers that they are using with the longer batteries! When shopping for a charger it's not easy to tell the max battery length as many companies don't list that spec. Several companies that claim that they work with protected 21700s have a...
  16. wjv

    Charger for longer length batteries.

    I recently bought a Wurkkos WK30 flashlight that takes a 26650 battery. While can charge the battery while in the light, I wanted to be able to also charge the batteries (I have 4 of them) outside the light so that I don't tie up the flashlight, using it as a charger. The batteries I have...
  17. wjv


    Saw a light called the UVBeast that lists being in the 365nm. No nothing about them other than seeing them on my internet travels.
  18. wjv

    In case you've wondered why some Olights come with empty battery cases

    >> DO NOT separate the battery from the flashlight. So you should not have multiple batteries? When it goes dead put it on a charger vs popping in a second fully charged battery? If so, that sort of eliminates using that light for many purposes like camping, hiking, caves and anywhere else...
  19. wjv

    Now that’s a flashlight!

    Ho Ho Ho Green Giant! Sent from my LG-M430 using Tapatalk
  20. wjv


    Wurkkos WK30 The specs may still say ~390 but they recently changed to 365. It can "see" things that my other UV lights cannot.

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