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    RIP Eddie Van Halen

    I remember the first time seeing Van Halen in September 1980 - Roklahoma at the University of Oklahoma - defies words. And the rest is history as the saying goes... What an incredible talent and musical genius the world has lost - very sad indeed.
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    Jeers to Neal’s Gadgets

    I have ordered 3 times from Neal. First order (Aug 2018) was a hassle and I eventually received what I ordered after just about 2 months. Multiple emails went unanswered - very spotty communication at best. Should have seen the warning signs but figured - give the guy a chance and after all I...
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    The Official CPF Coffee Thread. All things Coffee... (And related beverages)

    Re: strong coffee Starbuck's Sumatra is my absolute favorite dark roast/robust tasting coffee. Recently I tried Peet's Major ****ason and it is really good as well - when I want a slightly different tasting coffee that is also "strong". Haven't tried any listed in the first post so can't...
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    Any oldschool folk here from 10+ years ago?

    Wow - that just took me back to my senior year of high school in 1980 - 1981! My first foray into computers and programming... I still have the Commodore 64 I bought when they came out along with the floppy drive buried deep in my garage. Thanks for bringing those memories out of deep...
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    Sold/Expired CLOSED: Arc Lights and parts, Legacy HDS/NovaTac 17670 (18650) bodies

    Re: FS: Arc Lights and parts, Legacy HDS/NovaTac 17670 (18650) bodies Greetings datiLED, I will take one of the HDS 17670 bodies and a spring. Sending funds via PayPal. Best Regards, Tim
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    Hamburgers & Hot Dogs: Best Places To Go / How Do You Make Them At Home?

    Many, many years ago I would occasionally get chuck roast/steak ground up at my local Ralphs supermarket. The fat content made for excellent burgers for sure. However, I only eat red meat once a month these days and that is usually reserved for a nice Ribeye or New York Strip steak... I use...
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    Hamburgers & Hot Dogs: Best Places To Go / How Do You Make Them At Home?

    My absolute favorite burgers, bar none, are from Fatburger - if you are hungry try the double king burger. For me there is no equal. Hot Dogs - personally I love Nathan's and get great results at home on my gas grill. Medium heat and about 2 - 3 minutes per each 90 degree rotation. Yummy...
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    Im sorry for another one of these threads

    Check out the Lumintop FW1A or FW3A - satisfies most of your checkmarks above. I have the FW1A and liked it so much I bought another. The FW3A has 3 emitters and will give you a lot of flood lighting versus throw with the FW1A. Be forewarned - this hobby is addictive and your bank...
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    Neodymium No Conduction Solved

    You are welcome! Be careful with their magnets - they are very powerful and if they snap together can cause some damage to flesh or material... Cheers, Tim
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    Neodymium No Conduction Solved

    Not sure about the wrapping of magnets - not seen that myself but it's not like I buy them on any kind of regular or even infrequent basis. With that said - I have bought from K&J Magnetics and would buy from them again: Hope his help. Cheers, Tim
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    Neil Peart Passed Away January 7th

    The greatest drummer this universe has ever known - when I heard the news last Friday it felt as though someone kicked me right in the stomach - the tears poured down my face multiple times that afternoon and evening. My all time favorite band - such incredible musicianship from Neil, Geddy...
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    Any oldschool folk here from 10+ years ago?

    Still here, still buying lights, visit CPF several times a week still. Hard to fathom it's been just over 14 years since I joined - what a great community and source of knowledge we have here! Cheers, Tim
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    Think for a moment. What is your favorite flashlight?

    Well, it surely isn't easy on your banking account! Good Luck, Tim
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    Which Thrower Beyond A 1 x 18650?

    I picked up a Nitecore EC4GT a while back and would certainly buy it again if faced the question of this thread. Nitecore now has the EC4GTS which is rated at 396m of throw vs 475m of the EC4GT. A quick search revealed that you can still buy the EC4GT if desired. For me I really like the form...
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    Think for a moment. What is your favorite flashlight?

    I am going with the Lumintop FW1A as well right now. Absolutely love the UI, size/shape/clip, 18650 cell use, super flexible user options, and of course - bright and throwy. Reminds me of an old movie line (Terminator): "Hey buddy, did you see a real bright light?" Cheers, Tim
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    Questions about UV lights

    Check out the EagTac P200LC2 UV - I picked one up recently and it is an excellent light powered by an 18650 cell and with 3 levels of brightness. I am very happy with it and would buy it again for whatever that is worth. Cheers, Tim
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    I don't trust Orbtronic anymore, what else should I use?

    Over the last few years I have done all my LION cell purchases from Orbtronic and gone with their protected/branded cells - 18650, 16650, and 14500 sizes. Have not encountered any problems with any of them but I am not a heavy user that cycles the cells daily, etc. I would think that Orbtronic...
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    UV light picked up at a Gem Show

    I just picked up the EagTac P200LC2 UV a few weeks back and have to say this is a great tool! Has 3 levels and runs on 18650 cells - and only cost me about $50 (it is brand new - not used). If you are looking to buy a UV light give this one a look. Cheers, Tim
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    Is there 18650 with both +/- on same end?

    Nebo has 18650 cells with both + and - at one end: They show out of stock currently - don't know when they will have them again. I have 2 of these cells which are required by my Big Larry Pro. Cheers, Tim
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    Photos of your lights

    Thank you boo5ted! Cheers, Tim

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